Yamaha Outboard Part to Recmar Cross Reference

Many hard to find or obsolete Yamaha outboard parts have replacement parts available from Recmar.

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Yamaha Part Recmar Equivalent (In Stock)
116-81331-20-00 LUBRICATOR 002 REC432955 WP SERVICE KIT (REC432955)
137-11633-10-00 PIN, PISTON 002 PAF20-05020003 PIN, PISTON (PAF20-05020003)
1VJ-13929-00-00 PIPE, IMPULSE 002 > PAF4-04000035 PIPE, RETURN GAS (PAF4-04000035)
30X-12117-00-00 RETAINER, VALVE SPR 002 PAF15-07040006 RETAINER, VALVE SPRING (PAF15-07040006)
30X-12117-00-00 RETAINER, VALVE SPR 002 PAF15-07050006 RETAINER, VALVE SPRINGRE (PAF15-07050006)
30X-12118-00-00 COTTER, VALVE 002 PAF15-07040007 COTTER, VALVE (PAF15-07040007)
3FV-13440-30-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 002 REC35-822626Q03 OIL FILTER (REC35-822626Q03)
3FV-13440-30-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 002 REC3FV-13440-00 OIL FILTER (REC3FV-13440-00)
3YF-12113-00-00 SPRING, VALVE INNER 002 PAF20-05030004 SPRING, VALVE INNER (PAF20-05030004)
50M-14355-00-00 PLUG 002 REC50M-14355-00 RUBBER (REC50M-14355-00)
50M-14355-01-00 PLUG 552 REC50M-14355-00 RUBBER (REC50M-14355-00)
51Y-12114-00-00 SPRING, VALVE OUTER 002 PAF25-05050005 SPRING, VALVE (PAF25-05050005)
51Y-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 002 PAF166-010003 SEAL VALVE STEM (PAF166-010003)
51Y-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 002 PAF25-05050005 SPRING, VALVE (PAF25-05050005)
51Y-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 002 PAPS2700.04.03 SEAL, VALVE STEM (PAPS2700.04.03)
527-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 002 REC6G1-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC6G1-11633-00)
5GH-13440-61-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 REC5GH-13440-60 OIL FILTER (REC5GH-13440-60)
5GH-13440-71-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 PAF15-07010023 OIL FILTER (PAF15-07010023)
5GH-13440-71-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 PAF25-05000100 OIL CLEANER (PAF25-05000100)
5GH-13440-71-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 REC35-822626Q03 OIL FILTER (REC35-822626Q03)
5GH-13440-71-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 REC3FV-13440-00 OIL FILTER (REC3FV-13440-00)
5GH-13440-71-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 REC5GH-13440-00 OIL FILTER (REC5GH-13440-00)
5GH-13440-80-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL 501 REC5GH-13440-60 OIL FILTER (REC5GH-13440-60)
5YP-E3411-00-00 STRAINER, OIL 052 PAF6-04040006 STRAINER OIL PUMP (PAF6-04040006)
60E-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 002 REC60E-81950-00 RELAY ASSY (REC60E-81950-00)
60E-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 002 REC63P-81950-00 RELAIS (REC63P-81950-00)
60V-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC60V-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC60V-11181-00)
60V-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 50C 052 REC60V-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC60V-12411-00)
60V-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC60V-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC60V-13907-00)
60V-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 052 REC60V-81950-00 RELAY (REC60V-81950-00)
60V-81950-01-00 RELAY ASSY 720 REC60V-81950-00 RELAY (REC60V-81950-00)
60X-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC60X-44315-A0 GASKET, WATER PUMP (REC60X-44315-A0)
61A-12414-A0-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC61A-12414-A0 GASKET (REC61A-12414-A0)
61A-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 049 REC61A-44311-00 PUMP HOUSING (REC61A-44311-00)
61A-44322-02-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 049 REC61A-44322-02 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC61A-44322-02)
61A-45114-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASNG 052 REC61A-45114-A0 GASKET UPPER CASING (REC61A-45114-A0)
61A-45527-00-00 COLLAR, DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC61A-45527-00 COVER BUSHING (REC61A-45527-00)
61A-45538-00-00 SPACER 1 052 REC61A-45538-00 SPACER (REC61A-45538-00)
61A-81941-00-00 STARTER RELAY ASSY 052 REC61A-81941-00 SOLENOID (REC61A-81941-00)
61A-81941-00-00 STARTER RELAY ASSY 052 REC89-825096T01 SOLENOID STARTER (REC89-825096T01)
61A-81950-01-00 RELAY ASY 002 REC61A-81950-01 RELAY (REC61A-81950-01)
61A-W0078-A4-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC6G5-W0078-A1 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6G5-W0078-A1)
61A-W0093-00-00 CARB.REPAIR KIT 052 > REC61A-W0093-01 CARBURETOR KIT (REC61A-W0093-01)
61A-W0093-01-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC61A-W0093-01 CARBURETOR KIT (REC61A-W0093-01)
61N-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC61N-11181-00 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC61N-11181-00)
61N-11422-00-00 CRANK 2 052 REC6G0-11422-00 CRANKSHAFT 2.PART (REC6G0-11422-00)
61N-11432-00-00 CRANK 3 052 REC6G0-11432-00 CRANKSHAFT 2.PART (REC6G0-11432-00)
61N-11442-00-00 CRANK 4 052 REC6G0-11442-00 CRANKSHAFT 4.PART (REC6G0-11442-00)
61N-11515-00-00 SEAL, LABYRINTH 1 052 REC61N-11515-00 O-RING (REC61N-11515-00)
61N-11603-00-00 PISTON RING, STD. 052 REC61N-11603-00 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC61N-11603-00)
61N-11604-00-00 PISTON RING SET 052 REC61N-11604-00 PISTON RING KIT 0, 25MM (REC61N-11604-00)
61N-11605-00-00 PISTON RING, 2ND OS 052 REC61N-11605-00 PISTON RING KIT 0, 50MM (REC61N-11605-00)
61N-14198-01-00 GASKET 720 REC61N-14198-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC61N-14198-00)
61N-14301-04-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 052 REC61N-14301-04 CARBURATOR (REC61N-14301-04)
61N-24521-00-00 CUP, FILTER 052 PAF15-07080002 CUP, FILTER (PAF15-07080002)
61N-24560-10-00 FILTER ASSY 052 PAF15-07080000 FUEL FILTER ASSY (PAF15-07080000)
61N-24563-10-00 ELEMENT, FILTER 052 REC61N-24563-10 FUEL FILTER (REC61N-24563-10)
61N-26311-01-00 CABLE, THROTTLE 1 052 REC61N-26311-00 THROTTLE CABLE YAMAHA 25HP (REC61N-26311-00)
61N-44146-00-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT 2 052 REC61N-44146-00 CONECTOR (REC61N-44146-00)
61N-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF25-04050000 SHELL ASSY WATER PUMP (PAF25-04050000)
61N-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF25-04050001 SHELL WATER PUMP (PAF25-04050001)
61N-44322-01-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 PAF25-04050000 SHELL ASSY WATER PUMP (PAF25-04050000)
61N-44322-01-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC61N-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC61N-44322-00)
61N-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC61N-44323-00 PLATE WATERPUMP (REC61N-44323-00)
61N-44362-00-00 TUB, WATER 052 PAF25-04000017S TUBE WATER (PAF25-04000017S)
61N-44362-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF25-04000017 TUBE WATER (PAF25-04000017)
61N-45127-01-00 SEAL 720 PAF25-04000013 WATER SEAL (PAF25-04000013)
61N-45251-01-00 ANODE 052 PAF15-06000004 ANODE LOWER (PAF15-06000004)
61N-45251-01-00 ANODE 052 REC61N-45251-01 ZINC ANODE (REC61N-45251-01)
61N-45311-02-8D CASING, LOWER 052 PAF25-04000001 LOWER CASING (PAF25-04000001)
61N-45311-03-8D CASING, LOWER PAF25-04000001 LOWER CASING (PAF25-04000001)
61N-45315-00-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 PAF25-04000009 SEAL (PAF25-04000009)
61N-45361-01-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF25-04070000 COVER ASSY, LOWER CASING (PAF25-04070000)
61N-45361-01-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF25-04070001 COVER, LOWER CASING (PAF25-04070001)
61N-45371-00-00 TRIM-TAB 052 PAF25-04000021 TAB COURSE (PAF25-04000021)
61N-45510-00-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 PAF25-04010000S DRIVE SHAFT ASSY (PAF25-04010000S)
61N-45510-00-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC61N-45510-00 DRIVE SHAFT (REC61N-45510-00)
61N-45510-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC61N-45510-10 VERTICAL SHAFT (REC61N-45510-10)
61N-45536-00-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 PAF25-04000002 BUSHING, NYLON (PAF25-04000002)
61N-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF25-04000005 PINION (PAF25-04000005)
61N-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC61N-45551-00 GEAR (REC61N-45551-00)
61N-45560-10-00 GEAR 052 REC61N-45560-10 GEAR (REC61N-45560-10)
61N-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 PAF25-04070004 GEAR, REVERSE (PAF25-04070004)
61N-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC61N-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC61N-45570-00)
61N-85540-00-00 CDI UNIT ASY 052 REC61N-85540-00 CDI 2 CYL. 25-30HP (REC61N-85540-00)
61N-85570-10-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC61N-85570-01 IGNITION COIL (REC61N-85570-01)
61N-85570-10-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC63V-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC63V-85570-00)
61N-W0078-14-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 710 REC61N-W0078-11 WATER PUMP KIT (REC61N-W0078-11)
61N-W0093-00-00 CARB. REPAIR KIT 052 REC61N-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC61N-W0093-00)
61N-W0093-01-00 SEAL 710 REC61N-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC61N-W0093-00)
61T-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HEAD COVER 1 052 REC61T-11193-A0 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC61T-11193-A0)
61T-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 002 REC61T-45113-A0 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC61T-45113-A0)
61U-11601-00-00 PISTON RINGSET 052 REC61U-11601-00 PISTON RING (REC61U-11601-00)
620-43189-00-00 BUSHING 052 PAF4-01030002 BUSHING, NYLON (PAF4-01030002)
624-14485-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 003 PAT15-04010202 PIPE WATER (PAT15-04010202)
624-14485-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 003 REC624-14485-00 WATER NOZZLE OUT (REC624-14485-00)
626-14390-90-00 NEEDLE VALVE ASY 052 REC626-14390-90 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC626-14390-90)
626-44365-02-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 1 720 REC626-44365-01 SEAL (REC626-44365-01)
626-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DR. SHAFT 052 REC626-45316-09 COUPLING (REC626-45316-09)
62Y-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 PAF25-02010005 ANODE (PAF25-02010005)
62Y-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC62Y-11325-00 ANODE (REC62Y-11325-00)
62Y-11372-01-00 NIPPLE, HOSE 052 PAF25-05010113 NIPPLE, HOSE (PAF25-05010113)
62Y-11575-00-00 RELIEF VALVE ASSY 052 PAF25-02010100 RELIEF VALVE AUY (PAF25-02010100)
62Y-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 PAF25-05020105 PIN, PISTON (PAF25-05020105)
62Y-12116-00-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING 052 PAF20-05030003 SEAT, VALVE SPRING (PAF20-05030003)
62Y-12116-00-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING 052 PAF25-05050003 SEAL, VALVE SPRING (PAF25-05050003)
62Y-12158-00-00 NUT, LOCK 052 PAF15-07040304 NUT (PAF15-07040304)
62Y-12159-00-00 SCREW, VALVE ADJ 052 PAF15-07040303 SCREW, VALVE ADJUSTING (PAF15-07040303)
62Y-12216-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF25-05050011 SPRING (PAF25-05050011)
62Y-12231-00-00 GUIDE, STOPPER 1 052 PAF25-05050012 PLATE B, BOLT STOPPER (PAF25-05050012)
62Y-12238-00-00 PLATE, BOLT STOPPER 052 PAF25-05050009 PLATE, BOLT STOPPER (PAF25-05050009)
62Y-12279-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF40-05040003 FIXED PLATE B, ROCKER SHAFT (PAF40-05040003)
62Y-12414-00-00 GASKET, COVER 052 PAF15-07010022 GASKET, THERMOSTAT (PAF15-07010022)
62Y-12414-00-00 GASKET, COVER 052 PAF4-04000011 GASKET THEMOSTAT COVER (PAF4-04000011)
62Y-12414-00-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC6H3-12414-A1 GASKET TERMOSTAT CAP (REC6H3-12414-A1)
62Y-12414-01-00 GASKET, COVER PAF15-07010022 GASKET, THERMOSTAT (PAF15-07010022)
62Y-12414-01-00 GASKET, COVER REC6H3-12414-A1 GASKET TERMOSTAT CAP (REC6H3-12414-A1)
62Y-12481-10-00 PIPE 1 052 PAF25-05010113 NIPPLE, HOSE (PAF25-05010113)
62Y-13131-01-00 PLUNGER 052 PAF25-05130004 PLUNGER (PAF25-05130004)
62Y-13475-00-00 GASKET 052 PAF25-02010006 GASKET RELEIF VALVE (PAF25-02010006)
62Y-14392-00-00 VALVE, NEEDLE 052 REC61N-14392-00 VALVE NEEDLE (REC61N-14392-00)
62Y-14485-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 052 PAF20-05040005 GAS NIPPLE (PAF20-05040005)
62Y-14485-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 052 PAF40-05070002 CONNECTOR, BREATHER (PAF40-05070002)
62Y-24410-04-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF25-05130000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF25-05130000)
62Y-24411-02-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF25-05130100 DIAPHRAGM ASSY (PAF25-05130100)
62Y-24415-01-00 BODY 4 052 PAF25-05130201 FUEL PUMP SHELL (PAF25-05130201)
62Y-24421-01-00 VALVE, CHECK 052 PAF4-04090005 PLATE (PAF4-04090005)
62Y-24423-00-00 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF25-05130002 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM (PAF25-05130002)
62Y-24452-00-00 PACKING, COVER 052 PAF25-05130006 SEAL FUEL PUMP (PAF25-05130006)
62Y-24454-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF25-05130003 SPRING, PLUNGER (PAF25-05130003)
62Y-24471-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF25-05130005 DIAPHRAGM, TOP (PAF25-05130005)
62Y-42716-01-00 RUBBER SEAL 1 720 PAF25-03000002 SEAL, BOTTOM COWLING (PAF25-03000002)
62Y-44151-00-00 CAM, SHIFT 052 PAF60-04000003 SHIFTING CAM (PAF60-04000003)
62Y-45571-00-00 GEAR 052 PAF60-04000500 REVERSE GEAR (PAF60-04000500)
62Y-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF60-04020003 CLUTCH DOG (PAF60-04020003)
62Y-46241-00-00 BELT 052 REC62Y-46241-00 BELT (REC62Y-46241-00)
62Y-82504-10-00 OIL PRESS SWCH ASY 052 PAF15-07010103 OIL PRESSURE SENSOR (PAF15-07010103)
62Y-W0001-20-00 LWR UNIT GASKET KT 052 REC62Y-W0001-22 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC62Y-W0001-22)
62Y-W0001-21-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC62Y-W0001-22 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC62Y-W0001-22)
62Y-W0001-22-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC62Y-W0001-22 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC62Y-W0001-22)
634-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 > PAF15-07020006 PIN, PISTON (PAF15-07020006)
634-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 > REC634-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC634-11633-00)
63D-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC63D-11181-A1 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (REC63D-11181-A1)
63D-11193-A0-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC63D-11193-A0 CYLINDER HEAD COVER GASKET (REC63D-11193-A0)
63D-11603-00-00 RINGSET, PISTON STD 052 REC63D-11603-00 PISTON RING KIT (REC63D-11603-00)
63D-11605-00-00 RINGSET, PISTON 2ND 052 REC63D-11605-00 PISTON RING KIT (REC63D-11605-00)
63D-43131-01-00 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET 052 PAF15-01010001 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET (PAF15-01010001)
63D-44312-00-00 COVER, WTR.PUMP HSG 052 PAT40-04000204 NYLON BUSHING, WATER PIPE (PAT40-04000204)
63D-44312-00-00 COVER, WTR.PUMP HSG 052 REC63D-44312-00 PUMP COVER (REC63D-44312-00)
63D-44316-00-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 PAT40-04000010 GASKET , WATER PUMP SEAT (PAT40-04000010)
63D-44316-00-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC63D-44316-00 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC63D-44316-00)
63D-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC63D-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC63D-44322-00)
63D-44322-40-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 PAT40-04000202 INNER SHELL, WATER PUMP (PAT40-04000202)
63D-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC63D-44323-00 WATER PLATE (REC63D-44323-00)
63D-45214-00-00 COVER, WTR.INLET 052 PAT40-04000022 WATER INLET A (PAT40-04000022)
63D-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 PAT40-04000023 WATER INLET B (PAT40-04000023)
63D-45321-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF60-04000101 COVER, SHIFTING CAM (PAF60-04000101)
63D-45344-01-00 COVER, OIL SEAL 720 PAF60-04000008 COVER, OIL SEAL (PAF60-04000008)
63D-45361-02-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF60-04030000 COVER ASSY, LOWER CASING (PAF60-04030000)
63D-45361-02-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAT40-04060001 COVER, LOWER CASING (PAT40-04060001)
63D-45375-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 052 PAT40-04000014 WATER ENVELOP (PAT40-04000014)
63D-45375-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 052 REC688-45375-00 DAMPER WASHER (REC688-45375-00)
63D-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 PAF60-04020000 PROPELLER SHAFT ASSY (PAF60-04020000)
63D-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 PAF60-04020001 PROPELLER SHAFT (PAF60-04020001)
63D-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAF60-04020005 PLUNGER, SHIFTING (PAF60-04020005)
63D-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC63D-W0078-01 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC63D-W0078-01)
63D-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC63D-W0078-01 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC63D-W0078-01)
63P-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC63P-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC63P-11181-00)
63P-11325-01-00 ANODE 049 REC63P-11325-01 ZINC ANODE (REC63P-11325-01)
63P-11325-11-00 ANODE 049 REC63P-11325-11 ZINC ANODE (REC63P-11325-11)
63P-11325-21-00 ANODE 052 REC63P-11325-21 ZINC ANODE (REC63P-11325-21)
63P-11351-03-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC63P-11351-01 GASKET ENGINE (REC63P-11351-01)
63P-12414-00-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC63P-12414-00 THERMOSTAT GASKET (REC63P-12414-00)
63P-13761-01-00 INJECTOR 052 REC63P-13761-01 INJECTOR (REC63P-13761-01)
63P-13906-00-00 REGULATOR, PRESSURE 052 REC63P-13906-00 FUEL REGULATOR YAMAHA (REC63P-13906-00)
63P-13907-04-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC63P-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC63P-13907-03)
63P-13907-05-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC63P-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC63P-13907-03)
63P-13915-00-00 FILTER 052 REC63P-13915-00 FUEL FILTER (REC63P-13915-00)
63P-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC63P-14984-00 O-RING (REC63P-14984-00)
63P-43880-22-00 MOTOR ASSY 052 REC63P-43880-22 TRIM MOTOR (REC63P-43880-22)
63P-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC63P-45551-00 GEAR (REC63P-45551-00)
63P-45987-00-00 SPACER 052 REC6E5-45987-00 WASHER (REC6E5-45987-00)
63P-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC63P-46241-00 BELT (REC63P-46241-00)
63P-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 049 REC63P-81950-00 RELAIS (REC63P-81950-00)
63P-81960-02-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATO 052 REC63P-81960-02 REGULATOR RECTIFIER (REC63P-81960-02)
63P-82380-00-00 SENSOR, PRESSURE 052 REC63P-82380-00 YAMAHA SENSOR MAP (REC63P-82380-00)
63P-85886-00-00 SENSOR, AIR TEMPERAT 049 REC13650-52G00 IAT SENSOR (REC13650-52G00)
63V-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC63V-11181-A1 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC63V-11181-A1)
63V-11412-00-00 CRANK 1 052 REC63V-11412-00 CRANKSHAFT 1.PART (REC63V-11412-00)
63V-11422-00-00 CRANK 2 052 REC63V-11422-00 CRANKSHAFT 2.PART (REC63V-11422-00)
63V-11422-01-00 CRANK 2 720 REC63V-11422-00 CRANKSHAFT 2.PART (REC63V-11422-00)
63V-11432-00-00 CRANK 3 052 REC63V-11432-00 CRANKSHAFT 3.PART (REC63V-11432-00)
63V-11432-01-00 CRANK 3 720 REC63V-11432-00 CRANKSHAFT 3.PART (REC63V-11432-00)
63V-11442-00-00 CRANK 4 052 REC63V-11442-00 CRANKSHAFT 4.PART (REC63V-11442-00)
63V-11445-00-00 SPACER 052 REC63V-11445-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC63V-11445-00)
63V-11515-02-00 SEAL, LABYRINTH 1 052 REC63V-11515-02 O-RING (REC63V-11515-02)
63V-14126-00-00 GASKET 052 REC63V-14126-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC63V-14126-00)
63V-14301-00-00 CARBURETOR ASY 1 052 REC63V-14301-00 CARBURATOR (REC63V-14301-00)
63V-14301-03-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 REC63V-14301-00 CARBURATOR (REC63V-14301-00)
63V-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR 052 REC63V-14984-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC63V-14984-00)
63V-14985-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC63V-14985-00 CARBURATOR FLOAT (REC63V-14985-00)
63V-15705-01-00 SPRING, DRIVE PAWL 052 PAF15-07130002 SPRING, DRIVE PLATE (PAF15-07130002)
63V-15713-00-00 SPRING, STARTER 052 PAF15-07130107 SPRING VOLUTE (PAF15-07130107)
63V-15714-00-00 DRUM, SHEAVE 052 PAF15-07130201 WHEEL, START-UP (PAF15-07130201)
63V-15716-00-00 PLATE, DRIVE 052 PAF15-07130001 PLATE, DRIDE (PAF15-07130001)
63V-15741-00-00 PAWL, DRIVE 052 PAF15-07130202 PAWL, DRIVE (PAF15-07130202)
63V-15764-00-00 COLLAR 1 052 PAF4-04130013 MEATUS, START ROPE (PAF4-04130013)
63V-15767-00-00 SPRING 052 > PAF15-07130203 SPRING, TENSION (PAF15-07130203)
63V-15767-01-00 SPRING 052 PAF15-07130203 SPRING, TENSION (PAF15-07130203)
63V-15784-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 > PAF15-07130204 LINK, PAWL (PAF15-07130204)
63V-15784-01-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF15-07130204 LINK, PAWL (PAF15-07130204)
63V-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 REC63V-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC63V-24411-00)
63V-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 REC6G1-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC6G1-24411-00)
63V-41112-A0-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC63V-41112-A0 GASKET COVER (REC63V-41112-A0)
63V-41133-A1-00 GASKET, EXH.MANIFLD 052 REC63V-41133-A1 GASKET EXHAUST (REC63V-41133-A1)
63V-42528-00-00 PIECE, FRICTION 052 PAF15-01000002 PLATE, LOCK (PAF15-01000002)
63V-43111-07-8D BRACKET, CLAMP 1 052 PAF15-01010100 LEFT BRACKET ASSY (PAF15-01010100)
63V-43112-08-8D BRACKET, CLAMP 2 052 PAF15-01010201 BRACKET, RIGHT (PAF15-01010201)
63V-43131-00-00 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET 052 > PAF15-01010001 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET (PAF15-01010001)
63V-43131-10-00 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET 052 PAF15-01010001 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET (PAF15-01010001)
63V-43181-00-00 LEVER, TILT STOP 052 PAF15-01010105 PLATE, TILT STOPPER (PAF15-01010105)
63V-43191-00-00 SHAFT, STOPPER 052 PAF15-01010312A SHAFT, SUPPORT (PAF15-01010312A)
63V-43311-03-8D BRACKET, SWIVEL 1 052 PAF15-01010301S BRACKET, ROTARY (PAF15-01010301S)
63V-43641-01-00 LEVER, TILT 052 PAF15-01010306 LEVER, ANGEL ORIENTATION (PAF15-01010306)
63V-43656-00-00 SPRING, REVERSE LOCK 052 PAF15-01010314 SPRING, TENSION (PAF15-01010314)
63V-43656-00-00 SPRING, REVERSE LOCK 052 PAF15-01010314A SPRING, TENSION (PAF15-01010314A)
63V-43659-00-00 SHAFT, REVERSE LOCK 052 PAF15-01010316 LONG SHAFT, LOCK ANGLE (PAF15-01010316)
63V-44150-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF15-06030000S CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD S (PAF15-06030000S)
63V-44150-10-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF15-06030000L CAM ASSY SHIFT ROD (PAF15-06030000L)
63V-44301-00-00 WATER PUMP HOUSING 052 REC63V-44301-00 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC63V-44301-00)
63V-44322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC63V-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC63V-44322-00)
63V-44322-40-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC63V-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC63V-44322-00)
63V-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC63V-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC63V-44323-00)
63V-44328-01-00 PLATE 052 PAF15-06000014 FIXED PLATE, WATER PUMP (PAF15-06000014)
63V-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 052 PAF15-06050000 IMPELLER (PAF15-06050000)
63V-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 052 REC63V-44352-01 IMPELLER (REC63V-44352-01)
63V-44361-01-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC63V-44361-01 TUBE WATER (REC63V-44361-01)
63V-44361-11-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC63V-44361-11 TUBE WATER (REC63V-44361-11)
63V-44365-11-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 720 PAF15-02000006 QUADRATE SEAL, WATER PIPE (PAF15-02000006)
63V-44368-00-00 RUBBER, WATER SEAL 052 PAF15-02010003 SEAL, WATER TUBE (PAF15-02010003)
63V-44368-01-00 RUBBER, WATER SEAL 4 720 PAF15-02010003 SEAL, WATER TUBE (PAF15-02010003)
63V-44514-01-CA MOUNT DAMPER, UPPER 052 PAF20-02020200 DAMPER ASSY (PAF20-02020200)
63V-44526-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF20-00000005 PLATE (PAF20-00000005)
63V-44551-01-8D HOUSING, LOWER MOUNT 052 PAF20-00000001 COVER, MOUNT DAMPER (PAF20-00000001)
63V-44557-01-00 MT.DAMPER LR.FRONT 720 PAF20-00000002 DAMPER BLOCK "A" (PAF20-00000002)
63V-45113-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC63V-45113-A1 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC63V-45113-A1)
63V-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 PAF15-06000002 WATER INLET A (PAF15-06000002)
63V-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 PAF20-04000002E WATER INLET (PAF20-04000002E)
63V-45311-01-8D CASING, LOWER 052 PAF15-06000001 LOWER CASING LONG (PAF15-06000001)
63V-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 REC63V-45315-A0 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC63V-45315-A0)
63V-45375-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 052 PAF15-06020005 SEAL, RUBBER (PAF15-06020005)
63V-45510-01-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC63V-45510-01 DRIVE SHAFT S (REC63V-45510-01)
63V-45510-11-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC63V-45501-10 VERTICAL SHAFT (REC63V-45501-10)
63V-45510-11-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC63V-45510-11 DRIVE SHAFT L (REC63V-45510-11)
63V-45536-00-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 PAF15-06000006 BUSHING, NYLON (PAF15-06000006)
63V-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF15-06000011 INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF15-06000011)
63V-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF20-04000007E INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF20-04000007E)
63V-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC63V-45551-00 PINION (REC63V-45551-00)
63V-45943-10-00 AL. PROP 9-1/4 X 11 052 PAF15-06090000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF15-06090000)
63V-45952-10-00 AL. PROP 9-1/4 X 10 052 PAF15-06090000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF15-06090000)
63V-61350-00-00 STEERING GUIDE ATK 052 PAF15-11020000W LINK ROD ASSY (PAF15-11020000W)
63V-85520-01-00 COIL, CHARGE 052 REC63V-85520-00 CHARGE COIL (REC63V-85520-00)
63V-85533-00-00 COIL, LIGHTING 052 REC63V-85533-00 COIL LIGHTING (REC63V-85533-00)
63V-85570-02-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 REC63V-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC63V-85570-00)
63V-85570-10-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY REC63V-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC63V-85570-00)
63V-85580-01-00 COIL, PULSER 052 REC63V-85580-01 COIL PULSER (REC63V-85580-01)
63V-W0001-01-00 GASKET KIT P/H 052 REC63V-W0001-00 POWER HEAD GASKET KIT (REC63V-W0001-00)
63V-W0078-04-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 710 REC63V-44301-00 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC63V-44301-00)
63V-W0078-04-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 710 REC63V-W0078-01 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC63V-W0078-01)
63V-W0093-01-00 Carburetor Kit REC63V-W0093-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC63V-W0093-00)
63V-WS431-B6-8D CLAMP BRACKET SET 052 PAF15-01010100 LEFT BRACKET ASSY (PAF15-01010100)
63V-WS431-B6-8D CLAMP BRACKET SET 052 PAF15-01010200 RIGHT BRACKET ASSY (PAF15-01010200)
63W-13610-00-00 REED VALVE ASY 052 REC63W-13610-00 INTAKE VALVE ASSY (REC63W-13610-00)
646-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 REC646-11633-00 PIN PISTON (REC646-11633-00)
646-11651-02-00 ROD, CONNECTING 052 REC646-11651-02 CONNECTING ROD (REC646-11651-02)
646-11681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 052 REC646-11681-00 CRANK PIN (REC646-11681-00)
646-14623-A1-00 GASKET, EXST PIPE 052 REC646-14623-A1 GASKET BASE (REC646-14623-A1)
646-24251-02-00 STRAINER 1 002 PAF4-05000300 FUEL FILTER ASSY (PAF4-05000300)
646-24251-02-00 STRAINER 1 002 REC35-80365M FUEL FILTER (REC35-80365M)
646-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC646-44322-00 INSERT CUP (REC646-44322-00)
646-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC646-44323-00 OUTER PLATE CARTRIDGE (REC646-44323-00)
646-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 052 REC646-44352-01 IMPELLER (REC646-44352-01)
646-44365-00-00 WATER SEAL 002 REC646-44365-00 I-SHAPED RUBBER BAND (REC646-44365-00)
646-44365-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 1 720 REC646-44365-00 I-SHAPED RUBBER BAND (REC646-44365-00)
646-44366-01-00 WATER SEAL 052 REC646-44366-01 SEAL WATER PIPE (REC646-44366-01)
646-44366-02-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC646-44366-01 SEAL WATER PIPE (REC646-44366-01)
646-45534-00-03 THRUST WASHER DS 052 > PAF2.6-03000017 SHIM T 2.0MM (PAF2.6-03000017)
646-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC646-45551-00 GEAR (REC646-45551-00)
647-11610-00-00 PISTON RING STD 001 REC647-11610-00 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC647-11610-00)
647-14323-00-00 SCREW, AIR ADJ 002 REC647-14323-00 AIR BOLT (REC647-14323-00)
647-14323-00-00 SCREW, AIR ADJ 002 REC6G1-14985-00 FLOAT (REC6G1-14985-00)
647-14385-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC647-14385-00 FLOAT (REC647-14385-00)
647-14386-10-00 PIN, FLOAT 002 REC647-14386-10 PIN FLOAT (REC647-14386-10)
647-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC647-44366-00 WATER SEAL (REC647-44366-00)
647-45151-02-00 COVER, UPPER CASIN 720 PAF4-02000012 RUBBER PLUG, UPPER (PAF4-02000012)
647-45551-00-00 PINION 001 > REC647-45551-00 GEAR (REC647-45551-00)
647-45570-01-00 GEAR 2 ASSY 001 > REC647-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC647-45570-00)
647-45616-02-00 NUT, PROPELLER 052 REC647-45616-02 PROPELLER NUT (REC647-45616-02)
648-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 047 REC648-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC648-11633-00)
648-11681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 052 REC648-11681-00 CRANK PIN (REC648-11681-00)
648-13621-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC648-13621-A0 GASKET ADMISSION (REC648-13621-A0)
648-13645-A0-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 REC648-13645-A0 GASKET ADMISSION (REC648-13645-A0)
648-14198-A0-00 GASKET 052 REC648-14198-A0 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC648-14198-A0)
648-14342-23-00 JET, PILOT #XX 052 REC6E0-24435-00 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC6E0-24435-00)
648-14385-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC648-14385-00 CARBURATOR FLOAT (REC648-14385-00)
648-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 002 REC648-24411-00 MEMBRANE (REC648-24411-00)
648-24434-01-00 GASKET, BODY 002 REC648-24434-01 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC648-24434-01)
648-24435-02-00 GASKET, BODY 2 002 REC648-24435-02 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC648-24435-02)
648-24435-03-00 GASKET, BODY 2 710 REC648-24435-02 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC648-24435-02)
648-42528-00-00 PIECE, FRICTION 052 PAF25-01000002 PLATE, FRICTION (PAF25-01000002)
648-42528-01-00 PLATE, FRICTION 720 PAF25-01000002 PLATE, FRICTION (PAF25-01000002)
648-43114-01-00 PAD, TRANSOM CLAMP 052 PAF4-01010003 CLAMP PLATE (PAF4-01010003)
648-44146-00-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT 2 052 REC648-44146-00 CONNECTOR (REC648-44146-00)
648-45633-11-00 RING, CROSS PIN 052 PAF25-04060000 PROPELLER, SHAFT ASSY (PAF25-04060000)
648-45633-11-00 RING, CROSS PIN 052 REC648-45633-00 SPRING SELECTOR (REC648-45633-00)
648-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAF25-04060000 PROPELLER, SHAFT ASSY (PAF25-04060000)
648-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 REC648-45635-00 PIVOT (REC648-45635-00)
64D-11603-02-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC64D-11603-01 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC64D-11603-01)
64D-11603-02-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC64D-11604-01 PISTON RING KIT 0, 25MM (REC64D-11604-01)
64D-11603-02-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC64D-11605-01 PISTON RING 0, 50 MM (REC64D-11605-01)
64D-11603-02-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC6R5-11603-00 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC6R5-11603-00)
64D-11604-02-00 PISTON RING SET (0.2 052 REC64D-11604-01 PISTON RING KIT 0, 25MM (REC64D-11604-01)
64D-11605-02-00 PISTON RING SET (0.5 052 REC64D-11605-01 PISTON RING 0, 50 MM (REC64D-11605-01)
64D-14384-01-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC64D-14384-1 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC64D-14384-1)
64D-14394-00-00 VALVE, DRAIN 052 REC64D-14394-00 DRAIN BOLT (REC64D-14394-00)
64D-W0001-00-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6G5-W0001-A3 GASKET POWER HEAD SET (REC6G5-W0001-A3)
64D-W0093-00-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC64D-W0093-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC64D-W0093-00)
64E-43821-05-00 SCREW, TRIM CYLINDER 052 REC48630-92J00 TRIM CYLINDER HEAD (REC48630-92J00)
64E-43821-05-00 SCREW, TRIM CYLINDER 052 REC48630-96J03 TRIM CYLINDER HEAD (REC48630-96J03)
64E-43822-00-00 SEAL, TRIM DUST 049 REC64E-43822-00 OIL-SEAL (REC64E-43822-00)
64E-4384J-00-00 SEAL, TRIM DOWN 049 REC64E-4384J-00 OIL-SEAL (REC64E-4384J-00)
64J-12121-10-00 VALVE, EXHAUST 052 PAF25-05050002 VALVE, EXHAUST (PAF25-05050002)
64J-12159-00-00 SCREW, VALVE ADJUSTI 052 PAF15-07040303 SCREW, VALVE ADJUSTING (PAF15-07040303)
64J-24560-11-00 FILTER ASSY 710 PAT85-05000300 FILTER CUP ASSY (PAT85-05000300)
64J-24560-11-00 FILTER ASSY 710 REC64J-24560-10 COMPLETE FILTER (REC64J-24560-10)
64J-W0001-20-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC64J-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC64J-W0001-20)
650-11370-01-00 CHECK VALVE ASSY 052 REC650-11370-00 CHECK VALVE ASSY (REC650-11370-00)
650-11651-04-00 ROD, CONNECTING 052 REC650-11651-04 CONNECTING ROD (REC650-11651-04)
650-14485-03-00 PIPE, JOINT 052 REC650-14485-03 WATER NOZZLE ASSY OUT (REC650-14485-03)
650-24351-51-00 BAND 1 002 REC650-24351-51 CLAMP SMALL (REC650-24351-51)
650-24431-A0-00 GASKET, FUEL PUMP 1 002 REC650-24431-A0 GASKET FUELPUMP (REC650-24431-A0)
650-44147-00-00 BOOT, SHIFT ROD 052 REC650-44147-00 BOOT, SHIFT ROD (REC650-44147-00)
650-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 REC650-45635-00 PIN, PISTON (REC650-45635-00)
652-24461-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 002 PAF4-04010102 PIPE JOINT (PAF4-04010102)
655-12414-A1-00 GASKET, COVER 002 REC655-12414-A1 GASKET COVER (REC655-12414-A1)
65E-85570-01-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 REC63V-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC63V-85570-00)
65E-85570-02-00 SHAFT, THROTTLE CON 720 REC63V-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC63V-85570-00)
65F-42537-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHAFT 052 PAF15-01000001 BUSH, ABOVE (PAF15-01000001)
65L-13761-00-00 INJECTOR ASY. 003 REC65L-13761-00 YAMAHA INJECTOR (REC65L-13761-00)
65L-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 003 REC6AW-14984-00 O-RING (REC6AW-14984-00)
65L-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 003 REC827682T FUEL PUMP (REC827682T)
65L-13915-00-00 FILTER 003 REC65L-13915-00 FUEL FILTER (REC65L-13915-00)
65L-24563-00-00 ELEMENT, FUEL FILTER 003 REC65L-24563-00 FUEL FILTER (REC65L-24563-00)
65L-85886-00-00 SENDER, TEMPERATURE 002 REC13650-56B00 SUZUKI IAT SENSOR (REC13650-56B00)
65N-45321-00-00 PLATE 049 REC65N-45321-00 PLATE (REC65N-45321-00)
65W-11111-20-1S HEAD, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF25-05050100 CYLINDER ASSY (PAF25-05050100)
65W-11119-00-00 HANGER, ENGINE 052 PAF25-05010106 HANGER, ENGINE (PAF25-05010106)
65W-11168-00-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF25-05010103 JAM 3/4' (PAF25-05010103)
65W-11168-00-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF25-05010109 COVER, BREATHER (PAF25-05010109)
65W-11168-01-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF25-05010103 JAM 3/4' (PAF25-05010103)
65W-11168-01-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF25-05010109 COVER, BREATHER (PAF25-05010109)
65W-11169-00-00 GASKET, BREATHER C 052 PAF25-05010108 GASKET , BREATHER COVER (PAF25-05010108)
65W-11169-01-00 GASKET, BREATHER COV 052 PAF25-05010108 GASKET , BREATHER COVER (PAF25-05010108)
65W-11181-30-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 PAF25-05040000 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (PAF25-05040000)
65W-11191-00-1S COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 052 PAF25-05000005 COVER, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF25-05000005)
65W-11351-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 PAF25-00000013 GASKET, ENGINE (PAF25-00000013)
65W-11356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAF25-05000004 SEAL, CYLINDER COVER (PAF25-05000004)
65W-11411-01-00 CRANKSHAFT 052 PAF25-05020001 CRANK SHAFT (PAF25-05020001)
65W-11476-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF25-05000022 BUSH, SPRING (PAF25-05000022)
65W-11537-01-00 GEAR, DRIVEN 052 PAF25-05050017 BELT PULLEY, DRIVEN (PAF25-05050017)
65W-11545-00-00 KEY, WOODRUFF 052 PAF25-05000024 KEY SEMISIRCLE FLYWHEEL (PAF25-05000024)
65W-11631-00-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF25-05020100 PISTON ASSY (PAF25-05020100)
65W-11631-00-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF25-05020101 PISTON (PAF25-05020101)
65W-11642-11-00 PISTON, BALANCER 052 PAF25-05020301 PISTON, BALANCE (PAF25-05020301)
65W-11665-00-00 CON-ROD ASSY, BALA 052 PAF25-05020310 CON-ROD ASSY, BALANCE (PAF25-05020310)
65W-12146-00-00 SHAFT, ROCKER 052 PAF25-05050008 SHAFT, ROCKET (PAF25-05050008)
65W-12151-00-00 ARM, VALVE ROCKER 052 PAF25-05050300 ROCKET ASSY (PAF25-05050300)
65W-12151-00-00 ARM, VALVE ROCKER 052 PAF25-05050301 ROCKET (PAF25-05050301)
65W-13286-00-00 CLEANER 052 PAF25-05010107 CLEANER (PAF25-05010107)
65W-13300-00-00 OIL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF25-05050400 OIL PUMP ASSY (PAF25-05050400)
65W-13323-00-00 INSERT 052 PAF25-05060002 INSERT (PAF25-05060002)
65W-13411-00-00 STRAINER, OIL 052 PAF25-02010200 STRAINER OIL (PAF25-02010200)
65W-13640-00-00 MANIFOLD 052 PAF25-05060001 MANIFOLD (PAF25-05060001)
65W-13645-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF25-05060003 GASKET, MANIFOLD (PAF25-05060003)
65W-14198-00-00 GASKET 052 PAF25-05000011 O-RING (PAF25-05000011)
65W-14262-00-00 FLANGE 052 PAF25-05080005 FLANGE (PAF25-05080005)
65W-14271-00-00 INSULATOR 052 PAF25-05000009 INSULATOR (PAF25-05000009)
65W-14373-01-00 COVER, PLUNGER CAP 052 PAF25-05070025 WAVE JACKET, VALVE (PAF25-05070025)
65W-14440-00-00 SILENCER ASSY, INT 052 PAF25-05080100 SILENCER ASSY, INTAKE (PAF25-05080100)
65W-14457-10-00 SEAL 052 PAF25-05080004 RUBBER, SEAL (PAF25-05080004)
65W-14497-01-00 STAY, THROTTLE WIR 052 PAF15-07000011 BRACKET, CONTROL TIGHTWIRE (PAF15-07000011)
65W-14901-12-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 052 PAF25-05070000 CARBURETOR ASSY (PAF25-05070000)
65W-14901-15-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 720 PAF25-05070000 CARBURETOR ASSY (PAF25-05070000)
65W-14901-16-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 PAF25-05070000 CARBURETOR ASSY (PAF25-05070000)
65W-15100-11-00 CRANKCASE ASSY 720 NLA PAF25-05010000 CRANKCASE ASSY (PAF25-05010000)
65W-15100-11-1S CRANKCASE ASSY 052 PAF25-05010000 CRANKCASE ASSY (PAF25-05010000)
65W-15121-01-00 CRANKCASE 2 052 PAF25-05000007 CRANKCASE (PAF25-05000007)
65W-15311-03-CA OIL PAN 052 PAF25-02000006 OIL SUMP (PAF25-02000006)
65W-15316-00-00 DAMPER, ENGINE MOU 052 PAF25-02000007 JACKET, OIL DRAIN (PAF25-02000007)
65W-15316-01-00 DAMPER 1 PAF25-02000007 JACKET, OIL DRAIN (PAF25-02000007)
65W-15362-01-00 PLUG, OIL LEVEL 052 PAF25-00000100 PLUG OIL LEVEL (PAF25-00000100)
65W-15370-00-00 BREATHER ASSY 052 PAF25-05080009 BREATHER ASSY B (PAF25-05080009)
65W-15397-10-00 HOSE 052 PAF25-02000017 HOSE A (PAF25-02000017)
65W-15397-10-00 HOSE 052 PAF25-05080006 HOSE B (PAF25-05080006)
65W-15414-00-00 COVER 1 052 PAF25-05160006 ARRESTER CHANGLESS (PAF25-05160006)
65W-15713-00-00 SPRING, STARTER 052 PAF25-05160014 SEAT SPRING (PAF25-05160014)
65W-15714-01-00 DRUM, SHEAVE 052 PAF25-05160301 WHEEL, START-UP (PAF25-05160301)
65W-15715-00-00 SPRING, FRICTION 052 PAF25-05160016 SPRING DRIVE PLATE (PAF25-05160016)
65W-15716-00-00 PLATE, DRIVE 052 PAF25-05160017 PLATE DRIVE (PAF25-05160017)
65W-15723-10-00 PULLEY, STARTER 052 PAF25-05000027 JUMP START AXES (PAF25-05000027)
65W-15732-00-00 WASHER, WAVE 1 052 PAF25-05160013 CUSHION SPRING SEAT (PAF25-05160013)
65W-15734-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF25-05160304 PAWL DRIVE SPRING (PAF25-05160304)
65W-15735-01-00 GUIDE, CAM 052 PAF25-05160004 PAWL DRIVE (PAF25-05160004)
65W-15741-10-00 PAWL, DRIVE 052 PAF25-05160305 PAWL DRIVE (PAF25-05160305)
65W-15752-00-00 ROLLER, WIRE 052 PAF25-05160008 PULLEY STARTLING (PAF25-05160008)
65W-15753-00-00 BUSH 052 PAF25-05160009 AXES PULLEY (PAF25-05160009)
65W-15762-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 2 052 PAF25-05160402 SEAL FROTHY RUBBER (PAF25-05160402)
65W-15767-01-00 SPRING 052 PAF25-05160003 SPRING ARRESTER (PAF25-05160003)
65W-15770-00-00 CABLE COMP., START 052 PAF25-05160200 CABLE COMP STARTER STOP (PAF25-05160200)
65W-15771-00-00 STAY 1 052 PAF25-05160403 NOG UNCORK (PAF25-05160403)
65W-15774-00-00 STAY 4 052 PAF25-05000028 STAY CABLE COMP (PAF25-05000028)
65W-15784-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF25-05160005 SPRING TENSION (PAF25-05160005)
65W-15794-00-00 STOPPER 052 PAF25-05160001 ARRESTER (PAF25-05160001)
65W-24251-10-00 STRAINER 1 052 REC40145 FUEL FILTER (REC40145)
65W-24251-10-00 STRAINER 1 052 REC40155 FUEL FILTER (REC40155)
65W-24377-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 3 052 PAF25-02000018 PIPE, JOINT A (PAF25-02000018)
65W-41113-10-1S OUTER COVER, EXHAUST 052 PAF25-05010112 OUTER COVER, EXHAUST (PAF25-05010112)
65W-41114-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTE 052 PAF25-05010111 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTER COVER (PAF25-05010111)
65W-41114-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTE 052 PAF25-05020100 PISTON ASSY (PAF25-05020100)
65W-41137-04-CA GUIDE, EXHAUST 052 PAF25-02010001 GUIDE EXHAUST (PAF25-02010001)
65W-41211-00-00 LINK, ACCEL. 052 PAF25-05000008 LINK, ACCELEROGRAPH CONTROL (PAF25-05000008)
65W-41283-00-00 LEVER, FREE ACCEL. 052 PAF15-07000014 PULLEY, PASSIVITY (PAF15-07000014)
65W-41638-00-00 PULLEY 052 PAF15-07000013 PULLEY, DRIVE (PAF15-07000013)
65W-42101-01-8D HANDLE, STEERING 052 PAF15-01030001 HANDLE STEERING (PAF15-01030001)
65W-42121-01-8D BRACKET 052 PAF25-01030001 BRACKET HANDLE (PAF25-01030001)
65W-42125-00-00 BOLT, FRICTION ADJ 052 PAF15-01030200 BOLT (PAF15-01030200)
65W-42131-01-00 COVER, HANDLE STEERI 052 PAF15-01000013 PLATE, HANDLE ORIENTATION (PAF15-01000013)
65W-42138-00-00 LEVER, THROTTLE 052 PAF15-01030100 LEVER, THROTTLE ASSY (PAF15-01030100)
65W-42159-00-00 STAY 052 PAF15-01030005 STAY (PAF15-01030005)
65W-42511-01-8D BRACKET, STEERING 052 PAF25-01020001S BRACKET, STEERING (PAF25-01020001S)
65W-42511-11-8D BRACKET, STEERING 052 PAF25-01020001 BRACKET, STEERING (PAF25-01020001)
65W-42651-00-00 HOOK 052 > PAF25-06000004 POTHOOK FRONT (PAF25-06000004)
65W-42726-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF15-05000006 SHEATH, WAVE (PAF15-05000006)
65W-42727-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF15-05000017 SEAL, RUBBER (PAF15-05000017)
65W-42738-01-8D PLATE, FITTING 052 PAF25-03000014 COVER BOARD, BOTTOM COWLING (PAF25-03000014)
65W-42816-03-00 LEVER, CLAMP 052 PAF25-03020000 LOCKING ASSY, TOP COWLING (PAF25-03020000)
65W-43191-00-00 SHAFT, STOPPER 052 PAT40-01010101 LIMITATIVE POSITION SHAFT (PAT40-01010101)
65W-43192-00-00 KNOB, STOPPER 052 PAT40-01010102 HANDLE (PAT40-01010102)
65W-43373-00-00 SEAL, DAMPER 052 PAF25-01010302 WASHER SEAL (PAF25-01010302)
65W-43616-00-00 ROD, TILT LOCK 052 PAF25-01010315 ROD BRACKET (PAF25-01010315)
65W-43630-00-00 TILT LEVER ASSY 052 PAF25-01010312 TILT CLAMP HANDLE ASSY (PAF25-01010312)
65W-43880-01-00 MOTOR ASSY 052 PAT40-10020500 TRIM MOTOR (PAT40-10020500)
65W-44116-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF15-05000032 STOPPER SPRING (PAF15-05000032)
65W-44121-00-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF15-05040100 LEVER, SHIFT ROD (PAF15-05040100)
65W-44122-00-00 BUSHING, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF25-03030001 ROCKER, STOPPER (PAF25-03030001)
65W-44143-00-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF25-03030002S SHIFT ROD (PAF25-03030002S)
65W-44143-10-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF25-03030002L SHIFT ROD (PAF25-03030002L)
65W-44150-01-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF25-04030000S CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (PAF25-04030000S)
65W-44150-11-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF25-04030000L CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (PAF25-04030000L)
65W-44176-00-00 BRACKET 052 PAF25-04000012 PLATE O-RING (PAF25-04000012)
65W-44328-11-00 PLATE 052 PAF25-04000016 FIXED PLATE, WATER PUMP (PAF25-04000016)
65W-44361-00-00 TUBE, WATER 052 > PAF25-02000004S TUPE, WATER (PAF25-02000004S)
65W-44361-02-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF25-02000004S TUPE, WATER (PAF25-02000004S)
65W-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF25-02000004L TUPE WATER(L) (PAF25-02000004L)
65W-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF25-02000004S TUPE, WATER (PAF25-02000004S)
65W-45151-00-00 COVER, UPPER CASIN 052 PAF25-02000003 CLAPBOARD, EXHAUST (PAF25-02000003)
65W-45251-00-00 ANODE 049 REC65W-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC65W-45251-00)
65W-45331-00-CA HOUSING, BEARING 052 PAF25-04000008 BASE, DRIVE SHAFT (PAF25-04000008)
65W-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC65W-46241-00 BELT, TIMING (REC65W-46241-00)
65W-61350-00-00 STEERING GUIDE ATK 002 PAF25-07000300W LINK ROD ASSY (PAF25-07000300W)
65W-81639-10-00 PLATE, ARMATURE FI 052 PAF25-05160012 JACKET RUBBER (PAF25-05160012)
65W-82504-00-00 OIL PRESSURE SWITC 052 PAF15-07010103 OIL PRESSURE SENSOR (PAF15-07010103)
65W-82575-01-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 PAF2.6-02010200 ENGINE STOP SWITCH ASSY (PAF2.6-02010200)
65W-82575-01-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 REC65W-82575-01 STOP SWITCH (REC65W-82575-01)
65W-85410-01-00 EMERGENCY SIGNAL L 052 PAF15-07130303 SUMP INDICATOR LIGHT (PAF15-07130303)
65W-85510-10-00 STATOR ASSY 052 PAF25-05140000 STATOR ASSY (PAF25-05140000)
65W-85542-00-00 BRACKET 052 PAF25-05090003 BRACKET, IGNITION UNIT (PAF25-05090003)
65W-85547-00-00 DAMPER 052 PAF25-05090004 BUSH, DAMPING (PAF25-05090004)
65W-85550-01-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF25-05150000 FLYWHEEL ASSY (PAF25-05150000)
65W-85570-01-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 PAF25-05120000 IGNITION COIL (PAF25-05120000)
65W-85580-00-00 COIL, PULSER 052 PAF25-05110000 COIL PULSER (PAF25-05110000)
65W-85757-00-00 RETAINER 052 PAF25-05010203 PLATE, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER (PAF25-05010203)
65W-85790-00-00 THERMOSENSOR ASSY 052 PAF25-05010201 TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER (PAF25-05010201)
65W-86129-10-00 COLLAR 052 PAF25-05090005 BUSH, IGNITION (PAF25-05090005)
65W-W0001-00-00 P/H GASKET KIT 052 REC65W-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC65W-W0001-20)
65W-W0001-20-00 LWR UNIT GASKET KT 052 REC65W-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC65W-W0001-20)
661-41262-02-00 JOINT, CHOKE LEVER 052 PAF15-07000016 JOINT ACCELEROGRAPH CONTROL (PAF15-07000016)
662-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 052 REC662-44352-01 IMPELLER (REC662-44352-01)
662-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 052 REC689-W0078-A6 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC689-W0078-A6)
663-11193-A0-00 GASKET, HD. COVER 1 052 REC663-11193-00 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC663-11193-00)
663-11411-01-00 CRANKSHAFT 052 REC663-11411-00 CRANKSHAFT (REC663-11411-00)
663-11561-00-00 SHIM, CRANK 1 052 REC663-11561-00 WASHER (REC663-11561-00)
663-11633-00-00 PISTON PIN 052 REC663-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC663-11633-00)
663-12414-A0-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC663-12414-00 GASKET TERMOSTAT CAP (REC663-12414-00)
663-12416-00-00 VALVE, PRESS CONT 052 REC663-12416-00 PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE (REC663-12416-00)
663-13621-A0-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC663-13621-00 INTAKE GASKET (REC663-13621-00)
663-14198-A0-00 GASKET 053 REC663-14198-00 GASKET CARBURETOR BASE (REC663-14198-00)
663-14483-A0-00 GASKET 052 REC663-14483-A0 GASKET CARBURETOR (REC663-14483-A0)
663-14548-00-00 PIN, FLOAT ARM 002 REC663-14548-00 PIN FLOAT (REC663-14548-00)
663-14923-00-00 SCREW, PILOT 052 REC663-14923-00 AIR BOLT (REC663-14923-00)
663-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 053 REC663-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC663-24411-00)
663-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.OTR CVR 052 REC663-41114-00 GASKET (REC663-41114-00)
663-42138-00-00 LEVER, THROTTLE 052 REC663-42138-00 LEVER THROTTLE (REC663-42138-00)
663-43318-00-00 COVER 052 PAF25-01010312 TILT CLAMP HANDLE ASSY (PAF25-01010312)
663-44144-01-00 ROD, SHIFT 2 052 REC663-44144-01 ROD GEARCHANGE (REC663-44144-01)
663-44151-00-00 CAM, SHIFT 052 REC663-44151-00 CAM SHIFT (REC663-44151-00)
663-44311-02-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC663-44311-02 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC663-44311-02)
663-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC663-44315-A0 GASKET (REC663-44315-A0)
663-44316-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC663-44316-A0 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC663-44316-A0)
663-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC663-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC663-44322-00)
663-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC93210-46044 O-RING (REC93210-46044)
663-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC663-44323-00 PLATE WATERPUMP (REC663-44323-00)
663-44324-A0-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC663-44324-00 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC663-44324-00)
663-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 PAT40-04000203 SEAL (PAT40-04000203)
663-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC663-44366-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL (REC663-44366-00)
663-44367-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 720 PAT40-02000002 GUIDE BUSHING, WATER PIPE (PAT40-02000002)
663-45123-00-00 GASKET, MUFFLER 052 REC663-45123-00 GASKET MUFFLER (REC663-45123-00)
663-45375-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 052 REC663-45375-00 SEALING RUBBER (REC663-45375-00)
663-45376-00-00 GUIDE, RUB.SEAL 052 PAT40-04000013 GUIDE RUBBER SEAL (PAT40-04000013)
663-45376-00-00 GUIDE, RUB.SEAL 052 REC663-45376-00 GUIDE RUB. SEAL (REC663-45376-00)
663-45552-00-00 BEARING, PLAIN 052 REC663-45552-00 BEARING (REC663-45552-00)
663-45576-00-00 WASHER, THRUST 052 REC663-45576-00 PUSH WASHER (REC663-45576-00)
663-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC663-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC663-45631-00)
663-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6H4-45631-00 CLUTCH DOG (REC6H4-45631-00)
663-45633-00-00 RING, CROSS PIN 052 PAT40-04050005 ANNULAR SPRING, CLUTCH (PAT40-04050005)
663-45633-00-00 RING, CROSS PIN 052 REC663-45633-00 O-RING (REC663-45633-00)
663-45634-00-00 SLIDE, SHAFT 052 REC663-45634-00 CLUTCH DOG (REC663-45634-00)
663-45987-02-00 SPACER 1 052 PAT40-04000018 SPACER, PROPELLER (PAT40-04000018)
663-45987-02-00 SPACER 1 052 REC663-45987-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC663-45987-00)
663-85518-00-00 JOINT, BALL 052 REC663-85518-00 YAMAHA CONNECTOR (REC663-85518-00)
663-85540-15-00 CDI UNIT ASY 052 REC663-85540-15 CDI TIA 02 50-60HP (REC663-85540-15)
663-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC663-W0078-01 WATER PUMP KIT (REC663-W0078-01)
663-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC663-44311-02 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC663-44311-02)
663-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC663-W0078-01 WATER PUMP KIT (REC663-W0078-01)
664-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.COVER 052 REC663-41114-00 GASKET (REC663-41114-00)
664-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.COVER 052 REC664-41114-A0 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC664-41114-A0)
664-44338-00-00 KEY, WOODRUFF 052 REC300611 KEY (REC300611)
664-44338-00-00 KEY, WOODRUFF 052 REC664-44338-00 KEY WOODRUFF (REC664-44338-00)
664-45371-01-00 TRIM-TAB 052 PAT40-00000010 ANODE (PAT40-00000010)
664-45371-01-00 TRIM-TAB 052 REC664-45371-01 ANODE YAMAHA ZINC (REC664-45371-01)
664-45384-02-00 NUT 052 REC664-45384-00 NUT (REC664-45384-00)
664-45947-01-00 PROPELLER (3X9-7/8 X 052 PAF25-04080000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF25-04080000)
664-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 REC664-45987-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC664-45987-00)
664-81970-62-00 RECTIFIER ASSY 052 REC6G1-81970-62 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER (REC6G1-81970-62)
66K-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC67H-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC67H-13907-00)
66K-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC6AW-14984-00 O-RING (REC6AW-14984-00)
66K-13915-00-00 FILTER 052 REC66K-13915-00 FUEL FILTER (REC66K-13915-00)
66M-11168-00-1S COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF15-07010200 BREATHER ASSY (PAF15-07010200)
66M-11181-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 PAF15-07000100 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF15-07000100)
66M-11191-00-1S COVER, CYLINDER HE 052 PAF15-07050001 COVER, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF15-07050001)
66M-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 PAF15-07010008 ANODE (PAF15-07010008)
66M-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC66M-11325-00 ANODE YAMAHA & MERCURY ZINC (REC66M-11325-00)
66M-11327-00-94 ANODE COVER 052 PAF15-07010011 COVER ANODE (PAF15-07010011)
66M-11327-00-94 ANODE COVER 052 PAGB/T97.1-8 WASHER 8 (PAGB/T97.1-8)
66M-11328-01-00 GROMMET, ANODE 720 PAF15-07010009 GROMMET, ANODE (PAF15-07010009)
66M-11328-01-00 GROMMET, ANODE 720 PAGB/T97.1-8 WASHER 8 (PAGB/T97.1-8)
66M-11351-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 PAF15-00000014 GASKET, ENGINE (PAF15-00000014)
66M-11355-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF15-04000007 SEAL, ABNORMITY (PAF15-04000007)
66M-11356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAF15-07050002 SEAL, CYLINDER COVER (PAF15-07050002)
66M-11356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAGB/T97.1-8 WASHER 8 (PAGB/T97.1-8)
66M-11357-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 3 052 PAF15-07010014 BREATHER GASKET (PAF15-07010014)
66M-11416-00-00 PLANE BEARING, CRA 052 PAF15-07010024 MAIN BEARING (PAF15-07010024)
66M-11536-10-00 GEAR, DRIVE 052 PAF15-07030003 BELT PULLEY, TIMING (PAF15-07030003)
66M-11537-00-00 ->66M-11537-00-94 052 S PAF15-07040018 BELT PULLEY, DRIVEN (PAF15-07040018)
66M-11557-00-00 WASHER 1 052 PAF15-07030004 WASHER (PAF15-07030004)
66M-11631-00-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF15-07020001 PISTON (PAF15-07020001)
66M-11650-00-00 CONNECTING ROD ASS 052 PAF15-07020100 ROD, CONNECTING (PAF15-07020100)
66M-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF15-07040001 VALVE, INTAKE (PAF15-07040001)
66M-12113-00-00 SPRING, VALVE INNE 052 PAF15-07040005 SPRING, VELVE (PAF15-07040005)
66M-12116-00-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING 052 PAF15-07040004 SEAL, VALVE SPRING (PAF15-07040004)
66M-12121-00-00 VALVE, EXHAUST 052 PAF15-07040002 VALVE, EXHAUST (PAF15-07040002)
66M-12146-00-00 SHAFT, ROCKER 052 PAF15-07040015 SHAFT, ROCKER (PAF15-07040015)
66M-12151-10-00 ARM, VALVE ROCKER 052 PAF15-07040301 ROCKER (PAF15-07040301)
66M-12170-00-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 052 PAF15-07040200 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF15-07040200)
66M-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 052 PAF15-07000031 THERMOSTAT (PAF15-07000031)
66M-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6AH-12411-00 THERMOSTAT 50DG-60DGC (REC6AH-12411-00)
66M-12535-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF15-07010012 PLATE, ANODE (PAF15-07010012)
66M-13131-10-00 PLUNGER 052 PAF15-07140003 PLUNGER (PAF15-07140003)
66M-13300-10-00 OIL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF15-07040500 OIL PUMP ASSY (PAF15-07040500)
66M-13329-10-00 GASKET, PUMP COVER 052 PAF15-07040016 MAT, QIRPROOF (PAF15-07040016)
66M-13416-00-00 PIPE, OIL 1 052 PAF15-07120001 PIPE, OIL (PAF15-07120001)
66M-13417-00-00 COVER, STRAINER 052 PAF15-07120105 JACKET, STRAINER (PAF15-07120105)
66M-13421-00-00 STRAINER 2 052 PAF15-07120100 STRAINER ASSY (PAF15-07120100)
66M-13641-10-00 MANIFOLD, INTAKE 1 052 PAF15-07000008 MANIFOLD, INTAKE (PAF15-07000008)
66M-13645-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF15-07000007 GASKET, MANIFOLD (PAF15-07000007)
66M-13646-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 2 052 PAF15-07000017 GASKET, CARBURETOR (PAF15-07000017)
66M-14271-00-00 INSULATOR 052 PAF15-07000018 INSULATOR, CARBURETOR (PAF15-07000018)
66M-14440-00-00 SILENCER ASSY, INT 052 PAF15-07100000 SILENCER ASSY, INTAKE (PAF15-07100000)
66M-14477-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF15-07000022 PLATE, INTAKE SILENCER (PAF15-07000022)
66M-15316-00-00 DAMPER, ENGINE MOU 052 PAF15-04000004 JACKET, OIL DRAIN (PAF15-04000004)
66M-15362-00-00 PLUG, OIL LEVEL 052 PAF15-00000100 OIL DIP STICK (PAF15-00000100)
66M-15373-00-00 PIPE, BREATHER 052 PAF15-07010017 PIPE, BREATHER (PAF15-07010017)
66M-15770-00-00 CABLE COMP., START 052 PAF15-05000028 ARRESTER TIGHTWIRE ASSY (PAF15-05000028)
66M-15774-00-00 STAY 4 052 PAF15-05000027 FRAME, ARRESTER TIGHTWIRE (PAF15-05000027)
66M-24351-00-00 BAND 1 052 PAF15-09030002 HOOP A (PAF15-09030002)
66M-24374-00-00 PIN 052 PAGB/T309-2000 ROLLER NEEDLE F4X16.5 (PAGB/T309-2000)
66M-24410-11-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF15-07140000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF15-07140000)
66M-24411-11-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF15-07140100 DIAPHRAGM ASSY (PAF15-07140100)
66M-24411-12-00 DIAPHRAGM 710 PAF15-07140100 DIAPHRAGM ASSY (PAF15-07140100)
66M-24413-01-00 BODY 2 052 PAF15-07140002 FUEL PUMP SHELL (PAF15-07140002)
66M-24423-00-00 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF15-07140005 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM (PAF15-07140005)
66M-24454-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF15-07140004 SPRING, PLUNGER (PAF15-07140004)
66M-24471-02-00 DIAPHRAGM 710 PAF4-04090004 DIAPHRAGM, TOP (PAF4-04090004)
66M-24471-02-00 DIAPHRAGM 710 PAF4-04090006 PLUNGER (PAF4-04090006)
66M-26311-00-00 CABLE, THROTTLE 1 052 PAF15-01030004 THROTTLE CABLE ASSY (PAF15-01030004)
66M-26326-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF15-01000015 JACKET, CABLE (PAF15-01000015)
66M-41114-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTE 052 PAF15-07010018 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTER COVER (PAF15-07010018)
66M-41133-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 PAF15-04000006 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE (PAF15-04000006)
66M-41137-00-CA GUIDE, EXHAUST 052 PAF15-04000001 OIL SUMP (PAF15-04000001)
66M-41138-00-00 SEAL, EXT. 1 052 PAF15-04010004 SEAL, EXT (PAF15-04010004)
66M-41211-00-00 LINK, ACCEL. 052 PAF15-07000015 LINK, ACCELEROGRAPH CONTROL (PAF15-07000015)
66M-42511-01-4D BRACKET, STEERING 052 PAF15-01020001S BRACKET, HELM (PAF15-01020001S)
66M-42511-11-4D BRACKET, STEERING 052 PAF15-01020001L BRACKET HELM (PAF15-01020001L)
66M-43160-01-00 TILT ROD ASSY 052 PAF15-01010400 LIMITATIVE ROD ASSY (PAF15-01010400)
66M-43311-10-8D BRACKET, SWIVEL 1 052 PAF15-01010301 BRACKET, ROTARY (PAF15-01010301)
66M-43350-01-00 RECEIVER ASSY 052 PAF15-01010313 SUPPORT ASSY (PAF15-01010313)
66M-43350-01-00 RECEIVER ASSY 052 PAF15-01010313A SUPPORT ASSY (PAF15-01010313A)
66M-43630-01-00 TILT LEVER ASSY 052 PAF15-01010305 TILT CLAMP HANDLE ASSY (PAF15-01010305)
66M-44111-01-00 HANDLE, GEAR SHIFT 052 PAF15-00000007 HANDLE, GEAR SHIFT (PAF15-00000007)
66M-44122-00-00 BUSHING, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF15-05040001 ROCKER, STOPPER (PAF15-05040001)
66M-44124-00-00 LINK, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF15-00000011 LINK, SHIFT ROD (PAF15-00000011)
66M-44143-00-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF15-05000034S SHIFT ROD (PAF15-05000034S)
66M-44143-10-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF15-05000034L SHIFT ROD (PAF15-05000034L)
66M-44361-00-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF15-02000005S TUBE, WATER (PAF15-02000005S)
66M-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF15-02000005L TUBE WATER (PAF15-02000005L)
66M-44514-00-4D MOUNT DAMPER, UPPER 052 PAF15-02010000 DBL HOLE SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY (PAF15-02010000)
66M-44514-00-8D MOUNT DAMPER, UPPE 720 PAF15-02010000 DBL HOLE SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY (PAF15-02010000)
66M-44526-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF15-00000004 PLATE (PAF15-00000004)
66M-44551-00-4D HOUSING, LWR, MOUNT 052 PAF15-00000001 SHELL, MOUNT DAMPER (PAF15-00000001)
66M-44557-00-00 MOUNT DAMPER, LOWE 052 PAF15-00000003 MOUNT DAMPER, FRONT (PAF15-00000003)
66M-45113-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASI 052 PAF15-00000005 GASKET (PAF15-00000005)
66M-45115-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASI 052 PAF15-03000003 SEAL, CLAPBOARD (PAF15-03000003)
66M-45126-00-00 PLATE, SEAL DAMPER 052 PAF15-03000001 CLAPBOARD, EXHAUST (PAF15-03000001)
66M-45128-00-00 SEAL 2 052 PAF15-02000007 SEAL (PAF15-02000007)
66M-45136-00-00 PIPE 052 PAF15-03000002 RUBBER PIPE, EXHAUST (PAF15-03000002)
66M-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC66M-46241-00 BELT, TIMING (REC66M-46241-00)
66M-46297-00-00 COVER, DUST 052 PAF15-07000024 COVER, DUST (PAF15-07000024)
66M-82127-00-00 WIRE, LEAD 2 052 PAF15-02000003 TIGHTWIRE, EARTHING B (PAF15-02000003)
66M-82148-00-00 WIRE, LEAD 4 052 PAF15-01010202 TIGHTWIRE, EARTHING A (PAF15-01010202)
66M-85520-00-00 COIL, CHARGE 052 PAF15-07000300 COIL (PAF15-07000300)
66M-85533-00-00 COIL, LIGHTING 052 PAF15-07000400 COIL, CHARGE A & B ASSY (PAF15-07000400)
66M-85550-10-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF15-07070100W FLYWHEEL ASSY (PAF15-07070100W)
66M-85570-03-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 720 PAF15-07000600 HIGH PRESSURE ASSY (PAF15-07000600)
66M-85570-03-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 720 REC689-81311-40 IGNITION COIL (REC689-81311-40)
66M-85580-00-00 COIL, PULSER 052 PAF15-07000200 COIL, PULSER (PAF15-07000200)
66M-W0001-20-00 LWR UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC66M-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC66M-W0001-20)
66M-W0093-01-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 052 REC66M-W0093-01 CARBURETOR KIT (REC66M-W0093-01)
66N-11603-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC66N-11603-00 PISTON RING KIT (REC66N-11603-00)
66R-42171-00-00 BUSHING 052 PAF15-01000007 BUSH, HANDLE (PAF15-01000007)
66R-43113-00-00 PLATE, CLAMP BRACK 052 PAF15-01010003 PLATE, TWO HOLE (PAF15-01010003)
66R-43617-00-00 ROD, TILT LOCK 052 PAF15-01010307 ROD TILT LOCK (PAF15-01010307)
66R-44114-00-00 STOPPER 052 PAF15-05000031 SPRING (PAF15-05000031)
66T-15713-00-00 SPRING, STARTER 052 REC66T-15713-00 STEERING SPRING (REC66T-15713-00)
66T-15731-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF15-05000029 TIGHTWIRE, SPRING (PAF15-05000029)
66T-15734-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF15-07130106 SPRING, ARRESTER (PAF15-07130106)
66T-15794-00-00 STOPPER 052 PAF15-07130105 ARRESTER (PAF15-07130105)
66T-43627-00-00 STOPPER 052 PAF25-01010321 PLATE, TILT DETENT (PAF25-01010321)
66T-43631-00-00 LEVER, TILT 1 052 > PAF25-01010313 LEVER, ANGEL ORIENTATION (PAF25-01010313)
66T-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUM 052 PAT40-04000201 WATER PUMP HOUSING (PAT40-04000201)
66T-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTR 052 REC66T-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC66T-44323-00)
66T-44323-40-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 PAT40-04000011 OUTER PLATE (PAT40-04000011)
66T-45321-00-00 PLATE 052 PAT40-04000007 COVER PLATE, CAMSHAFT (PAT40-04000007)
66T-45344-02-00 COVER, OIL SEAL 720 PAT40-04000009 COVER, OIL SEAL (PAT40-04000009)
66T-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAT40-04000005 INITIATIVE GEAR (PAT40-04000005)
66T-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC66T-45551-00 GEAR (REC66T-45551-00)
66T-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 PAT40-04020000 FORWARD GEAR ASSY (PAT40-04020000)
66T-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 REC66T-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC66T-45560-00)
66T-45571-00-00 GEAR 052 PAT40-04060006 GEAR, REVERSE (PAT40-04060006)
66T-45571-00-00 GEAR 052 REC66T-45571-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC66T-45571-00)
66T-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 PAT40-04050001 SHAFT, PROPELLER (PAT40-04050001)
66T-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC66T-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC66T-45611-00)
66T-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAT40-04050003 DOG CLUTCH (PAT40-04050003)
66T-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC66T-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC66T-45631-00)
66T-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAT40-04050006 PLUNGER, SHIFT (PAT40-04050006)
66T-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 REC66T-45635-00 PIN, PISTON (REC66T-45635-00)
66T-45997-00-00 SPACER 052 REC66T-45997-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC66T-45997-00)
66T-82575-01-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 REC66T-82575-01 STOP SWITCH (REC66T-82575-01)
66T-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP RPR.KIT 710 REC66T-W0078-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT (REC66T-W0078-00)
670-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE CART. 052 REC663-44323-00 PLATE WATERPUMP (REC663-44323-00)
670-44514-00-00 MOUNT DAMPER, UPPER 052 REC670-44514-00 SILENBLOCK (REC670-44514-00)
670-45997-02-00 SPACER 052 REC670-45997-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC670-45997-00)
676-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC676-11181-01 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC676-11181-01)
676-11372-00-00 NIPPLE, HOSE 053 PAF15-04000005 SPILE WATER ASSY (PAF15-04000005)
676-14186-00-00 PIN, FLOAT 052 REC676-14186-00 PIN FLOAT (REC676-14186-00)
676-14985-01-00 FLOAT 052 REC676-14985-01 CARBURATOR FLOAT (REC676-14985-01)
676-41133-A1-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 REC676-41133-A0 GASKET EXHAUST (REC676-41133-A0)
676-43160-02-00 TILT ROD ASSY 052 REC676-43160-02 TILT ROD (REC676-43160-02)
676-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC676-44311-00 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC676-44311-00)
676-44315-A1-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 053 REC676-44315-00 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC676-44315-00)
676-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC676-44322-00 CARTRIDGE INSERT (REC676-44322-00)
676-44324-A1-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 053 REC676-44324-A0 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC676-44324-A0)
676-44361-00-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC676-44361-00 WATER TUBE (S) (REC676-44361-00)
676-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC676-44361-10 WATER TUBE (L) (REC676-44361-10)
676-44518-00-00 BRACKET COMP.1 052 REC676-44518-00 BRACKET COMP (REC676-44518-00)
676-45114-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC676-45114-A1 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC676-45114-A1)
676-45127-00-00 SEAL 052 REC676-45127-00 RUBBER EXHAUST GASKET (REC676-45127-00)
676-45251-00-00 ANODE 053 REC676-45251-00 ANODE YAM-MERCURY-SUZUKI ZINC (REC676-45251-00)
676-45314-00-00 SEAL, LOWER CASING 001 > REC676-45314-00 GASKET (REC676-45314-00)
676-45533-00-00 SHIM 001 > REC676-45533-00 SLEVE (REC676-45533-00)
676-45616-A0-00 NUT, PROPELLER 052 REC676-45616-01 PROPELLER NUT (REC676-45616-01)
676-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 REC676-45635-00 PIVOT (REC676-45635-00)
676-81970-02-00 RECTIFIER ASSY 720 REC6G1-81970-62 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER (REC6G1-81970-62)
677-11181-A1-00 GASKET, HEAP 052 REC677-11181-A0 GASKET (REC677-11181-A0)
677-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6E5-12411-02 THERMOSTAT (REC6E5-12411-02)
677-14198-A1-00 GASKET 052 REC677-14198-A1 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC677-14198-A1)
677-14227-01-00 GASKET 052 REC677-14227-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC677-14227-00)
677-14343-68-00 JET, MAIN #138 052 REC677-14343-68 JET MAIN (REC677-14343-68)
677-14384-01-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR 052 REC677-14384-01 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC677-14384-01)
677-24411-02-00 DIAPHRAGM, PUMP 052 REC677-24411-02 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC677-24411-02)
677-24434-02-00 GASKET, BODY 052 REC677-24434-02 GASKET (REC677-24434-02)
677-24435-01-00 GASKET, BODY 2 052 REC677-24435-01 GASKET PUMP (REC677-24435-01)
677-24471-01-00 DIAPHRGM 052 REC677-24471-01 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC677-24471-01)
677-26301-02-00 CABLE, TILLER 052 REC677-26301-02 THROTTLE CABLE (REC677-26301-02)
677-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6G8-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6G8-11325-00)
677-W0093-04-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC677-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC677-W0093-00)
679-14923-00-00 SCREW, PILOT 052 REC679-14923-00 AIR BOLT (REC679-14923-00)
679-14923-01-00 SCREW, PILOT 720 REC679-14923-00 AIR BOLT (REC679-14923-00)
679-14966-00-00 RUBBER CAP 052 REC676-14966-00 RUBBER (REC676-14966-00)
679-44150-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY. 052 REC679-44150-00 SHAFT SELECTOR (S) (REC679-44150-00)
679-44150-10-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 REC679-44150-10 SHAFT SELECTOR (L) (REC679-44150-10)
679-44152-00-00 BUSHING, SHIFT CAM 052 REC679-44152-00 HUBE GEAR LEVE (REC679-44152-00)
679-44316-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC679-44316-A0 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC679-44316-A0)
679-44341-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC679-44341-00 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC679-44341-00)
679-45315-A1-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 REC679-45315-A1 BAFFLE GASKET (REC679-45315-A1)
679-45318-00-00 BUSHING, DRIVE SHAFT 052 PAT40-02000004 SHEATH, RUBBER (PAT40-02000004)
679-45321-02-00 PLATE 052 REC679-45321-02 PLASTIC BAFFLE (REC679-45321-02)
679-45331-00-00 HOUSING BEARING 052 > REC679-45331-00 BEARING (REC679-45331-00)
679-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC679-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT (REC679-45501-10)
679-45536-00-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 REC679-45536-00 BUSHING NYLON (REC679-45536-00)
679-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC679-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC679-45560-00)
679-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC679-45571-00 PINION, REVERSE (26T) (REC679-45571-00)
679-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC679-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC679-45611-00)
679-W0078-A1-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC679-W0078-A1 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT (REC679-W0078-A1)
679-W0078-A1-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6F5-W0078-A0 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6F5-W0078-A0)
67C-11181-01-00 GASKET, CYLINDER H 052 REC67C-11181-01 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (REC67C-11181-01)
67C-11351-01-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC67C-11351-00 TIMING COVER GASKET (REC67C-11351-00)
67C-11537-01-00 GEAR, DRIVEN 052 PAF40-05040006 DRIVEN PULLEY (PAF40-05040006)
67C-11603-00-00 PISTON RING SET (S 052 REC67C-11603-00 PISTON RING SET (REC67C-11603-00)
67C-11603-01-00 PISTON RING SET (S NA 053 NLA REC67C-11603-00 PISTON RING SET (REC67C-11603-00)
67C-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF25-05050001 VALVE, INTAKE (PAF25-05050001)
67C-15312-00-00 GASKET, OIL PAN 052 PAF25-02010007 GASKET, UPPER CASING (PAF25-02010007)
67C-43880-10-00 MOTOR ASSY 052 PAT40-10020500 TRIM MOTOR (PAT40-10020500)
67C-45123-00-00 GASKET, MUFFLER 052 PAF40-02000007 RBR JACKET A, OUTLET MANIFOLD (PAF40-02000007)
67C-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 PAT40-00000009 ANODO (PAT40-00000009)
67C-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC67C-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC67C-45251-00)
67C-45371-00-00 TAB-TRIM 052 REC67C-45371-00 ZINC ANODE (REC67C-45371-00)
67C-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC67C-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT L (REC67C-45501-10)
67C-45633-01-00 RING, CROSS PIN 720 PAT40-04050005 ANNULAR SPRING, CLUTCH (PAT40-04050005)
67D-11169-A0-00 GASKET, BREATHER C 052 PAF4-04000009 BREATHER GASKET (PAF4-04000009)
67D-11181-A0-00 GASKET, CYLINDER H 052 PAF4-04000014 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF4-04000014)
67D-11191-00-00 COVER, CYLINDER HE 052 PAF4-04000018 COVER, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF4-04000018)
67D-11400-00-00 CRANKSHAFT ASSY 052 PAF4-04030000 CRANK ASSY (PAF4-04030000)
67D-11650-00-00 CONNECTING ROD ASS 052 PAF4-04020100 ROD, CONNECTING (PAF4-04020100)
67D-12154-00-00 ROD, VALVE PUSH 052 PAF4-04000015 ROD, VALVE PUSH (PAF4-04000015)
67D-12413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 > PAF4-04070001 COVER, THERMOSTAT (PAF4-04070001)
67D-12414-A0-00 GASKET, COVER 052 PAF4-04000011 GASKET THEMOSTAT COVER (PAF4-04000011)
67D-13645-A0-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF4-04000022 GASKET, INNER PIPE (PAF4-04000022)
67D-13646-A0-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 2 052 PAF4-04000024 GASKET, CARBURETOR AIRPROOF (PAF4-04000024)
67D-15705-00-00 SPRING, DRIVE PAWL 052 PAF4-04130007 SPRING PLATE (PAF4-04130007)
67D-15710-02-00 STARTER ASSY 052 PAF4-04130000 STARTER ASSY (PAF4-04130000)
67D-15711-00-00 CASE, STARTER 052 PAF4-04130001 CASE, STARTER (PAF4-04130001)
67D-15713-00-00 SPRING, STARTER 052 PAF4-04130005 SPRING, VOLUTE (PAF4-04130005)
67D-15714-00-00 DRUM, SHEAVE 052 PAF4-04130019 DRULL, SHEAVE (PAF4-04130019)
67D-15723-00-00 PULLEY, STARTER 052 PAF4-04000020 PULLEY, STANTER (PAF4-04000020)
67D-15734-00-00 SPRING, RETURN 052 PAF4-04130010 WREST SPRING, DETENT (PAF4-04130010)
67D-15735-00-00 GUIDE, CAM 052 PAF4-04130006 PLATE, PRELL (PAF4-04130006)
67D-15739-00-00 WASHER, THRUST 052 PAF4-04130014 WASHER, THRUST (PAF4-04130014)
67D-15741-00-00 PAWL, DRIVE 052 PAF4-04130003 PAWL, DRIVE (PAF4-04130003)
67D-15767-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF4-04130004 SPRING, DRIVE (PAF4-04130004)
67D-15770-00-00 CABLE COMP., START 052 PAF4-02000013 TIGHTWIRE ASSY, DETENT (PAF4-02000013)
67D-15772-00-00 STAY 2 052 PAF4-04000005 FIXED PLATE, TIGHTWIRE (PAF4-04000005)
67D-15793-00-00 SCREW 052 PAF4-04130008 SCREW, STARTER (PAF4-04130008)
67D-15794-00-00 STOPPER 052 PAF4-04130009 DETENT (PAF4-04130009)
67D-24410-03-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF4-04090000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF4-04090000)
67D-24411-01-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF4-04090100 DIAPHRAGM ASSY (PAF4-04090100)
67D-24413-02-00 BODY 2 052 PAF4-04090100A SHELL FUEL PUMP (PAF4-04090100A)
67D-24414-01-00 BODY 3 052 PAF4-04090003 COVER, FUEL PUMP (PAF4-04090003)
67D-24423-00-00 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM 052 PAF4-04090008 SPRING, DIAPHRAGM (PAF4-04090008)
67D-24454-00-00 SPRING 052 PAF4-04090007 SPRING, PLUNGER (PAF4-04090007)
67D-42119-01-00 GRIP, STEERING HANDL 052 PAF4-01090300 STEERING HANDLE ASSY (PAF4-01090300)
67D-42129-00-00 BUSHING, RUBBER 052 PAF4-05000014 HANDLE DAMPER ASSY (PAF4-05000014)
67D-44143-01-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF4-02000004 ROD SHIFT (PAF4-02000004)
67D-44366-00-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 052 PAF4-03000021 RUBBER TUBE, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000021)
67D-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASI 052 PAF4-00000006 GASKET, ENGINE (PAF4-00000006)
67D-45560-00-00 GEAR 052 PAF4-03010000 POSITIVE GEAR ASSY (PAF4-03010000)
67D-45560-00-00 GEAR 052 PAF4-03030003 SPRING, CLUTCH BLOCK (PAF4-03030003)
67D-45570-00-00 GEAR 2 (27T) 052 PAF4-03040000 REVERSE GEAR ASSY (PAF4-03040000)
67D-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF4-03030002 CLUTCH BLOCK (PAF4-03030002)
67D-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAF4-03000008 PLUGER, SHIFT (PAF4-03000008)
67D-82575-00-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH 052 PAF4-01090400 ENGINE STOP SWITCH ASSY (PAF4-01090400)
67D-85640-00-00 T.C.I. UNIT ASSY 052 PAF4-04000038 IGNITION WINDING ASSY (PAF4-04000038)
67D-85650-00-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF4-04100000 FLY WHEEL (PAF4-04100000)
67D-W0093-00-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR 052 REC67D-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC67D-W0093-00)
67F-11181-03-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC67F-11181-03 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET (REC67F-11181-03)
67F-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC67F-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC67F-11325-00)
67F-11325-01-00 ANODE 049 REC67F-11325-01 ZINC ANODE (REC67F-11325-01)
67F-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 60C 052 REC60V-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC60V-12411-00)
67F-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 60C 052 REC67F-12411-01 THERMOSTAT (REC67F-12411-01)
67F-14371-01-00 ELEMENT, FILTER 052 REC67F-14371-01 FILTER ELEMENT (REC67F-14371-01)
67F-24251-02-00 STRAINER 1 052 REC40165 FUEL FILTER (REC40165)
67F-43802-01-00 VALVE SUB ASSY 720 PAT85-06010503 VALVE SUB ASSY (PAT85-06010503)
67F-44322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC67F-44322-00 PUMP CUP (REC67F-44322-00)
67F-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC67F-44323-00 WEAR PLATE (REC67F-44323-00)
67F-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC67F-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC67F-44352-00)
67F-45113-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC67F-45113-00 UPPER CASING GASKET (REC67F-45113-00)
67F-45123-00-00 GASKET, MUFFLER 052 REC67F-45123-00 GASKET MUFFLER (REC67F-45123-00)
67F-45371-00-00 TAB-TRIM 052 REC67F-45371-00 ZINC ANODE (REC67F-45371-00)
67F-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC67F-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT L (REC67F-45501-10)
67F-45576-00-00 WASHER, THRUST 052 REC67F-45576-00 WASHER, THRUST (REC67F-45576-00)
67F-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC67F-45611-01 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC67F-45611-01)
67F-45997-00-00 SPACER 052 REC67F-45997-00 SPACER (REC67F-45997-00)
67F-46241-00-00 BELT 052 REC67F-46241-00 BELT (REC67F-46241-00)
67F-81960-12-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATO 052 REC67F-81960-12 RECTIFIER (REC67F-81960-12)
67F-85570-00-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 REC67F-85570-00 IGNITION COIL (REC67F-85570-00)
67F-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC67F-W0078-00 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC67F-W0078-00)
67F-W0093-00-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 052 REC67F-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC67F-W0093-00)
67H-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC67H-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC67H-13907-00)
67H-13907-00-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC6AW-14984-00 O-RING (REC6AW-14984-00)
67H-43880-10-00 MOTOR ASSY 052 REC841161 FUEL PUMP (REC841161)
680-85570-09-00 IGN COIL ASY 053 REC6E7-85570-19 IGNITION COIL (REC6E7-85570-19)
682-11351-A0-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC682-11351-A0 GASKET (REC682-11351-A0)
682-11412-01-00 ->63V-11412-00-00 052 S REC63V-11412-00 CRANKSHAFT 1.PART (REC63V-11412-00)
682-11442-03-00 CRANK 4 720 REC682-11442-00 CRANKSHAFT (REC682-11442-00)
682-11610-01-00 PISTON RINGSET STD 052 REC682-11610-01 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC682-11610-01)
682-11610-01-00 PISTON RINGSET STD 052 REC689-11610-00 PISTON RING (REC689-11610-00)
682-11610-11-00 PISTON RING SET (0 052 REC682-11610-11 RING SET 0, 25MM (REC682-11610-11)
682-11610-21-00 PISTON RING SET 052 REC682-11610-21 PISTON RING KIT 0, 50MM (REC682-11610-21)
682-11681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 052 REC682-11681-00 PIN, PISTON (REC682-11681-00)
682-12414-A1-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC682-12414-A1 GASKET (REC682-12414-A1)
682-13621-A0-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC682-13621-00 GASKET ADMISSION (REC682-13621-00)
682-41112-A1-00 GASKET, EXH INR CVR 052 REC682-41112-00 GASKET EXHAUST INNER (REC682-41112-00)
682-41112-A1-00 GASKET, EXH INR CVR 052 REC682-41114-00 GASKET EXHAUST INNER (REC682-41114-00)
682-41133-A0-00 GASKET, EXH MANI. 1 052 REC682-41133-A0 EXHAUST GASKET (REC682-41133-A0)
682-41237-00-00 JOINT, LINK 2 003 REC682-41237-00 YAMAHA CONNECTOR (REC682-41237-00)
682-41237-50-00 JOINT, LINK 2 052 REC682-41237-50 YAMAHA CONNECTOR (REC682-41237-50)
682-42727-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF15-05000033 JACKET, LEVER (PAF15-05000033)
682-44147-00-00 BOOT, SHIFT ROD 052 REC682-44147-00 BOT SHIFT ROD (REC682-44147-00)
682-44176-00-00 BRACKET 052 REC682-44176-00 BRACKET PLASTIC (REC682-44176-00)
682-44312-00-00 COVER, WTR.PUMP HSG 052 REC682-44312-00 COVER PLASTIC (REC682-44312-00)
682-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC682-44315-00 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC682-44315-00)
682-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC682-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC682-44322-00)
682-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC682-44323-40 CAP (REC682-44323-40)
682-44328-00-00 PLATE 052 REC682-44328-00 FIXED PLATE WATER PUMP (REC682-44328-00)
682-44352-03-00 IMPELLER 052 REC682-44352-01 IMPELLER (REC682-44352-01)
682-44361-01-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC682-44361-01 WATER TUBE "S" (REC682-44361-01)
682-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC682-44361-10 WATER TUBE "L" (REC682-44361-10)
682-44365-01-00 WATER SEAL 000 REC682-44365-00 WATER SEAL DAMPER (REC682-44365-00)
682-44366-00-00 WATER SEAL 052 REC682-44366-00 DAMPER WATER SEAL (REC682-44366-00)
682-44555-00-00 MT.RUBBER LWR.SIDE 052 PAF20-00000003 DAMPER BLOCK "B" (PAF20-00000003)
682-44555-30-00 MOUNT DAMPER, LOWE 052 PAF15-00000002 MOUNT DAMPER, LEFT AND RIGHT (PAF15-00000002)
682-45113-A3-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC682-45113-A0 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC682-45113-A0)
682-45376-01-00 GUIDE, RUB.SEAL 052 REC682-45376-01 WATER INVELOP (REC682-45376-01)
682-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF15-06070003 CLUTCH, DOG (PAF15-06070003)
682-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF20-04050002E CLUTCH, DOG (PAF20-04050002E)
682-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC682-45631-00 CLUTCH DOG (REC682-45631-00)
682-82556-00-00 EMERG.STOP LANYARD 052 PAF4-01090401 STOPER HANG ROPE ASSY (PAF4-01090401)
683-44362-01-00 TUB, WATER 052 REC683-44362-01 TEATER TUBE "B" (REC683-44362-01)
683-44365-01-00 WATER SEAL 052 REC683-44365-01 SEAL WATER TUBE (REC683-44365-01)
683-44365-02-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 1 720 REC683-44365-01 SEAL WATER TUBE (REC683-44365-01)
683-44373-00-00 SET PLATE, WT.TUBE 052 REC683-44373-00 PLATE WATER TUBE (REC683-44373-00)
683-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 REC683-45315-A0 GASKET (REC683-45315-A0)
683-45361-02-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF15-06080000 COVER ASSY, LOWER CASING (PAF15-06080000)
683-45361-02-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF20-04060000E COVER ASSY, LOWER CASING (PAF20-04060000E)
683-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC683-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC683-45611-00)
683-45943-00-00 PROPELLER (3X9-1/4\"X 052 PAF15-06090000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF15-06090000)
683-W0001-C1-00 GASKET KIT LWR UNT 052 REC683-W0001-21 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC683-W0001-21)
688-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC688-11181-A1 GASKET (REC688-11181-A1)
688-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC688-11193-A1 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC688-11193-A1)
688-11370-01-00 CHECK VALVE ASSY 052 REC688-11370-00 CHECK VALVE ASSY (REC688-11370-00)
688-11411-01-00 CRANKSHAFT 052 REC688-11411-00 CRANKSHAFT (REC688-11411-00)
688-11603-A0-00 RING SET (STD) 052 REC688-11603-A0 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC688-11603-A0)
688-11605-A0-00 RING SET (2ND O/S) 052 REC688-11605-A0 PISTON RING 0, 50 MM (REC688-11605-A0)
688-11610-02-00 PISTON RINGSET STD 052 REC688-11610-02 PISTON RING (REC688-11610-02)
688-11634-00-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 053 REC663-11634-00 CLIP (REC663-11634-00)
688-11634-00-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 053 REC688-11634-00 CLIP (REC688-11634-00)
688-11634-10-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 052 REC688-11634-00 CLIP (REC688-11634-00)
688-11650-03-00 CONNECTING ROD ASY 052 REC688-11650-03 CONNECTING ROD KIT (REC688-11650-03)
688-12414-A1-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC688-12414-A1 GASKET COVER (REC688-12414-A1)
688-12416-00-00 VALVE, PRESS CONT 052 REC688-12416-00 CORE, PRESSURE VALVE (REC688-12416-00)
688-13610-00-00 REED VALVE ASY 052 REC688-13610-00 VALVE SEAT ASSY, INTAKE (REC688-13610-00)
688-13621-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC688-13621-A1 GASKET ADMISSION (REC688-13621-A1)
688-14198-A2-00 GASKET 052 REC688-14198-A1 GASKET CARBURETOR BASE (REC688-14198-A1)
688-14416-01-00 GASKET, AIR CLEANER 052 REC688-14416-01 AIRFILTER GASKET (REC688-14416-01)
688-14483-A0-00 GASKET 052 REC688-14483-A0 GASKET CARBURETOR (REC688-14483-A0)
688-14548-00-00 PIN, FLOAT ARM 052 REC688-14548-00 PIN FLOAT (REC688-14548-00)
688-14947-00-00 JET, NEEDLE 052 REC688-14947-00 NOZZLE MAIN (REC688-14947-00)
688-24378-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 4 049 PAF15-05000011 THREE-WAY PIPE (PAF15-05000011)
688-41112-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.INR CVR 052 REC688-41112-A0 GASKET COVER (REC688-41112-A0)
688-41114-A0-00 GSKT, EXH.OUTER CVR 052 REC688-41114-A0 GASKET (REC688-41114-A0)
688-41134-A0-00 GSKT, EXH. MANIFOLD 052 REC688-41134-00 GASKET EXHAUST (REC688-41134-00)
688-41211-01-00 LINK, ACCEL. 052 REC688-41211-01 THROTTLE SHAFT CONNECTOR (REC688-41211-01)
688-41217-01-00 ROD, ACCEL.LEVER 052 REC688-41217-00 ROD ACCEL LEVER (REC688-41217-00)
688-43160-01-00 TILT ROD ASSY 052 REC688-43160-01 TILT ROD (REC688-43160-01)
688-44120-14-00 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT AS 052 REC688-44120-12 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT ASSY (REC688-44120-12)
688-44120-23-00 HDL.GEAR SHFT 052 REC688-44120-22 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT ASSY (REC688-44120-22)
688-44120-24-00 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT AS 720 REC688-44120-22 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT ASSY (REC688-44120-22)
688-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC688-44311-01 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC688-44311-01)
688-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC688-44315-00 GASKET (REC688-44315-00)
688-44316-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC688-44316-00 GASKET WATERPUMP (REC688-44316-00)
688-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC688-44322-00 COUPLING (REC688-44322-00)
688-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC688-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC688-44323-00)
688-44323-40-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC688-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC688-44323-00)
688-44324-A0-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC688-44324-00 GASKET (REC688-44324-00)
688-44352-03-00 IMPELLER 052 REC688-44352-03 IMPELLER (REC688-44352-03)
688-44361-10-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC688-44361-10 WATER TUBE (L) (REC688-44361-10)
688-44514-00-00 MOUNT DAMPER, UPPER 052 REC688-44514-00 SILENBLOCK (REC688-44514-00)
688-44555-00-00 MOUNT DAMPER, LOWER 052 REC688-44555-00 SILENBLOCK (REC688-44555-00)
688-45113-A0-00 GSKT, UPPER CASING 052 REC688-45113-A0 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC688-45113-A0)
688-45114-A1-00 GSKT, UPPER CASING 052 REC688-45114-A1 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC688-45114-A1)
688-45123-00-00 GASKET, MUFFLER 052 REC688-45123-00 EXHAUST GASKET (REC688-45123-00)
688-45214-02-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 REC688-45214-02 COVER WATER INLET (REC688-45214-02)
688-45215-02-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 REC688-45215-02 WATER SCREEN (REC688-45215-02)
688-45251-01-00 ANODE 052 REC688-45251-01 ZINC ANODE (REC688-45251-01)
688-45341-10-00 PLUG, DRAIN 049 REC688-45341-00 PLUG DRAIN (REC688-45341-00)
688-45375-00-00 SEAL, RUBBER 049 REC688-45375-00 DAMPER WASHER (REC688-45375-00)
688-45383-02-00 WASHER, CLAW 052 REC688-45383-01 WASHER (REC688-45383-01)
688-45384-02-00 NUT 052 REC688-45384-00 NUT (REC688-45384-00)
688-45501-11-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC688-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT (REC688-45501-10)
688-45501-11-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC688-45501-11 SHAFT (REC688-45501-11)
688-45536-01-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 REC688-45536-01 LUBE SLEEVE (REC688-45536-01)
688-45551-01-00 PINION 052 REC688-45551-00 GEAR (REC688-45551-00)
688-45551-01-00 PINION 052 REC688-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC688-45560-00)
688-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC688-45551-00 GEAR (REC688-45551-00)
688-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC688-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC688-45560-00)
688-45571-01-00 GEAR 2 052 REC688-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC688-45570-00)
688-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC688-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC688-45611-00)
688-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC688-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC688-45631-00)
688-45633-00-00 RING, CROSS PIN 052 REC688-45633-00 O-RING (REC688-45633-00)
688-45634-00-00 SLIDE, SHAFT 052 REC688-45634-00 PUSH ROD (REC688-45634-00)
688-45635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 REC688-45635-00 PISTON (REC688-45635-00)
688-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 REC688-45987-00 SEPERATOR (REC688-45987-00)
688-45997-01-00 SPACER 2 049 REC688-45997-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC688-45997-00)
688-81960-61-00 RECTIFIER/REG ASSY 052 > REC6G5-81960-A0 YAMAHA REGULATOR/RECTIFIER (REC6G5-81960-A0)
688-82560-10-00 THERMO SWITCH ASSY 052 REC688-82560-10 TEMPERATURE SENSOR (REC688-82560-10)
688-82575-02-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 REC688-82575-01 CUT OFF SWITCHES (REC688-82575-01)
688-82586-21-00 WIRE HARNESS, MAIN 052 PAF15-13000100W CONTROL CABLE ASSY (PAF15-13000100W)
688-8258A-10-00 10PIN/EXT HARN 6FT 052 REC688-8258A ARNES EXTENTION 2 M 10 PINS (REC688-8258A)
688-8258A-20-00 WIRE HARNESS(10P5M 052 PAT85-08010100 CONTROL CABLE (PAT85-08010100)
688-8258A-30-00 10P/EXT HARN 10FT 052 REC688-8258A-30 ARNES EXTENTION 3 M. 10 PINS (REC688-8258A-30)
688-85510-01-00 STATOR ASSY 052 REC688-85510-01 STATOR (REC688-85510-01)
688-85540-00-00 CDI UNIT ASY 052 REC688-85540-00 CDI (REC688-85540-00)
688-85540-15-00 CDI UNIT ASSY 052 REC688-85540-16 POWER PACK (REC688-85540-16)
688-85540-16-00 CDI UNIT ASY 052 REC688-85540-16 POWER PACK (REC688-85540-16)
688-W0001-02-00 GASKET KIT, PWR/HD. 052 REC688-W0001-A0 GASKET POWER HEAD SET (REC688-W0001-A0)
688-W0001-23-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 720 REC688-W0001-22 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC688-W0001-22)
688-W0001-A0-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC688-W0001-A0 GASKET POWER HEAD SET (REC688-W0001-A0)
688-W0001-C0-00 LWR UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC688-W0001-20 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC688-W0001-20)
688-W0001-C0-00 LWR UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC688-W0001-22 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC688-W0001-22)
689-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC689-11181-00 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC689-11181-00)
689-11610-01-00 PISTON RING SETSTD 052 REC689-11610-00 PISTON RING (REC689-11610-00)
689-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 002 REC689-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC689-11633-00)
689-11651-00-00 ROD, CONNECTING 002 REC689-11651-00 CONNECTING ROD (REC689-11651-00)
689-11681-01-00 PIN, CRANK 1 052 REC689-11681-00 PIN, PISTON (REC689-11681-00)
689-15755-02-00 HANDLE, STARTER 052 PAF25-05160501 HANDLE, STARTER (PAF25-05160501)
689-15755-02-00 HANDLE, STARTER 052 REC689-15755-00 RUBBER, HANDLE (REC689-15755-00)
689-41112-A0-00 GSKT, EXH INNR CVR 002 REC689-41112-A0 GASKET COVER (REC689-41112-A0)
689-41114-A0-00 GSKT, EXH OUTR CVR 002 REC689-41114-A0 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC689-41114-A0)
689-41273-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF15-05010001 BUSH (PAF15-05010001)
689-43373-02-00 SEAL, DAMPER 720 PAF15-01010303 SEAL, LOCK BOLT (PAF15-01010303)
689-44311-03-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC689-44311-00 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC689-44311-00)
689-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC689-44315-A0 PUMP GASKET (REC689-44315-A0)
689-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC689-44324-A0 PUMP GASKET (REC689-44324-A0)
689-44316-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC689-44316-A0 PUMP GASKET (REC689-44316-A0)
689-44323-02-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC689-44323-00 METAL SHAPE (REC689-44323-00)
689-44323-03-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC689-44323-00 METAL SHAPE (REC689-44323-00)
689-44324-A0-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC689-44315-A0 PUMP GASKET (REC689-44315-A0)
689-44324-A0-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC689-44324-A0 PUMP GASKET (REC689-44324-A0)
689-44352-02-00 IMPELLER 052 REC689-44352-02 IMPELLER (REC689-44352-02)
689-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC689-44366-00 SEAL (REC689-44366-00)
689-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC689-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT (REC689-45501-10)
689-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC689-45551-00 GEAR (REC689-45551-00)
689-45560-10-00 GEAR 052 REC689-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC689-45560-00)
689-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 > REC689-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC689-45611-00)
689-45997-00-00 SPACER 052 REC689-45997-00 DISTANCE WASHER (REC689-45997-00)
689-W0001-C1-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC689-W0001-C2 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC689-W0001-C2)
689-W0001-C2-00 LUR UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC689-W0001-C2 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC689-W0001-C2)
689-W0078-A4-00 WTR PMP REP KIT 052 REC689-W0078-A6 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC689-W0078-A6)
689-W0078-A6-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC689-W0078-A6 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC689-W0078-A6)
689-W0093-02-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC689-W0093-02 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC689-W0093-02)
689-W4432-02-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC689-W4432-01 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC689-W4432-01)
68D-11351-A0-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 PAF4-04000002 CRANA CASE COMPLEX GASKET (PAF4-04000002)
68D-24610-11-00 CAP ASSY 720 PAF4-04120100 TANK COVER ASSY (PAF4-04120100)
68D-E1111-10-1S HEAD, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF4-04080101 CYLINDER, HEAD (PAF4-04080101)
68D-E1168-00-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF4-04000010 COVER (PAF4-04000010)
68D-E1169-A0-00 GASKET, BREATHER C 052 PAF4-04000009 BREATHER GASKET (PAF4-04000009)
68D-E1193-A0-00 GASKET, HEAD COVER 052 PAF4-04000017 GASKET, CYLINDER COVER (PAF4-04000017)
68D-E1311-02-1S CYLINDER 1 052 PAF4-04010100 CRANK CASE (PAF4-04010100)
68D-E1603-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC68D-E1603-00 PISTON RING KIT (REC68D-E1603-00)
68D-E1631-00-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF4-04020001 PISTON (PAF4-04020001)
68D-E1631-00-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF4-04020200 PISTON ASSY. (PAF4-04020200)
68D-E1633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 PAF4-04020005 PIN, PISTON (PAF4-04020005)
68D-E2155-00-00 GUIDE, PUSH ROD 052 PAF4-04080009 PLATE, PUSH ROD (PAF4-04080009)
68D-E2170-00-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 052 PAF4-04040000 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF4-04040000)
68D-E3102-00-00 GEAR UNIT ASSY 052 PAF4-04050100 GEAR UNIT ASSY. (PAF4-04050100)
68D-E3641-00-94 MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF4-04000023 MANIFOLD, INTAKE (PAF4-04000023)
68D-E3647-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 3 052 PAF4-04000025 GASKET, CARBURETOR (PAF4-04000025)
68D-E4440-00-00 SILENCER ASSY, INT 052 PAF4-04110000 SILENCER ASSY, INTAKE (PAF4-04110000)
68D-E5111-00-1S CRANKCASE 1 052 PAF4-04050200 COVER, CRANK CASE (PAF4-04050200)
68D-F4311-00-00 PIPE, FUEL 1 052 PAF4-05000005 PIPE FUEL A (PAF4-05000005)
68D-F6301-10-00 THROTTLE CABLE ASS 052 PAF4-01090008 THROTTLE CABLE ASSY (PAF4-01090008)
68D-F6330-01-00 STARTER CABLE ASSY 052 PAF4-05000400 CHOKE HANDLE ASSY (PAF4-05000400)
68D-G2131-01-00 COVER, HANDLE STEERI 052 PAF4-01000014 COVER, HANDLE STEERING (PAF4-01000014)
68D-G2171-00-00 BUSHING 052 PAF4-01000009 BUSH A HANDLE (PAF4-01000009)
68D-G2172-00-00 BUSHING 2 052 PAF4-01000008 BUSH B HANDLE (PAF4-01000008)
68D-G2181-00-00 WASHER 052 PAF4-01000010 WASHER B BUSH (PAF4-01000010)
68D-G2182-00-00 WASHER 2 052 PAF4-01000011 WASHER A BUSH (PAF4-01000011)
68D-G2538-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHA 052 PAF4-02000009 BOTTOM ABSORBTION ASSY (PAF4-02000009)
68D-G4121-00-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF4-02000006 LEVER, SHIFT ROD (PAF4-02000006)
68D-G4122-01-00 BUSHING, SHIFT ROD L 052 PAF4-02000002 BUSHING, SHIFT ROD LEVER (PAF4-02000002)
68D-G4145-00-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT R 052 PAF4-00000003 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD A (PAF4-00000003)
68D-G4146-00-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT R 052 PAF4-00000004 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD B (PAF4-00000004)
68D-G4311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF4-03000019 HOUSING, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000019)
68D-G4360-00-00 ->67D-44360-00-00 052 S PAF4-02040001S WATER TUBU ASSY (PAF4-02040001S)
68D-G4360-10-00 ->67D-44360-10-00 052 S PAF4-02040001 WATER TUBU ASSY (PAF4-02040001)
68D-G5211-00-4D EXTENSION 052 PAF4-02030001 EXTENSION (PAF4-02030001)
68D-G5300-13-4D LOWER UNIT ASSY 052 PAF4-03000001 LOWER CASING (PAF4-03000001)
68F-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER H 052 REC68F-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC68F-11181-00)
68F-13907-01-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC68F-13907-01 FUEL PUMP (REC68F-13907-01)
68F-13915-00-00 FILTER 052 REC68F-13915-00 FUEL FILTER (REC68F-13915-00)
68F-24563-00-00 ELEMENT, FUEL FILTER 052 REC68F-24563-00 OIL FILTERE (REC68F-24563-00)
68F-24563-01-00 ELEMENT, FILTER 710 REC68F-24563-00 OIL FILTERE (REC68F-24563-00)
68F-24563-10-00 ELEMENT, FUEL FILTER 052 REC68F-24563-10 ELEMENT FUEL FILTER 10 MICRON (REC68F-24563-10)
68F-8195A-00-00 RELAY ASY 049 REC68F-8195A-00 RELAIS (REC68F-8195A-00)
68F-83688-00-00 SENSOR ASSY 052 REC68F-83688-00 YAMAHA SENSOR MAP (REC68F-83688-00)
68F-83688-10-00 SENSOR ASSY 052 REC68F-83688-10 MAP SENSOR (REC68F-83688-10)
68T-11325-00-00 ANODE 049 REC68T-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC68T-11325-00)
68T-12116-00-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING 052 PAF4-04080007 SEAT, VALVE SPRING (PAF4-04080007)
68T-15716-00-00 PLATE, DRIVE 052 PAF20-05070004 PLATE, DRIVE (PAF20-05070004)
68T-24251-01-00 STRAINER 1 052 REC68T-24251-00 FUEL FILTER (REC68T-24251-00)
68T-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 PAF20-04000004E WASHER (PAF20-04000004E)
68T-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC68T-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC68T-44323-00)
68T-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC68T-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC68T-44352-00)
68T-44366-00-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 052 REC68T-44366-00 WATER SEAL DAMPER (REC68T-44366-00)
68T-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC68T-44366-00 WATER SEAL DAMPER (REC68T-44366-00)
68T-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC68T-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC68T-45251-00)
68T-45321-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF20-02000004 PLATE (PAF20-02000004)
68T-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC68T-45551-00 GEAR (REC68T-45551-00)
68T-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6N0-G5551-00 GEAR (REC6N0-G5551-00)
68T-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC68T-46241-00 BELT (REC68T-46241-00)
68T-85540-00-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 052 REC68T-85540-00 CDI (REC68T-85540-00)
68T-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC68T-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC68T-W0078-00)
68T-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 710 REC68T-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC68T-W0078-00)
68V-11325-01-00 ANODE 052 REC68V-11325-01 ANODE YAMAHA ZINC (REC68V-11325-01)
68V-11325-02-00 ANODE 002 REC68V-11325-02 ZINC ANODE (REC68V-11325-02)
68V-11351-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC68V-11351-00 BASE GASKET (REC68V-11351-00)
68V-13761-10-00 INJECTOR 052 REC68V-8A360-00 INJECTOR (REC68V-8A360-00)
68V-13907-05-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC15200-96J00 FUEL PUMP (REC15200-96J00)
68V-13907-05-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC63P-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC63P-13907-03)
68V-13907-05-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC68V-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC68V-13907-00)
68V-13907-06-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC15200-96J00 FUEL PUMP (REC15200-96J00)
68V-13907-06-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC63P-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC63P-13907-03)
68V-13907-06-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC68V-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC68V-13907-00)
68V-13915-00-00 FILTER 052 REC68V-13915-00 VST FILTER (REC68V-13915-00)
68V-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC68V-14984-00 O-RING (REC68V-14984-00)
68V-15312-00-00 GASKET, OIL PAN 052 REC68V-15312-00 GASKET OIL PAN (REC68V-15312-00)
68V-24410-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 REC68V-24410-00 FUEL PUMP (REC68V-24410-00)
68V-24469-01-00 FLOAT, WATER LEVEL 052 PAT85-05000302 FLOATER (PAT85-05000302)
68V-24521-01-00 CUP, FILTER 052 PAT85-05000301 CUP, FILTER (PAT85-05000301)
68V-24563-00-00 ELEMENT, FILTER 052 REC68V-24563-00 FUEL FILTER (REC68V-24563-00)
68V-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC68V-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT (REC68V-45501-10)
68V-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 002 REC68V-81950-00 RELAY ASSY (REC68V-81950-00)
68V-81960-10-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATO 052 REC68V-81960-10 REGULATOR RECTIFIER (REC68V-81960-10)
68V-82380-00-00 SENSOR, PRESSURE 052 REC68V-82380-00 SENSOR MAP (REC68V-82380-00)
68V-85885-00-00 THROTTLE SENSOR ASSY 052 REC68V-85885-00 SENSOR (REC68V-85885-00)
68V-8A360-00-00 INJECTOR UNIT 052 REC68V-8A360-00 INJECTOR (REC68V-8A360-00)
68V-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC68V-W0078-00 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC68V-W0078-00)
692-14590-01-00 VALVE SEAT 052 REC692-14590-01 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC692-14590-01)
692-14590-02-00 NEEDLE VALVE ASSY 720 REC692-14590-01 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC692-14590-01)
692-14923-00-00 SCREW, PILOT 052 REC692-14923-00 AIR BOLT (REC692-14923-00)
692-24410-01-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 710 REC692-24410-00 FUEL PUMP (REC692-24410-00)
692-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 REC692-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC692-24411-00)
692-26301-03-00 THROTTLE CABLE ASY 052 REC692-26301-03 THROTTLE CABLE (REC692-26301-03)
692-41256-01-00 ROD, CHOKE 1 052 REC692-41256-00 CHOCKE ANDLE (REC692-41256-00)
692-44120-23-00 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT AS 052 REC692-44120-22 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT ASSY (REC692-44120-22)
692-44120-24-00 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT AS 720 REC692-44120-22 HANDLE GEAR SHIFT ASSY (REC692-44120-22)
692-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP RPR.KIT 052 REC688-44311-01 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC688-44311-01)
692-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP RPR.KIT 052 REC692-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC692-W0078-02)
692-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC688-44311-01 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC688-44311-01)
692-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC692-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC692-W0078-02)
695-11181-A1-00 GASKET, CYL.HEAD 052 REC695-11181-00 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC695-11181-00)
695-85540-12-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 052 REC695-85540-11 POWER PACK (REC695-85540-11)
695-W0001-A2-00 GASKET, KIT 052 REC695-W0001-A2 POWERHEAD GASKET KIT (REC695-W0001-A2)
696-14590-01-00 VALVE SEAT ASY 052 REC696-14590-01 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC696-14590-01)
696-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASNG 052 REC696-45113-00 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC696-45113-00)
696-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 052 REC663-W0078-01 WATER PUMP KIT (REC663-W0078-01)
696-W0093-02-00 CARB. REPAIR KIT 052 REC696-W0093-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC696-W0093-00)
697-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC697-11181-A1 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC697-11181-A1)
697-15789-00-00 DAMPER 052 PAF25-05160021 DAMPING (PAF25-05160021)
697-15789-01-00 DAMPER 720 PAF25-05160021 DAMPING (PAF25-05160021)
697-45114-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CSNG 052 REC697-45114-00 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC697-45114-00)
697-45384-02-00 NUT 052 REC697-45384-00 NUT (REC697-45384-00)
697-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC697-45551-00 GEAR (REC697-45551-00)
697-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC697-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC697-45560-00)
697-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC697-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC697-45570-00)
697-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC697-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC697-45611-00)
697-85570-00-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC697-85570-00 IGNITON COIL (REC697-85570-00)
697-85570-11-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC697-85570-00 IGNITON COIL (REC697-85570-00)
697-85570-11-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC697-85570-10 IGNITION COIL (REC697-85570-10)
697-W0001-02-00 GASKET KIT, PWR/HD. 052 REC697-W0001-02 GASKET SET (REC697-W0001-02)
697-W0001-A0-00 GSKT KT 052 REC697-W0001-02 GASKET SET (REC697-W0001-02)
699-82575-09-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 REC65W-82575-01 STOP SWITCH (REC65W-82575-01)
69A-43131-00-00 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET 052 PAF15-01010001 BOLT, CLAMP BRACKET (PAF15-01010001)
69D-44322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC688-44322-00 COUPLING (REC688-44322-00)
69D-W0001-20-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC69D-W0001-20 LOWER UNIT GASKET KIT (REC69D-W0001-20)
69D-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC692-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC692-W0078-02)
69G-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASIN 052 PAF20-04000001 GASKET, BASE (PAF20-04000001)
69G-45331-01-CA HOUSING, BEARING 052 PAF20-04010001 BASE, DRIVE SHAFT (PAF20-04010001)
69G-45331-01-CA HOUSING, BEARING 052 PAF20-04010001E BASE, DRIVE SHAFT (PAF20-04010001E)
69G-45510-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC69G-45510-10 DRIVE SHAFT L (REC69G-45510-10)
69G-45510-20-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 REC69G-45510-20 DRIVE SHAFT X (REC69G-45510-20)
69G-W0001-20-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC69G-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC69G-W0001-20)
69G-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC69G-W0078-01 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT (REC69G-W0078-01)
69J-11351-12-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC69J-11351-11 BASE GASKET (REC69J-11351-11)
69J-12119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 052 REC69J-12119-00 SEAL VALVE SYSTEM (REC69J-12119-00)
69J-13440-04-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 001 REC35-822626Q15 OIL FILTER (REC35-822626Q15)
69J-13645-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 REC69J-13645-00 MANIFOLD GASKET (REC69J-13645-00)
69J-13761-00-00 INJECTOR ASSY 052 REC69J-13761-00 INJECTOR (REC69J-13761-00)
69J-13906-00-00 REGULATOR, PRESSURE 052 REC69J-13906-00 FUEL REGULATOR YAMAHA (REC69J-13906-00)
69J-13907-05-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC69J-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC69J-13907-03)
69J-13907-06-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC69J-13907-03 FUEL PUMP (REC69J-13907-03)
69J-15451-01-00 GASKET, CRANKCASE CO 052 REC69J-15451-00 CRANKCASE COVER GASKET (REC69J-15451-00)
69J-24410-02-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 REC69J-24410-02 FUEL PUMP (REC69J-24410-02)
69J-24501-00-00 FILTER, FUEL 052 REC69J-24501-10 FUEL FILTER 10 MICRON (REC69J-24501-10)
69J-24501-10-00 FILTER, FUEL 052 REC69J-24501-10 FUEL FILTER 10 MICRON (REC69J-24501-10)
69J-24502-00-00 FILTER, FUEL 052 REC69J-24502-00 FUEL FILTER (REC69J-24502-00)
69J-41138-00-00 SEAL, EXT. 1 052 REC69J-41138-00 SEAL EXHAUST TUBE (REC69J-41138-00)
69J-45332-00-00 HOUSING, BEARING 052 REC69J-45332-00 BEARING CARRIER (REC69J-45332-00)
69J-45501-00-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC69J-45501-00 DRIVE SHAFT (REC69J-45501-00)
69J-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC69J-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC69J-45611-00)
69J-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC69J-46241-00 BELT (REC69J-46241-00)
69J-85885-00-00 THROTTLE SENSOR ASSY 052 REC69J-85885-00 SENSOR (REC69J-85885-00)
69J-W0001-20-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC64J-W0001-20 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC64J-W0001-20)
69K-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC69K-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT C.R (REC69K-45611-00)
69M-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 PAF2.6-04000001 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (PAF2.6-04000001)
69M-11193-A0-00 GASKET, HEAD COVER 1 052 PAF2.6-04000005 GASKET, CYLINDER COVER (PAF2.6-04000005)
69M-11351-A0-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 PAF2.6-04000004 CRANK CASE COMPLEX GASKET (PAF2.6-04000004)
69M-11400-00-00 CRANKSHAFT ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04030000 CRANK ASSY (PAF2.6-04030000)
69M-11650-00-00 CONNECTING ROD ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04020100 ROD, CONNECTING (PAF2.6-04020100)
69M-12154-00-00 ROD, VALVE PUSH 052 PAF2.6-04000002 ROD, VALVE PUSH (PAF2.6-04000002)
69M-12170-01-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 052 PAF2.6-04000100 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF2.6-04000100)
69M-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6AH-12411-00 THERMOSTAT 50DG-60DGC (REC6AH-12411-00)
69M-14440-01-00 SILENCER ASSY, INTAK 052 PAF2.6-04000300 SILENCER ASSY, INTAKE (PAF2.6-04000300)
69M-15361-00-00 GAUGE, LEVEL 052 PAF2.6-04010102 GAUGE LEVEL (PAF2.6-04010102)
69M-15714-00-00 DRUM, SHEAVE 052 PAF2.6-04070004 DRULL, SHEAVE (PAF2.6-04070004)
69M-15723-00-00 PULLEY, STARTER 052 PAF2.6-04000016 PULLEY, STARTER (PAF2.6-04000016)
69M-15735-00-00 GUIDE, CAM 052 PAF2.6-04070006 PLATE, PRESS (PAF2.6-04070006)
69M-15739-00-00 WASHER, THRUST 052 PAF2.6-04070003 WASHER, THRUST (PAF2.6-04070003)
69M-15741-00-00 PAWL, DRIVE 052 PAF2.6-04070005 PAWL, DRIVE (PAF2.6-04070005)
69M-15751-00-00 WIRE, STARTER (1.5M) 052 PAF2.6-04070007 WIRE, STARTER F3 (PAF2.6-04070007)
69M-24575-00-00 LEVER, FUEL CHANGE 052 PAF2.6-00000004 KNOB OIL SWITCH (PAF2.6-00000004)
69M-42529-00-00 SCREW, FRICTION PIEC 052 PAF2.6-01050101 LOCKED SCREW (PAF2.6-01050101)
69M-44126-00-00 WASHER, SHIFT ROD LE 052 PAF2.6-02000008 WASHER SHIFT ROD LEVER (PAF2.6-02000008)
69M-44143-00-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF2.6-02000007 ROD SHIFT (PAF2.6-02000007)
69M-44557-00-00 MOUNT DAMPER, LOWER 052 PAF2.6-01040100 DAMPER (PAF2.6-01040100)
69M-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 PAF2.6-00000003 GASKET ENGINE (PAF2.6-00000003)
69M-85640-00-00 T.C.I. UNIT ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04000600 HIGH PRESSURE ASSY (PAF2.6-04000600)
69M-85650-00-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04000400 FLY WHEEL ASSY (PAF2.6-04000400)
69M-E1111-00-1S HEAD, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF2.6-04040100 CYLINDER HEAD ASSY (PAF2.6-04040100)
69M-E1191-00-1S COVER, CYLINDER HE 052 PAF2.6-04000006 COVER, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF2.6-04000006)
69M-E1311-00-1S CYLINDER 1 052 PAF2.6-04010100 CRANK CASE (PAF2.6-04010100)
69M-E1603-01-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 REC69M-E1603-01 PISTON RING SET (REC69M-E1603-01)
69M-E1631-01-96 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF2.6-04020001 PISTON (PAF2.6-04020001)
69M-E2155-00-00 GUIDE, PUSH ROD 052 PAF2.6-04040001 PLATE, PUSH ROD (PAF2.6-04040001)
69M-E2483-00-00 PIPE 3 052 PAF2.6-04000014 HOSE AF5XF9X130 (PAF2.6-04000014)
69M-E3102-00-00 GEAR UNIT ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04050100 GEAR UNIT ASSY (PAF2.6-04050100)
69M-E3645-A0-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF2.6-04000010 GASKET, CARBURETOR AIRPROOF A (PAF2.6-04000010)
69M-E3646-A0-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 2 052 PAF2.6-04000018 GASKET, CARBURETOR AIRPROOF B (PAF2.6-04000018)
69M-E3647-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 3 052 PAF2.6-04000011 INSULATOR, CARBURETOR (PAF2.6-04000011)
69M-E4148-00-00 PIPE 052 PAF2.6-04000013 HOSE F4XF7X140 (PAF2.6-04000013)
69M-E5111-00-1S CRANKCASE 1 052 PAF2.6-04050001 CRANKCASE COVER (PAF2.6-04050001)
69M-F4191-00-00 BRACKET, FUEL TANK 1 052 PAF2.6-04000022 VENTILATIVE COVER (PAF2.6-04000022)
69M-F4311-00-00 PIPE, FUEL 1 052 PAF2.6-04000029 OIL TUBE (PAF2.6-04000029)
69M-F6330-02-00 STARTER CABLE ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04070200 CHOKE HANDLE ASSY (PAF2.6-04070200)
69M-G2119-10-00 GRIP, STEERING HAN 052 PAT15-01020301 PLASTIC COVER HANDLE (PAT15-01020301)
69M-G2188-00-00 WASHER, WAVE 052 PAF4-01000012 BUSH WAVE (PAF4-01000012)
69M-G2537-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHAFT 052 PAF2.6-01000003 BUSHING A (PAF2.6-01000003)
69M-G2538-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHAFT 052 PAF2.6-01000004 BUSHING B (PAF2.6-01000004)
69M-G2743-00-00 BRACKET 052 PAF2.6-04000008 BRACKET DAMPER (PAF2.6-04000008)
69M-G3111-00-4D BRACKET, CLAMP 052 PAF2.6-01010001 BRACKET, CLAMP(LEFT) (PAF2.6-01010001)
69M-G3112-00-4D BRACKET, CLAMP 052 PAF2.6-01020000 BRACKET RIGHT ASSY (PAF2.6-01020000)
69M-G3311-01-4D BRACKET, SWIVEL 1 052 PAF2.6-01030001 BRACKET, SWIVEL (PAF2.6-01030001)
69M-G3312-00-4D BRACKET, SWIVEL 2 052 PAF2.6-01050001 COVER, SWIVEL BRACKET (PAF2.6-01050001)
69M-G3318-00-00 COVER 052 PAF2.6-00000100 BRACKET, COVER ASSY (PAF2.6-00000100)
69M-G3351-00-00 RECEIVER, THRUST 052 PAF2.6-01040001 BRACKET, THRUST RECEIVE (PAF2.6-01040001)
69M-G4111-00-00 HANDLE, GEAR SHIFT 052 PAF2.6-02020000 GEAR SHIFT HANDLE ASSY (PAF2.6-02020000)
69M-G4121-00-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF2.6-02000006 LEVER, SHIFT ROD (PAF2.6-02000006)
69M-G4311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF2.6-03000014 WATER PUMP HOUSING (PAF2.6-03000014)
69M-G4323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 PAF2.6-03000010 OUT PLATE (PAF2.6-03000010)
69M-G4328-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF2.6-03000016 PLATE, WATER PUMP FIXED (PAF2.6-03000016)
69M-G5115-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 PAF2.6-02000005 GASKET, EXHAUST COVER (PAF2.6-02000005)
69M-G5151-00-00 COVER, UPPER CASING 052 PAF2.6-02000004 EXHAUST COVER (PAF2.6-02000004)
69M-G5311-00-4D CASING, LOWER 052 PAF2.6-03000001 LOWER CASING (PAF2.6-03000001)
69M-G5315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASIN 052 PAF2.6-03000007 GASKET, WATER PUMP (PAF2.6-03000007)
69M-G5321-00-94 PLATE 052 PAF2.6-03000008 HOUSING, WATER PUMP (PAF2.6-03000008)
69M-G5361-00-4D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF2.6-03000300 COVER ASSY, LOWER CASING (PAF2.6-03000300)
69M-G5361-00-4D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF2.6-03000301 COVER, LOWER CASING (PAF2.6-03000301)
69P-85541-09-00 COIL, CHARGE 052 REC69P-85541-09 COIL CHARGE (REC69P-85541-09)
69W-45501-00-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 PAF60-04010000 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY (PAF60-04010000)
69W-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF60-04000002 INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF60-04000002)
69W-45560-00-00 GEAR 052 PAF60-04000600 FORWARD GEAR ASSY (PAF60-04000600)
69W-82575-00-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 REC69W-82575-00 IGNITION KILL SWITCHES (REC69W-82575-00)
6A0-14325-00-00 SCREW, PAN HEAD 003 REC6A0-14325-00 BOLT COVER (REC6A0-14325-00)
6A0-15789-01-00 DAMPER 052 PAF25-05160021 DAMPING (PAF25-05160021)
6A0-82317-01-00 DAMPER, IGNITION C 880 PAF4-04120002 DAMPER, TANK (PAF4-04120002)
6A0-82550-01-00 STOP SWITCH ASY 052 REC6A0-82550-01 STOP SWITCH (REC6A0-82550-01)
6A1-14301-03-00 CARBURETOR ASY 1 052 REC6A1-14301-03 CARBURATOR (REC6A1-14301-03)
6A1-14613-A0-00 GASKET, EXST PIPE 052 REC6A1-14613-A0 GASKET ENGINE (REC6A1-14613-A0)
6A1-43113-01-00 PLATE, CLAMP BRK 052 PAF4-01000002 PLATE (PAF4-01000002)
6A1-44361-00-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC6A1-44361-00 TUBE WATER (REC6A1-44361-00)
6A1-85540-01-00 CDI UNIT ASY 052 REC6A1-85540-01 C.D.I. UNIT (REC6A1-85540-01)
6A1-85570-00-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC6A1-85570-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY (REC6A1-85570-00)
6A1-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIRK 052 REC6A1-W0078-01 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT (REC6A1-W0078-01)
6A1-W0093-01-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6A1-W0093-01 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6A1-W0093-01)
6AG-11181-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6AG-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6AG-11181-00)
6AH-11111-10-1S HEAD, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF20-05030100 CYLINDER HEAD ASSY (PAF20-05030100)
6AH-11168-00-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF20-05040003 COVER, BREATHER (PAF20-05040003)
6AH-11169-00-00 GASKET, BREATHER COV 052 PAF20-05040004 GASKET, BREATHER COVER (PAF20-05040004)
6AH-11191-00-1S COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 052 PAF20-05040000 CYLINDER HEAD COVER ASSY (PAF20-05040000)
6AH-11191-00-1S COVER, CYLINDER HEAD 052 PAF20-05040001 COVER, CYLINDER HEAD (PAF20-05040001)
6AH-11351-10-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC6AH-11351-00 CYLINDER GASKET (REC6AH-11351-00)
6AH-11356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAF20-05040002 SEAL RING, CYLINDER HEAD COVER (PAF20-05040002)
6AH-11372-00-00 NIPPLE, HOSE 052 PAF20-05040005 GAS NIPPLE (PAF20-05040005)
6AH-11416-00-00 PLANE BEARING, CRANK 052 PAF20-05010003 PLANE BEARING, CRANKSHAFT (PAF20-05010003)
6AH-11536-00-00 GEAR, DRIVE 052 PAF20-05000027 BELT PULLEY, TIMING (PAF20-05000027)
6AH-11537-01-00 GEAR, DRIVEN 052 PAF20-05030012 BELT PULLEY, DRIVEN (PAF20-05030012)
6AH-11557-00-00 WASHER 1 052 PAF20-05000028 COVER (PAF20-05000028)
6AH-11603-00-00 PISTON RING SET (STD 052 PAF20-05020100 PISTON RING ASSY (PAF20-05020100)
6AH-11631-00-00 PISTON (STD) 052 PAF20-05020001 PISTON (PAF20-05020001)
6AH-11650-10-00 CONNECTING ROD ASSY 052 PAF20-05020200 CONNECTING ROD ASSY (PAF20-05020200)
6AH-11654-00-00 BOLT, CONNECTING ROD 052 PAF25-05020204 BOLT, CONNECTING ROD (PAF25-05020204)
6AH-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF20-05030001 VALVE, INTAKE (PAF20-05030001)
6AH-12121-10-00 VALVE, EXHAUST 052 PAF20-05030002 VALVE, EXHAUST (PAF20-05030002)
6AH-12151-00-00 ARM, VALVE ROCKER 052 PAF20-05030301 ARM, VALVE ROCKER (PAF20-05030301)
6AH-12170-00-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 052 PAF20-05030200 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF20-05030200)
6AH-12170-01-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 720 PAF20-05030200 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF20-05030200)
6AH-12279-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF20-05030008 PLATE (PAF20-05030008)
6AH-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6AH-12411-00 THERMOSTAT 50DG-60DGC (REC6AH-12411-00)
6AH-12413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF20-05000700 THERMOSTAT COVER ASSY (PAF20-05000700)
6AH-12414-00-00 GASKET, COVER 052 PAF20-05000702 GASKET, THERMOSTAT COVER (PAF20-05000702)
6AH-12481-00-00 PIPE 1 052 PAF20-05000016 PIPE (PAF20-05000016)
6AH-12535-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF20-03000010 SUPPORT PLATE, JAM (PAF20-03000010)
6AH-13300-00-00 OIL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF20-05030400 OIL PUMP ASSY (PAF20-05030400)
6AH-13329-10-00 GASKET, PUMP COVER 052 PAF20-05030010 MAT, OILPUMP (PAF20-05030010)
6AH-13329-10-00 GASKET, PUMP COVER 052 REC6AH-13329-00 PUMP COVER GASKET (REC6AH-13329-00)
6AH-13411-00-00 STRAINER, OIL 052 PAF20-02020100 OIL STRAINER ASSY (PAF20-02020100)
6AH-13645-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 PAF20-05000006 GASKET, INTAKE MANIFOLD (PAF20-05000006)
6AH-13646-00-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 2 052 PAF20-05000008 GASKET, CARBURETOR (PAF20-05000008)
6AH-14271-00-00 INSULATOR 052 PAF20-05000009 GASKET (PAF20-05000009)
6AH-14440-00-00 SILENCER ASSY, INTAK 052 PAF20-05000800 INTAKE SILENCER ASSY (PAF20-05000800)
6AH-14497-00-00 STAY, THROTTLE WIRE 052 PAF20-05060102 FIXATION PLATE, THROTTLE CABLE (PAF20-05060102)
6AH-14546-00-00 VALVE, NEEDLE 052 REC6G1-14546-00 NEEDLE VALVE (REC6G1-14546-00)
6AH-14711-00-CA MUFFLER 1 052 PAF20-02010003S OUTLET MANIFOLD (S) (PAF20-02010003S)
6AH-14711-A0-CA MUFFLER 1 052 PAF20-02010003L OUTLET MANIFOLD (L) (PAF20-02010003L)
6AH-15311-00-CA OIL PAN 052 PAF20-02010001 OIL PAN (PAF20-02010001)
6AH-15312-10-00 GASKET, OIL PAN 052 PAF20-02020002 GASKET (PAF20-02020002)
6AH-15312-10-00 GASKET, OIL PAN 052 REC6AH-15312-00 OIL PAN GASKET (REC6AH-15312-00)
6AH-15316-00-00 DAMPER, ENGINE MOUNT 052 PAF20-02010002 RUBBER SLEEVE, OIL OUTLET (PAF20-02010002)
6AH-15373-00-00 PIPE, BREATHER 052 PAF20-05000031 PIPE, RUBBER (PAF20-05000031)
6AH-15710-02-00 STARTER ASSY 052 PAF20-05070000 STARTER ASSY (PAF20-05070000)
6AH-15711-01-00 CASE, STARTER 052 PAF20-05070101 CASING, STARTER (PAF20-05070101)
6AH-15762-01-00 SEAL, RUBBER 2 052 PAF20-05070003 SEAL (PAF20-05070003)
6AH-15782-00-00 COVER, SHEAVE 052 PAF20-05070001 COVER (PAF20-05070001)
6AH-24314-01-00 PIPE 4 052 PAF20-03000005 SEAL, SQUARE (PAF20-03000005)
6AH-24314-01-00 PIPE 4 052 PAF20-03000011 PIPEF 6XF11X680 (PAF20-03000011)
6AH-24316-00-00 PIPE 6 052 PAF20-05070002 PIPE F5XF10X200 (PAF20-05070002)
6AH-24321-00-00 PIPE 10 052 PAF20-05000051 PIPE "D" 5X10X250 (PAF20-05000051)
6AH-24322-00-00 PIPE 11 052 PAF20-05000025 PIPE C F5XF10X250 (PAF20-05000025)
6AH-24323-00-00 PIPE 12 052 PAF20-05000024 PIPE B F5XF10X120 (PAF20-05000024)
6AH-24410-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF20-05050000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF20-05050000)
6AH-24410-01-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 710 PAF20-05050000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF20-05050000)
6AH-24410-71-00 DAMPER 710 PAF20-05050000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF20-05050000)
6AH-24413-00-00 BODY 2 052 PAF20-05050100 COVER ASSY, FUEL PUMP (PAF20-05050100)
6AH-26326-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF20-03000003 JACKET (PAF20-03000003)
6AH-41113-01-1S OUTER COVER, EXHAUST 052 PAF20-05000600 EXHAUST OUTER COVER ASSY (PAF20-05000600)
6AH-41114-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTE 052 PAF20-05000602 GASKET, COVER (PAF20-05000602)
6AH-41134-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 PAF20-02010004 GASKET, OUTLET MANIFOLD (PAF20-02010004)
6AH-41137-00-CA GUIDE, EXHAUST 052 PAF20-02020001 SEAT OUTLET MANIFOLD (PAF20-02020001)
6AH-41138-00-00 SEAL, EXT. 1 052 PAF20-02010005 DAMPER, OUTLET MANIFOLD (PAF20-02010005)
6AH-41638-00-00 PULLEY 052 PAF20-05060001 PULLEY, DRIVE (PAF20-05060001)
6AH-41638-00-00 PULLEY 052 PAF20-05060002 SPRING (PAF20-05060002)
6AH-42508-03-00 STEERING FRICTION 720 PAF20-01030000 STEERING FRICTION ASSY (PAF20-01030000)
6AH-42716-00-00 RUBBER, SEAL 1 052 PAF20-03000002 SEAL (PAF20-03000002)
6AH-42725-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF20-03000006 RUBBER PLUG (PAF20-03000006)
6AH-42726-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF20-03000004 SEAL, RUBBER (PAF20-03000004)
6AH-42726-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF20-03000004 SEAL, RUBBER (PAF20-03000004)
6AH-42727-00-00 GROMMET 052 PAF20-03000008 JACKET, GEAR SHIFT LINK ROD (PAF20-03000008)
6AH-42727-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF20-03000008 JACKET, GEAR SHIFT LINK ROD (PAF20-03000008)
6AH-42738-00-8D PLATE, FITTING 052 PAF20-03000007 SUPPORT COWLING (PAF20-03000007)
6AH-42741-00-00 APRON 052 PAF20-00000011 COVER, UPPER CASING (PAF20-00000011)
6AH-44121-01-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF20-03010100 GEAR SHIFT ASSY (PAF20-03010100)
6AH-44123-00-00 ARM, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF20-03010200 ARM, SHIFT ROD (PAF20-03010200)
6AH-44125-00-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF20-03010001 ROCKER ARM, GEAR SHIFT (PAF20-03010001)
6AH-44143-00-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF20-03000009S SHIFT ROD (S) (PAF20-03000009S)
6AH-44143-10-00 ROD, SHIFT 052 PAF20-03000009L SHIFT ROD (L) (PAF20-03000009L)
6AH-44150-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF20-04020000S CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (S) (PAF20-04020000S)
6AH-44150-10-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF20-04020000L CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (L) (PAF20-04020000L)
6AH-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF20-04040000 WATER PUMP HOUSING (PAF20-04040000)
6AH-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF20-04040001 WATER PUMP HOUSING (PAF20-04040001)
6AH-44361-01-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF20-02000101S WATER TUBE (S) (PAF20-02000101S)
6AH-44361-11-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF20-02000101L WATER TUBE (L) (PAF20-02000101L)
6AH-44365-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 720 PAF20-02000007 SEAL, WATER TUBE (PAF20-02000007)
6AH-44368-00-00 RUBBER, WATER SEAL 4 052 PAF20-02000005 BUSH, TUBE (PAF20-02000005)
6AH-44368-01-00 RUBBER, WATER SEAL 720 PAF20-02000005 BUSH, TUBE (PAF20-02000005)
6AH-44574-00-00 STOPPER, LOWER MOUNT 052 PAF20-00000004 DAMPER BLOCK, FRONT (PAF20-00000004)
6AH-45111-10-8D CASING, UPPER 052 PAF20-02000001L UPPER CASING (L) (PAF20-02000001L)
6AH-45111-10-8D CASING, UPPER 052 PAF20-02000001S UPPER CASING (S) (PAF20-02000001S)
6AH-45115-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 PAF20-02010102 SEAL, RUBBER (PAF20-02010102)
6AH-45126-00-00 PLATE, SEAL DAMPER 052 PAF20-02010101 SEPERATE PLATE (PAF20-02010101)
6AH-45135-00-00 PIPE 052 PAF20-02010103 PIPE, RUBBER (PAF20-02010103)
6AH-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6AH-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AH-45251-00)
6AH-45311-00-8D CASING, LOWER 052 PAF20-04000001E LOWER CASING F20EFI (PAF20-04000001E)
6AH-45510-00-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 PAF20-04030000S DRIVE SHAFT ASSY (S) (PAF20-04030000S)
6AH-45510-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 PAF20-04030000L DRIVE SHAFT ASSY (L) (PAF20-04030000L)
6AH-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 PAF20-05000003 TIMING BELT (PAF20-05000003)
6AH-46297-00-00 COVER, DUST 052 PAF20-05000033 COVER, BELT (PAF20-05000033)
6AH-48531-00-00 BRACKET, REMOTE CONT 052 PAF20-03000012W FIXATION PALTE "A" (PAF20-03000012W)
6AH-48532-00-00 BRACKET, REMOTE CONT 052 PAF20-03000200W FIXATION PLATE "B" ASSY (PAF20-03000200W)
6AH-61350-00-00 STEERING LINK ARM - 052 PAF20-07000100W STEERING ROD ASSY (PAF20-07000100W)
6AH-81800-01-00 STARTING MOTOR ASSY 052 PAF20-05000900W STARTING MOTOR (PAF20-05000900W)
6AH-81960-00-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATO 052 PAT85-05030300 RECTIFIER ASSY (PAT85-05030300)
6AH-82554-00-00 STAY, NEUTRAL SWITCH 052 PAF20-05000040W PLATE (PAF20-05000040W)
6AH-82560-00-00 THERMO SWITCH ASSY 052 PAT40-05000100 THERMO SWITCH ASSY (PAT40-05000100)
6AH-82575-00-00 ENGINE STOP SWITCH A 052 PAT40-01020101 ENGINE STOP SWITCH ASSY (PAT40-01020101)
6AH-85510-00-00 STATOR ASSY 052 PAF20-05000200 COIL ASSY (PAF20-05000200)
6AH-85540-00-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 052 PAF20-05000300 C. D. I UNIT ASSY (PAF20-05000300)
6AH-85550-00-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF20-05000500 FLYWHELL ASSY (PAF20-05000500)
6AH-85550-10-00 ROTOR ASSY 052 PAF20-05000500W FLYWHELL ASSY ELECTRIC (PAF20-05000500W)
6AH-85580-00-00 COIL, PULSER 052 PAF20-05000100 PULSER COIL ASSY (PAF20-05000100)
6AH-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC6AH-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6AH-W0078-00)
6AU-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF4-04080005 DOOR, INTAKE (PAF4-04080005)
6AU-12121-00-00 VALVE, EXHAUST 052 PAF4-04080006 DOOR, EXHAUST (PAF4-04080006)
6AU-12121-00-00 VALVE, EXHAUST 052 PAF6-04050002 EXHAUST VALVE (PAF6-04050002)
6AW-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6AW-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6AW-11181-00)
6AW-11182-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6AW-11182-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6AW-11182-00)
6AW-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6AW-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-11325-00)
6AW-1132L-00-00 ANODE 2 052 REC6AW-1132L-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-1132L-00)
6AW-1132P-00-00 ANODE 5 049 REC6AW-1132P-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-1132P-00)
6AW-1132R-00-00 ANODE 6 052 REC6AW-1132R-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-1132R-00)
6AW-1132T-00-00 ANODE 8 052 REC6AW-1132T-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-1132T-00)
6AW-1132U-00-00 ANODE 9 052 REC6AW-1132U-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-1132U-00)
6AW-11351-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC6AW-11351-00 CYLINDER GASKET (REC6AW-11351-00)
6AW-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6AW-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC6AW-12411-00)
6AW-13907-01-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC6AW-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC6AW-13907-00)
6AW-13907-02-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC6AW-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC6AW-13907-00)
6AW-14613-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE 052 REC6AW-14613-00 EXHAUST GASKET (REC6AW-14613-00)
6AW-14623-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST PIPE 052 REC6AW-14623-00 EXHAUST GASKET (REC6AW-14623-00)
6AW-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC6AW-14984-00 O-RING (REC6AW-14984-00)
6AW-15312-00-00 GASKET, OIL PAN 052 REC6AW-15312-00 OIL PAN GASKET (REC6AW-15312-00)
6AW-15451-00-00 GASKET, CRANKCASE CO 052 REC6AW-15451-00 CRANK CASE GASKET (REC6AW-15451-00)
6AW-41134-02-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 REC6AW-41134-01 EX MANIFOLD GASKET (REC6AW-41134-01)
6AW-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC6AW-44311-01 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC6AW-44311-01)
6AW-44312-00-00 COVER, WATER PUMP HO 052 REC6AW-44312-00 WATER PUMP COVER (REC6AW-44312-00)
6AW-44315-00-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC6AW-44315-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP (REC6AW-44315-00)
6AW-44322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC6AW-44322-00 INSERT CUP (REC6AW-44322-00)
6AW-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC6AW-44323-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRIDGE (REC6AW-44323-00)
6AW-44336-00-00 KEY 052 REC6AW-44336-00 KEY WOODRUFF (REC6AW-44336-00)
6AW-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6AW-44352-00 YAMAHA IMPELLER (REC6AW-44352-00)
6AW-44365-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 1 720 REC6AW-44365-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL (REC6AW-44365-00)
6AW-45113-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC6AW-45113-00 UPPER CASING GASKET (REC6AW-45113-00)
6AW-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6AW-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6AW-45251-00)
6AW-8194A-00-00 RELAY 052 REC6AW-8194A-00 RELAY ASSY (REC6AW-8194A-00)
6AW-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY 052 REC6AW-81950-00 RELAY (REC6AW-81950-00)
6AW-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6AW-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6AW-W0078-00)
6BG-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6BG-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6BG-11181-00)
6BG-13761-00-00 INJECTOR 052 REC6BG-13761-00 YAMAHA INJECTOR (REC6BG-13761-00)
6BG-44341-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAT40-04040000 CASING A ASSY, OIL SEAL (PAT40-04040000)
6BG-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC6BG-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6BG-W0078-00)
6BL-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6BL-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6BL-11181-00)
6BL-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6BL-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6BL-11325-00)
6BL-44391-00-00 NIPPLE, HOSE 052 PAF15-05000009 NIPPLE, PLASTIC (PAF15-05000009)
6BX-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 PAF6-04000002 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (PAF6-04000002)
6BX-11351-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 PAF6-04000001 COMPLEX GASKET CRANKCASE (PAF6-04000001)
6BX-11356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAF6-04000005 SEAL RING (PAF6-04000005)
6BX-12111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF6-04050001 INTAKE VALVE (PAF6-04050001)
6BX-12154-00-00 ROD, VALVE PUSH 052 PAF6-04000003 ROD VALVE PUSH (PAF6-04000003)
6BX-24360-10-00 PRIMER PUMP ASSY- 20 052 REC6BX-24360-00 PRIMER BULBE (REC6BX-24360-00)
6BX-24410-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 PAF4-04090000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF4-04090000)
6BX-24410-01-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 710 PAF4-04090000 FUEL PUMP ASSY (PAF4-04090000)
6BX-44322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 PAF6-03000002 INNER SHELL WATER PUMP (PAF6-03000002)
6BX-E1111-00-1S HEAD, CYLINDER 1 052 PAF6-04050100 CYLINDER HEAD ASSY (PAF6-04050100)
6C5-11650-10-00 CONNECTING ROD ASSY 052 PAF25-05020200 ROD, CONNECTING (PAF25-05020200)
6C5-11654-00-00 BOLT, CONNECTING ROD 052 PAF25-05020204 BOLT, CONNECTING ROD (PAF25-05020204)
6C5-12858-00-00 BOLT, UNION 052 PAF15-07010003 BOLT, UNION (PAF15-07010003)
6C5-13761-00-00 INJECTOR ASSY 052 REC6C5-13761-00 YAMAHA INJECTOR (REC6C5-13761-00)
6C5-13915-00-00 FILTER 052 REC6C5-13915-00 FUEL FILTER (REC6C5-13915-00)
6C5-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC6C5-14984-00 O-RING (REC6C5-14984-00)
6C5-24251-01-00 STRAINER 1 710 REC6C5-24251-00 STRAINER (REC6C5-24251-00)
6C5-24378-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 4 052 PAF20-05000023 PIPE A F5XF10X85 (PAF20-05000023)
6C5-24410-00-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 052 REC6C5-24410-00 PRIMER BULBE (REC6C5-24410-00)
6C5-44361-00-00 TUBE, WATER 052 PAF60-02000007 WATER TUBE (PAF60-02000007)
6C5-46241-00-00 V-BELT 052 REC6C5-46241-00 BELT (REC6C5-46241-00)
6C5-85885-00-00 THROTTLE SENSOR ASSY 052 REC6C5-85885-00 YAMAHA TPS SENSOR (REC6C5-85885-00)
6CB-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 049 REC6CB-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6CB-11181-00)
6CB-13016-00-00 O-RING 049 REC6CB-13016-00 O-RING (REC6CB-13016-00)
6CB-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 049 REC6CB-14984-00 O-RING (REC6CB-14984-00)
6CB-24410-01-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 001 REC69J-24410-02 FUEL PUMP (REC69J-24410-02)
6CB-24501-01-00 FILTER, FUEL 052 REC6CB-24501-01 FUEL FILTER (REC6CB-24501-01)
6CB-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 049 REC6CB-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT STD.R (REC6CB-45611-00)
6CE-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6CE-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC6CE-12411-00)
6CE-44311-01-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC6CE-44311-01 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC6CE-44311-01)
6CE-44315-00-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC6CE-44315-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP (REC6CE-44315-00)
6CE-44323-01-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC6CE-44323-01 OUTER PLATE, CARTRIDGE (REC6CE-44323-01)
6CE-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6CE-44315-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP (REC6CE-44315-00)
6CE-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6CE-44352-00 YAMAHA IMPELLER (REC6CE-44352-00)
6CE-45373-00-00 TRIM TAB 052 REC6CE-45373-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6CE-45373-00)
6CE-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6CE-W0078-01 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6CE-W0078-01)
6CE-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC6CE-W0078-01 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6CE-W0078-01)
6CJ-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6CJ-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6CJ-11181-00)
6CJ-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC6CJ-44323-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRIDGE (REC6CJ-44323-00)
6CJ-44324-00-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC6CJ-44324-00 GASKET (REC6CJ-44324-00)
6CJ-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 710 REC6CJ-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6CJ-W0078-00)
6D0-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6D0-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6D0-11181-00)
6D0-11631-02-84 PISTON (STD) 052 REC6D0-11631-00 STB PISTON (REC6D0-11631-00)
6D0-41134-00-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 REC61A-41134-A0 GASKET EXHAUST MANIFOLD (REC61A-41134-A0)
6D0-44362-01-00 TUBE, WATER 052 REC6D0-44362-01 WATER TUBE (REC6D0-44362-01)
6D0-44367-00-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 049 REC6D0-44367-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL (REC6D0-44367-00)
6D3-81960-01-00 RECTIFIER & REGULA 053 REC32800-38F10 REGULATOR RECTIFIER (REC32800-38F10)
6D4-24566-00-00 BRACKET, FILTER 052 PAF15-07000009 BRACKET, OIL SIEVE (PAF15-07000009)
6D4-41131-00-00 MANIFOLD, EXT. 1 052 PAF15-04010000 PIPE, EXHAUST (PAF15-04010000)
6D4-41138-00-00 SEAL, EXT. 1 052 PAF15-04010004 SEAL, EXT (PAF15-04010004)
6D4-42816-00-00 LEVER, CLAMP 052 PAF15-05030000 LEVER, CLAMP (PAF15-05030000)
6D8-13761-00-00 INJECTOR ASSY 052 REC6D8-13761-00 INJECTOR (REC6D8-13761-00)
6D8-43880-09-00 MOTOR ASSY, W/CONNEC 052 REC6D8-43880-09 TRIM MOTOR (REC6D8-43880-09)
6D8-WS443-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC688-44341-01 HOUSING WATER PUMP (REC688-44341-01)
6D9-45551-00-00 PINION GEAR (13T) 052 > REC6D9-45551-00 GEAR (REC6D9-45551-00)
6DA-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6DA-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6DA-11181-00)
6DA-12411-01-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6DA-12411-01 THERMOSTAT (REC6DA-12411-01)
6E0-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC6E0-11193-A1 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC6E0-11193-A1)
6E0-11651-01-00 ROD, CONNECTING 052 REC6E0-11651-01 CONNECTING ROD (REC6E0-11651-01)
6E0-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 REC6E0-24411-00 DIAPHRAGM (REC6E0-24411-00)
6E0-24435-00-00 GASKET, BODY 2 052 REC6E0-24435-00 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC6E0-24435-00)
6E0-24471-00-00 DIAPHRGM 052 REC6E0-24471-00 FUEL PUMP DIAPHRAGMS (REC6E0-24471-00)
6E0-26301-01-00 THROTTLE CABLE ASY 052 REC6E0-26301-01 THROTTLE CABLE (REC6E0-26301-01)
6E0-41112-A1-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6E0-41112-A1 GASKET (REC6E0-41112-A1)
6E0-41114-A1-00 GASKET, EXH.COVER 052 REC6E0-41114-A1 GASKET (REC6E0-41114-A1)
6E0-42159-02-00 STAY 052 PAF4-01090002 STAY (PAF4-01090002)
6E0-42528-03-00 PIECE, FRICTION 052 PAF4-02020000 UPPER LOCKING RING ASSY (PAF4-02020000)
6E0-42528-04-00 PLATE, FRICTION 720 PAF4-02020000 UPPER LOCKING RING ASSY (PAF4-02020000)
6E0-43111-02-8D BRACKET, CLAMP 1 052 PAT6-01020300 BRACKET ASSY(RIGHT) (PAT6-01020300)
6E0-43112-01-8D BRACKET, CLAMP 2 052 PAT6-01010400 BRACKET ASSY(LEFT) (PAT6-01010400)
6E0-43116-01-00 SCREW, TRANSOM CLAM 052 PAF4-01010002 CLAMP BOLT (PAF4-01010002)
6E0-43116-01-00 SCREW, TRANSOM CLAM 052 PAF8-01010002 CLAMP SCREW (PAF8-01010002)
6E0-43118-01-00 HANDLE, TRANSOM CLP 052 REC6E0-43118-01 HANDLE, TRANSON CLAMP (REC6E0-43118-01)
6E0-43160-01-00 TILT ROD ASSY 052 PAF4-01050000 TILT ROD ASSY (PAF4-01050000)
6E0-43313-00-94 BRACKET, SWIVEL 3 052 PAF4-01030005 FIXED COVER, BRACKER (PAF4-01030005)
6E0-43614-00-CA PLATE, TILT LOCK 052 PAF4-01070000 TILT LOCKED CLASP ASSY (PAF4-01070000)
6E0-43632-00-00 KNOB, TILT 052 PAF4-01030103 SHEATH HANDLE (PAF4-01030103)
6E0-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAF4-03000019 HOUSING, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000019)
6E0-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 PAF4-03000018 GASKET, WATER PUMP COVER (PAF4-03000018)
6E0-44322-02-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 PAF4-03000017 COVER, INNER WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000017)
6E0-44322-02-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC6E0-44322-02 CARTRIDGE INSERT (REC6E0-44322-02)
6E0-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 PAF4-03000015 OUT PLATE (PAF4-03000015)
6E0-44328-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF4-03000020 PLATE, WATER PUMP FIXED (PAF4-03000020)
6E0-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 PAF4-03060000 IMPELLER, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03060000)
6E0-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6E0-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6E0-44352-00)
6E0-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 PAF4-03000021 RUBBER TUBE, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000021)
6E0-45113-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6E0-45113-A1 GASKET (REC6E0-45113-A1)
6E0-45251-12-00 ANODE 052 REC65W-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC65W-45251-00)
6E0-45251-12-00 ANODE 052 REC6E0-45251-12 ZINC ANODE (REC6E0-45251-12)
6E0-45311-02-8D CASING, LOWER 052 PAF4-03000001 LOWER CASING (PAF4-03000001)
6E0-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 PAF4-03000011 HERMETIC GASKET, H20 PMP BASE (PAF4-03000011)
6E0-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 REC6E0-45315-A0 GASKET (REC6E0-45315-A0)
6E0-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DR. SHAFT 052 PAF4-03000003 BEARING (PAF4-03000003)
6E0-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DR. SHAFT 052 REC6E0-45316-00 COUPLING (REC6E0-45316-00)
6E0-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DR. SHAFT 052 REC90340-08002 VENT PLUG (REC90340-08002)
6E0-45317-09-00 BUSH, DRIVE SHAFT 052 PAF4-03000002 BEARING (PAF4-03000002)
6E0-45317-09-00 BUSH, DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC6E0-45317-00 COUPLING (REC6E0-45317-00)
6E0-45318-01-00 BUSHING, DRIVE SHAF 052 PAF4-02030003 RUBBER BUSHING, DRIVE (PAF4-02030003)
6E0-45321-01-CA PLATE 052 PAF4-03000012 BASE, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000012)
6E0-45361-01-8D CAP, LOWER CASING 052 PAF4-03050001 COVER, LOWER CASING (PAF4-03050001)
6E0-45511-01-00 SHAFT, DRIVE 052 PAF4-03000004L DRIVE SHAFT (PAF4-03000004L)
6E0-45511-01-00 SHAFT, DRIVE 052 PAF4-03000004S SHAFT, DRIVE (PAF4-03000004S)
6E0-45511-01-00 SHAFT, DRIVE 052 REC6E0-45511-01 VERTICAL SHAFT (REC6E0-45511-01)
6E0-45511-11-00 SHAFT, DRIVE 052 PAF4-03000004L DRIVE SHAFT (PAF4-03000004L)
6E0-45511-11-00 SHAFT, DRIVE 052 REC6E0-45511-11 VERTICAL SHAFT (REC6E0-45511-11)
6E0-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF4-03000006 WASHER, INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF4-03000006)
6E0-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF4-03000007 INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF4-03000007)
6E0-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6E0-45551-00 GEAR (REC6E0-45551-00)
6E0-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC6E0-45560-00 GEAR (REC6E0-45560-00)
6E0-45570-00-00 GEAR 2 ASSY 052 REC6E0-45570-00 GEAR (REC6E0-45570-00)
6E0-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6E0-45611-01 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6E0-45611-01)
6E0-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6E0-45631-00 CLUTCH DOG (REC6E0-45631-00)
6E0-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6E5-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC6E5-45631-00)
6E0-45943-01-00 PROPELLER (3X7-1/2\"X 052 PAF4-03070000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF4-03070000)
6E0-45949-00-00 PROPELLER (3X7-1/4 X 052 PAF2.6-03010000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF2.6-03010000)
6E0-85570-02-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 720 REC6E0-85570-00 COIL (REC6E0-85570-00)
6E0-W0078-A2-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 PAGB/T820-M5X30 SCREW PAN HEAD M5X30 (PAGB/T820-M5X30)
6E0-W0078-A2-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC6E0-W0078-A2 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6E0-W0078-A2)
6E0-W0078-A5-00 GRAPHIC, REGULATOR 710 REC6E0-W0078-A2 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6E0-W0078-A2)
6E3-14301-05-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 052 REC6E3-14301-05 CARBURATOR (REC6E3-14301-05)
6E5-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6E5-11181-A0 GASKET (REC6E5-11181-A0)
6E5-11193-A0-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC6E5-11193-A0 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC6E5-11193-A0)
6E5-11325-00-00 ANODE 053 PAF15-07010026 ANODE (PAF15-07010026)
6E5-11325-00-00 ANODE 053 REC6E5-11325-00 ANODE YAMAHA ZINC (REC6E5-11325-00)
6E5-11381-A2-00 GASKET 1 052 REC6E5-11381-A1 GASKET (REC6E5-11381-A1)
6E5-11447-00-00 SEAL, CRANK 052 REC6E5-11447-00 SEAL CRANK (REC6E5-11447-00)
6E5-11610-03-00 PISTON RING SET 052 REC6E5-11610-02 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC6E5-11610-02)
6E5-11633-01-00 PIN, PISTON 052 REC6E5-11633-00 PISTON PIN (REC6E5-11633-00)
6E5-11634-00-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 052 REC6E5-11634-00 CLIP (REC6E5-11634-00)
6E5-12411-02-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6E5-12411-02 THERMOSTAT (REC6E5-12411-02)
6E5-12411-30-00 THERMOSTAT 003 REC6E5-12411-30 THERMOSTAT (REC6E5-12411-30)
6E5-13621-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC6E5-13621-A1 GASKET ADMISSION (REC6E5-13621-A1)
6E5-14198-A2-00 GASKET 052 REC6E5-14198-A2 GASKET CARBURETOR BASE (REC6E5-14198-A2)
6E5-14323-03-00 SCREW, AIR ADJ 052 REC6E5-14323-03 AIR BOLT (REC6E5-14323-03)
6E5-14328-01-00 SCREW, PILOT STOP 052 REC6E5-14328-01 BOLT (REC6E5-14328-01)
6E5-14384-03-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR 052 REC64D-14384-1 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC64D-14384-1)
6E5-14385-02-00 FLOAT 052 REC6E5-14385-02 CARBURATOR FLOAT (REC6E5-14385-02)
6E5-14386-01-00 PIN, FLOAT 003 REC6E5-14386-01 PIN FLOAT (REC6E5-14386-01)
6E5-14386-02-00 PIN, FLOAT 052 REC6E5-14386-02 PIN FLOAT (REC6E5-14386-02)
6E5-14416-A1-00 GASKET, AIR CLEANER 052 REC6E5-14416-A1 AIRFILTER GASKET (REC6E5-14416-A1)
6E5-14483-A1-00 GASKET 052 REC6E5-14483-A1 GASKET CARBURETOR (REC6E5-14483-A1)
6E5-14546-00-00 VALVE, FLOAT 052 REC6E5-14546-00 VALVE NEEDLE (REC6E5-14546-00)
6E5-24351-51-00 BAND 1 049 REC6E5-24351-51 CLAMP LARGE (REC6E5-24351-51)
6E5-24377-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 3 052 PAF15-07010006 PIPE, JOINT (PAF15-07010006)
6E5-24410-03-00 FUEL PUMP ASY 003 REC6E5-24410-03 FUEL PUMP (REC6E5-24410-03)
6E5-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 003 REC6E5-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC6E5-24411-00)
6E5-24434-02-00 GASKET, BODY 003 REC6E5-24434-02 GASKET (REC6E5-24434-02)
6E5-24435-00-00 GASKET, BODY 2 003 REC6E5-24435-00 GASKET (REC6E5-24435-00)
6E5-24471-00-00 DIAPHRGM 003 REC6E5-24471-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC6E5-24471-00)
6E5-41112-A1-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6E5-41112-A1 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC6E5-41112-A1)
6E5-41134-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.MANI.2 052 REC6E5-41134-A0 GASKET (REC6E5-41134-A0)
6E5-41135-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.MANI.3 052 REC6E5-41135-A0 GASKET EXHAUST OUTLET (REC6E5-41135-A0)
6E5-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC6E5-44315-A0 GASKET (REC6E5-44315-A0)
6E5-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC6E5-44322-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC6E5-44322-00)
6E5-44352-01-00 IMPELLER 049 REC6E5-44352-01 IMPELLER (REC6E5-44352-01)
6E5-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6E5-45113-A2 GASKET (REC6E5-45113-A2)
6E5-45114-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASNG 052 REC6E5-45114-00 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC6E5-45114-00)
6E5-45251-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6E5-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6E5-45251-00)
6E5-45344-00-00 COVER, OIL SEAL 049 REC6E5-45344-00 RETAINER (REC6E5-45344-00)
6E5-45371-01-00 TRIM-TAB 052 REC6E5-45371-01 ZINC ANODE (REC6E5-45371-01)
6E5-45551-02-00 PINION 052 REC6E5-45551-00 GEAR (REC6E5-45551-00)
6E5-45560-01-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC6E5-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC6E5-45560-00)
6E5-45571-01-00 GEAR 2 052 REC6E5-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC6E5-45570-00)
6E5-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6E5-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6E5-45611-00)
6E5-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6E5-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6E5-45611-00)
6E5-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6E5-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC6E5-45631-00)
6E5-45633-01-00 RING, CROSS PIN 049 REC6E5-45633-01 RETAINER (REC6E5-45633-01)
6E5-81950-01-00 RELAY ASY 002 REC89-825096T01 SOLENOID STARTER (REC89-825096T01)
6E5-8195A-01-00 RELAY ASSY 052 REC89-825096T01 SOLENOID STARTER (REC89-825096T01)
6E5-85540-12-00 CDI UNIT ASSY 052 REC6E5-85540-12 4 CYL. IGNITION PACK (REC6E5-85540-12)
6E5-85570-11-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC6E5-85570-11 IGNITION COIL (REC6E5-85570-11)
6E5-W0001-A2-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6E5-W0001-A2 GASKET SET (REC6E5-W0001-A2)
6E5-W0001-C1-00 LWR UNIT GASKET 052 REC6E5-W0001-F1 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC6E5-W0001-F1)
6E5-W0001-F1-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6E5-W0001-F1 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC6E5-W0001-F1)
6E5-W0078-A1-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC6N6-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6N6-W0078-02)
6E5-W0093-06-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6E5-W0093-06 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6E5-W0093-06)
6E5-W0093-08-00 CARB.REPAIR KIT 052 REC6E5-W0093-08 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6E5-W0093-08)
6E5-W0093-09-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 052 REC6E5-W0093-07 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6E5-W0093-07)
6E7-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6E7-11181-00 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC6E7-11181-00)
6E7-14227-00-00 WASHER 052 REC6E7-14227-00 GASKET (REC6E7-14227-00)
6E7-14385-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC6E7-14385-00 FLOAT (REC6E7-14385-00)
6E7-44366-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 2 720 REC6E7-44366-00 WATER SEAL (REC6E7-44366-00)
6E7-45501-01-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC6E7-45501-00 DRIVE SHAFT (REC6E7-45501-00)
6E7-45501-11-00 DRVE SHFT 052 REC6E7-45501-11 VERTICAL SHAFT (REC6E7-45501-11)
6E7-45536-00-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 REC6E7-45536-00 USHING NYLON (REC6E7-45536-00)
6E7-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6E7-45551-00 GEAR (REC6E7-45551-00)
6E7-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 PAF15-06010000 GEAR, FORWARD (PAF15-06010000)
6E7-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 PAF20-04000100E GEAR FORWARD (PAF20-04000100E)
6E7-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 REC6E7-45560-01 GEAR (REC6E7-45560-01)
6E7-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 PAF15-06080005 GEAR, REVERSE (PAF15-06080005)
6E7-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 PAF20-04060003E GEAR REVERSE (PAF20-04060003E)
6E7-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC6E7-45570-00 GEAR (REC6E7-45570-00)
6E7-45587-01-30 SHIM 3 052 PAF15-06000009 SHIM, PINION (T:1.20MM) (PAF15-06000009)
6E7-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 PAF15-06000015 CUSHION, PROPELLER (PAF15-06000015)
6E7-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 REC6E7-45987-00 DIABOLO PROPELLER SEAL (REC6E7-45987-00)
6E7-W0001-A1-00 GASKET KIT 052 > REC6E7-W0001-A1 GASKET SET (REC6E7-W0001-A1)
6E7-W0093-04-00 CARB. REPAIR KIT 052 REC6E7-W0093-01 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6E7-W0093-01)
6E8-14390-12-00 VALVE SEAT ASSY 052 REC6E8-14390-12 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC6E8-14390-12)
6E8-45251-02-00 ANODE 052 REC6E8-45251-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6E8-45251-00)
6E8-45587-30-00 SHIM (T:1.20MM) 052 PAF15-06000009 SHIM, PINION (T:1.20MM) (PAF15-06000009)
6E9-12414-A1-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC6E9-12414-A1 GASKET (REC6E9-12414-A1)
6E9-24378-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 4 052 > PAF4-04010102 PIPE JOINT (PAF4-04010102)
6E9-82575-02-00 EMERGENCY SAFETYSW 052 REC65W-82575-01 STOP SWITCH (REC65W-82575-01)
6E9-W0093-02-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6E9-W0093-02 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6E9-W0093-02)
6E9-W0093-03-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6E9-W0093-03 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6E9-W0093-03)
6EE-45113-00-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 PAF6-00000001 GASKET ENGINE (PAF6-00000001)
6EE-E1168-00-00 COVER, BREATHER 052 PAF6-04010004 OIL BAFFLE PLATE (PAF6-04010004)
6EE-E1191-00-00 COVER, CYLINDER HE 052 PAF6-04000004 COVER CYLINDER HEAD (PAF6-04000004)
6EE-E1356-00-00 SEAL, CYLINDER 2 052 PAF6-04000005 SEAL RING (PAF6-04000005)
6EE-E2111-00-00 VALVE, INTAKE 052 PAF6-04050001 INTAKE VALVE (PAF6-04050001)
6EE-E2111-01-00 VALVE, INTAKE 720 PAF6-04050001 INTAKE VALVE (PAF6-04050001)
6EE-E2113-00-00 SPRING, VALVE INNE 052 PAF6-04050003 SPRING VALVE (PAF6-04050003)
6EE-E2116-00-00 SEAT, VALVE SPRING 052 PAF4-04080007 SEAT, VALVE SPRING (PAF4-04080007)
6EE-E2119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 052 PAF166-010003 SEAL VALVE STEM (PAF166-010003)
6EE-E2119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 052 PAF25-05050005 SPRING, VALVE (PAF25-05050005)
6EE-E2119-00-00 SEAL, VALVE STEM 052 PAPS2700.04.03 SEAL, VALVE STEM (PAPS2700.04.03)
6EE-E2154-00-00 ROD, VALVE PUSH 052 PAF6-04000003 ROD VALVE PUSH (PAF6-04000003)
6EE-E2155-00-00 GUIDE, PUSH ROD 052 PAF6-04050004 PLATE PUSH ROD (PAF6-04050004)
6EE-E2170-00-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 1 052 PAF6-04030000 CAMSHAFT ASSY (PAF6-04030000)
6EE-E2413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF4-04070000 THERMOSTAT COVER ASSY (PAF4-04070000)
6EE-E2413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF4-04070001 COVER, THERMOSTAT (PAF4-04070001)
6EE-E2413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF4-04070100 COVER AND SPILE WATER ASSY (PAF4-04070100)
6EE-E5362-00-00 PLUG, OIL LEVEL 052 PAF4-04000007 PLUG WITH DIPSTICK (PAF4-04000007)
6EE-E5362-00-00 PLUG, OIL LEVEL 052 PAF4-04000010 COVER (PAF4-04000010)
6EE-E5362-00-00 PLUG, OIL LEVEL 052 PAF4-04000036 PLUG WITH DIPSTICK (PAF4-04000036)
6EE-E5396-00-CA HOUSING, OIL SEAL 052 PAF4-04060000 OIL SEAL, SHELL ASSY (PAF4-04060000)
6EE-E5396-00-CA HOUSING, OIL SEAL 052 PAF4-04060001 SHELL, OIL SEAL (PAF4-04060001)
6EE-F4323-00-00 PIPE 12 052 PAF6-04000020 PIPE RETURN WATER (PAF6-04000020)
6EE-F4323-01-00 PIPE 12 720 PAF6-04000020 PIPE RETURN WATER (PAF6-04000020)
6EE-F4377-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 2 052 PAF4-04010102 PIPE JOINT (PAF4-04010102)
6EE-G2126-00-00 FRICTION, STEERING 052 PAF4-01090003 FRICTION (PAF4-01090003)
6EE-G2177-01-00 RUBBER, HANDLE 052 PAF4-01090300 STEERING HANDLE ASSY (PAF4-01090300)
6EE-G2537-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHA 052 PAF4-02000007 TOP, SHOCK ABSORPTION (PAF4-02000007)
6EE-G2539-00-00 BUSHING, PIVOT SHA 052 PAF4-02000008 BUSH, SHOCK ABSORPTION (PAF4-02000008)
6EE-G2561-00-00 KNOB, STEERING LOC 052 PAF4-01060002 CLAMP HANDLE (PAF4-01060002)
6EE-G3118-00-00 HANDLE, TRANSOM CL 052 REC6L8-G3118-01 HANDLE, TRANSON CLAMP (REC6L8-G3118-01)
6EE-G4150-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF4-03020000S CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (PAF4-03020000S)
6EE-G4150-10-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 PAF4-03020000L CAM ASSY, SHIFT ROD (PAF4-03020000L)
6EE-G4315-00-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 PAF4-03000018 GASKET, WATER PUMP COVER (PAF4-03000018)
6EE-G4365-00-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 1 052 PAF4-02040002 I-SHAPED RUBBER BAND (PAF4-02040002)
6EE-G4366-00-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 052 PAF4-03000021 RUBBER TUBE, WATER PUMP (PAF4-03000021)
6EE-G5315-00-00 PACKING, LOWER CAS 052 PAF4-03000011 HERMETIC GASKET, H20 PMP BASE (PAF4-03000011)
6EE-G5616-00-00 NUT, PROPELLER 052 PAF4-03080000 LOCK NUT (PAF4-03080000)
6EE-G5635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAF4-03000008 PLUGER, SHIFT (PAF4-03000008)
6EG-E1633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 PAF2.6-04020005 PIN, PISTON (PAF2.6-04020005)
6EG-E1650-00-00 CONNECTING ROD ASSY 052 PAF2.6-04020100 ROD, CONNECTING (PAF2.6-04020100)
6EG-E2113-00-00 SPRING, VALVE INNER 052 PAF4-04080008 SPRING, VALVE STEM (PAF4-04080008)
6EG-E2154-00-00 ROD, VALVE PUSH 052 PAF2.6-04000002 ROD, VALVE PUSH (PAF2.6-04000002)
6EG-E2413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF2.6-04000501 COVER THERMOSTAT (PAF2.6-04000501)
6EG-E4148-01-00 PIPE 720 PAF2.6-04000013 HOSE F4XF7X140 (PAF2.6-04000013)
6EG-E5316-00-00 DAMPER 1 052 PAF2.6-05000005 RUBBER COVER (PAF2.6-05000005)
6EG-E5396-00-CA HOUSING, OIL SEAL 052 PAF2.6-04060000 OIL SEAL SHELL ASSY (PAF2.6-04060000)
6EG-E5396-00-CA HOUSING, OIL SEAL 052 PAF2.6-04060001 SHELL OIL SEAL (PAF2.6-04060001)
6EG-E5789-00-00 DAMPER 052 PAF2.6-04070008 DAMPER HANDLE (PAF2.6-04070008)
6EG-G2138-00-00 LEVER, THROTTLE 052 PAF4-01090100 LEVER, THROTTLE (PAF4-01090100)
6EG-G2528-01-00 PLATE, FRICTION 052 PAF2.6-01050200 LOCKED BLOCK ASSY (PAF2.6-01050200)
6EG-G2529-00-00 SCREW, FRICTION PIEC 052 PAF2.6-01050101 LOCKED SCREW (PAF2.6-01050101)
6EG-G3166-00-00 PIN 052 PAF2.6-01030006 PIN (PAF2.6-01030006)
6EG-G3186-00-00 LEVER 052 PAF2.6-01030007 LEVER (PAF2.6-01030007)
6EG-G4121-00-00 LEVER, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF2.6-02000006 LEVER, SHIFT ROD (PAF2.6-02000006)
6EG-G4126-00-00 WASHER, SHIFT ROD LE 052 PAF2.6-02000008 WASHER SHIFT ROD LEVER (PAF2.6-02000008)
6EG-G5635-00-00 PLUNGER, SHIFT 052 PAF2.6-03000020 PLUG, SHIFT (PAF2.6-03000020)
6EK-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC68V-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC68V-44323-00)
6F3-W0001-C1-00 LWER UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC6E5-W0001-F1 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC6E5-W0001-F1)
6F5-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6F5-11181-A2 HEAD GASKET (REC6F5-11181-A2)
6F5-11515-00-00 SEAL, LABYRINTH 1 001 > REC6F5-11515-00 O-RING (REC6F5-11515-00)
6F5-11610-00-00 PISTON RING SET 001 REC6F5-11610-00 PISTON RING (REC6F5-11610-00)
6F5-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 001 > REC6F5-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC6F5-11633-00)
6F5-11651-00-00 ROD, CONNECTING 001 > REC6F5-11651-00 CONNECTING ROD (REC6F5-11651-00)
6F5-11681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 001 > REC6F5-11681-00 ROD PIN (REC6F5-11681-00)
6F5-12411-03-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6F5-12411-03 THERMOSTAT (REC6F5-12411-03)
6F5-13621-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC6F5-13621-A1 GASKET (REC6F5-13621-A1)
6F5-13645-A1-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 REC6F5-13645-A0 GASKET (REC6F5-13645-A0)
6F5-14198-A1-00 GASKET 052 REC6F5-14198-A1 GASKET (REC6F5-14198-A1)
6F5-14323-01-00 SCREW, AIR ADJ 052 REC6F5-14323-00 AIR BOLT (REC6F5-14323-00)
6F5-14483-00-00 GASKET 052 REC6F5-14483-00 INTAKE GASKET (REC6F5-14483-00)
6F5-15752-00-00 ROLLER, WIRE 052 PAT40-05110002 CHAIN WHEEL, STARTER (PAT40-05110002)
6F5-15753-00-00 BUSH 053 PAT40-05110003 BUSHING, CHAIN WHEEL (PAT40-05110003)
6F5-24563-00-00 ELEMENT, FILTER 053 REC6F5-24563-00 FUEL FILTER (REC6F5-24563-00)
6F5-41662-00-00 BRACKET 2 052 PAF15-05040002 BRACKET, SHIFT ROD (PAF15-05040002)
6F5-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6F5-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6F5-44352-00)
6F5-45113-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 053 REC6F5-45113-A0 GASKET (REC6F5-45113-A0)
6F5-45551-01-00 PINION (13T) 052 REC6F5-45551-00 GEAR (REC6F5-45551-00)
6F5-45560-01-00 GEAR 052 REC6F5-45560-00 GEAR (REC6F5-45560-00)
6F5-45570-00-00 GEAR 2 ASSY 052 REC6F5-45570-00 GEAR (REC6F5-45570-00)
6F5-85540-22-00 C.D.I. UNIT ASSY 052 REC6F5-85540-22 POWER PACK (REC6F5-85540-22)
6F5-85540-23-00 CDI UNIT ASSY 720 REC6F5-85540-22 POWER PACK (REC6F5-85540-22)
6F5-85570-13-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 REC6F5-85570-11 IGNITION COIL (REC6F5-85570-11)
6F5-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC6F5-W0078-A0 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6F5-W0078-A0)
6F6-13610-00-00 REED VALVE ASS\'Y 052 REC6F6-13610-00 REED VALVE ASSY (REC6F6-13610-00)
6F6-14385-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC6F6-14385-00 FLOAT (REC6F6-14385-00)
6F6-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 001 > REC6F6-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6F6-45611-00)
6F6-W0093-00-00 CARB REPAIR KT E40 052 REC6F6-W0093-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6F6-W0093-00)
6FM-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6FM-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC6FM-12411-00)
6FM-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF25-04060000 PROPELLER, SHAFT ASSY (PAF25-04060000)
6FM-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF25-04060003 CLUTCH, DOG (PAF25-04060003)
6FM-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC664-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC664-45631-00)
6FM-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC664-45631-01 SELECTOR (REC664-45631-01)
6FM-48344-00-00 CABLE END, REMOTE CO 052 REC663-48344-00 CABLE CONNECTOR (REC663-48344-00)
6FM-83589-00-00 GASKET 052 PAF20-03000101 SEAL (PAF20-03000101)
6FP-12411-00-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6FP-12411-00 THERMOSTAT (REC6FP-12411-00)
6G1-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC6G1-11193-A1 GASKET VALVE COVER (REC6G1-11193-A1)
6G1-11610-00-00 PISTON RINGSET STD 052 REC6G1-11610-00 PISTON RING (REC6G1-11610-00)
6G1-11681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 052 REC6G1-11681-00 PIN (REC6G1-11681-00)
6G1-14301-01-00 CARB. ASSY. 1 052 REC6G1-14301-01 CARBURATOR YAMAHA (REC6G1-14301-01)
6G1-14301-03-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 720 REC6G1-14301-01 CARBURATOR YAMAHA (REC6G1-14301-01)
6G1-14301-04-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 REC6G1-14301-01 CARBURATOR YAMAHA (REC6G1-14301-01)
6G1-15755-00-00 HANDLE, STARTER 052 PAF4-04130100 STARTER HANDLE ASSY (PAF4-04130100)
6G1-15755-00-00 HANDLE, STARTER 052 PAF4-04130101 HANDLE, STARTER (PAF4-04130101)
6G1-15779-00-00 COVER 052 PAF4-04130100 STARTER HANDLE ASSY (PAF4-04130100)
6G1-24304-10-00 FUEL PIPE JOINT COMP 052 REC6G1-24304-02 FUEL PIPE (REC6G1-24304-02)
6G1-24411-00-00 DIAPHRAGM 052 REC6G1-24411-00 MEMBRANE FUELPUMP (REC6G1-24411-00)
6G1-24431-01-00 GASKET, FUEL PUMP 1 052 REC6E0-24434-00 FUEL PUMP GASKET (REC6E0-24434-00)
6G1-24431-01-00 GASKET, FUEL PUMP 1 052 REC6G1-24431-01 GASKET (REC6G1-24431-01)
6G1-24471-00-00 DIAPHRGM 052 REC6G1-24471-00 FUEL PUMP DIAPHRAGM KIT (REC6G1-24471-00)
6G1-41112-A1-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6G1-41112-A1 GASKET EXHAUST (REC6G1-41112-A1)
6G1-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH OTR CVR 052 REC6G1-41114-A0 GASKET EXHAUST (REC6G1-41114-A0)
6G1-42126-00-00 PIECE, FRICTION 052 PAF4-01090003 FRICTION (PAF4-01090003)
6G1-42138-01-00 LEVER, THROTTLE 052 PAF4-01090100 LEVER, THROTTLE (PAF4-01090100)
6G1-42177-01-00 RUBBER, HANDLE 052 REC6N0-G2177-00 RUBBER, HANDLE (REC6N0-G2177-00)
6G1-42724-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF25-03000003 RUBBER PLUG, CIRCULAR (PAF25-03000003)
6G1-42725-00-00 GROMMET 2 052 PAF20-03000013 RUBBER PLUG (PAF20-03000013)
6G1-42725-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF20-03000013 RUBBER PLUG (PAF20-03000013)
6G1-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC6G1-44315-A0 GASKET WATER PUMP (REC6G1-44315-A0)
6G1-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6G1-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6G1-44352-00)
6G1-45113-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6G1-45113-A1 GASKET UPPER CASING (REC6G1-45113-A1)
6G1-45214-00-00 COVER, WTR.INLET 052 PAF15-06000003 WATER INLET B (PAF15-06000003)
6G1-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 PAF15-06000002 WATER INLET A (PAF15-06000002)
6G1-45315-A0-00 PACKING, LOWER CASE 052 REC6G1-45315-A0 GASKET WATER PUMP (REC6G1-45315-A0)
6G1-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DR. SHAFT 052 REC6G1-45316-09 BUSHING (REC6G1-45316-09)
6G1-45317-09-00 BUSH, DRIVE SHAFT 052 REC6G1-45317-09 BUSHING (REC6G1-45317-09)
6G1-45362-09-00 BUSHING 052 REC6G1-45362-09 BUSHING (REC6G1-45362-09)
6G1-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6G1-45611-01 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6G1-45611-01)
6G1-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6G1-45631-00 CLUTCH DOG (REC6G1-45631-00)
6G1-81941-10-00 STARTER RELAY 053 PAF15-05170300W RELAY (PAF15-05170300W)
6G1-81941-10-00 STARTER RELAY 053 REC89-825096T01 SOLENOID STARTER (REC89-825096T01)
6G1-81970-03-00 RECTIFIER ASSY 053 REC6G1-81970-62 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER (REC6G1-81970-62)
6G1-81970-63-00 RECTIFIER ASSY 720 REC6G1-81970-62 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER (REC6G1-81970-62)
6G1-W0001-C1-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6G1-W0001-C1 LOWER UNIT GASKET KIT (REC6G1-W0001-C1)
6G1-W0093-00-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6G1-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6G1-W0093-00)
6G1-W0093-01-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 710 REC6G1-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6G1-W0093-00)
6G5-11181-A3-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6G5-11181-A2 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC6G5-11181-A2)
6G5-11193-A2-00 GASKET, HEAD COVER 1 052 REC6G5-11193-A0 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC6G5-11193-A0)
6G5-11382-A1-00 GASKET 2 052 REC6G5-11382-A1 VALVE GASKET (REC6G5-11382-A1)
6G5-13645-A2-00 GASKET, MANIFOLD 1 052 REC6G5-13645-A1 GASKET ADMISSION (REC6G5-13645-A1)
6G5-14483-A1-00 GASKET 052 REC6G5-14483-01 GASKET CARBURETOR (REC6G5-14483-01)
6G5-41112-A1-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6G5-41112-A1 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC6G5-41112-A1)
6G5-41112-A1-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6G5-41114-A0 GASKET COVER (REC6G5-41114-A0)
6G5-41134-A1-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 052 REC6G5-41134-A1 GASKET (REC6G5-41134-A1)
6G5-41217-01-00 ROD, ACCEL.LEVER 052 REC6G5-41217-00 ROD ACCEL LEVER (REC6G5-41217-00)
6G5-43145-01-00 CAP, CLAMP BRACKET 052 PAF25-01010011 NUT, PLASTIC (PAF25-01010011)
6G5-43864-00-00 O-RING 049 REC6G5-43864-00 O-RING (REC6G5-43864-00)
6G5-43864-09-00 O-RING 4 720 REC6G5-43864-00 O-RING (REC6G5-43864-00)
6G5-44323-01-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC6G5-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC6G5-44323-00)
6G5-45113-A2-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC6G5-45113-A1 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC6G5-45113-A1)
6G5-45114-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC6G5-45114-A0 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC6G5-45114-A0)
6G5-45251-02-00 ANODE 003 REC6G5-45251-02 ZINC ANODE (REC6G5-45251-02)
6G5-45383-01-00 WASHER, CLAW 053 REC6G5-45383-01 WASHER (REC6G5-45383-01)
6G5-45384-02-00 NUT 052 REC6G5-45384-00 NUT (REC6G5-45384-00)
6G5-45501-22-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC6G5-45501-21 SHAFT (REC6G5-45501-21)
6G5-45551-10-00 PINION 052 REC6G5-45551-00 GEAR (REC6G5-45551-00)
6G5-45560-10-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC6G5-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC6G5-45560-00)
6G5-45571-02-00 GEAR 2 052 REC6G5-45571-00 GEAR (REC6G5-45571-00)
6G5-45576-10-00 WASHER, THRUST 052 REC6G5-45576-10 WASHER, THRUST (REC6G5-45576-10)
6G5-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6G5-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC6G5-45631-00)
6G5-45631-10-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6G5-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC6G5-45631-00)
6G5-45631-11-00 CLUTCH, DOG REC6G5-45631-00 SELECTOR (REC6G5-45631-00)
6G5-82119-10-00 COVER, LEAD WIRE 053 PAF25-05170202W COVERING B, POWER SOURCE LINE (PAF25-05170202W)
6G5-W0001-A3-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6G5-W0001-A3 GASKET POWER HEAD SET (REC6G5-W0001-A3)
6G5-W0078-A1-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC6G5-W0078-A1 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6G5-W0078-A1)
6G8-11181-A1-00 GASKET, CYL.HEAD 052 REC6G8-11181-A1 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET (REC6G8-11181-A1)
6G8-11197-A0-00 PLUG, BLIND 052 PAF20-05030009 BOLT, ANODE (PAF20-05030009)
6G8-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 PAF4-04070003 ANODE (PAF4-04070003)
6G8-11325-00-00 ANODE 052 REC6G8-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6G8-11325-00)
6G8-11351-A0-00 GASKET, CYLINDER 052 REC6G8-11351-A0 GASKET (REC6G8-11351-A0)
6G8-11575-00-00 RELIEF VALVE ASS\'Y 052 PAF15-07110000 FLOODING VALVE ASSY (PAF15-07110000)
6G8-12414-A0-00 GASKET, COVER 052 REC6G8-12414-A0 GASKET THERMOSTAT (REC6G8-12414-A0)
6G8-13440-00-00 ELMNT ASY, OIL CLNR 052 REC6G8-13440-00 OIL FILTER (REC6G8-13440-00)
6G8-15346-00-00 BREATHER 1 052 PAF4-04010003 VELVE, BREATHER FLAP (PAF4-04010003)
6G8-15363-00-00 PLUG, OIL 049 PAF15-07050004 PLUG OIL (PAF15-07050004)
6G8-44532-00-00 STOPPER, UPPER MT.R 052 PAF2.6-04000009 RUBBER BLOCK DAMPER (PAF2.6-04000009)
6G8-45113-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6G8-45113-A1 GASKET UPPER CASING (REC6G8-45113-A1)
6G8-46241-00-00 BELT 052 REC6G8-46241-00 BELT (REC6G8-46241-00)
6G8-81870-00-00 START SWITCH ASY 052 REC6G8-81870-00 STATING SWITCH ASSY (REC6G8-81870-00)
6G8-81960-A1-00 RECTIFIER/REG ASY 052 REC6G8-81960-A1 RECTIFIER (REC6G8-81960-A1)
6GD-E1681-00-00 PIN, CRANK 1 720 REC646-11681-00 CRANK PIN (REC646-11681-00)
6GD-G4322-00-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC646-44322-00 INSERT CUP (REC646-44322-00)
6GD-G5560-01-00 GEAR 720 REC646-45560-00 GEAR (REC646-45560-00)
6GD-W0001-20-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 052 REC6A1-W0001-23 SEAL KIT GEAR HOUSING (REC6A1-W0001-23)
6GD-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6A1-W0078-01 WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT (REC6A1-W0078-01)
6GH-45560-09-00 GEAR 1 052 REC6N0-G5560-00 GEAR (REC6N0-G5560-00)
6GL-24474-00-00 COVER 052 PAF25-05000018 BRACKET FASTNESS (PAF25-05000018)
6H0-81960-00-00 RECTIFIER/REG ASY 052 REC6H0-81960-00 REGULATOR&RECTIFIER (REC6H0-81960-00)
6H0-82105-J2-00 BATTERY CABLE 052 PAT85-05000023 CONNECTION LINE, POWER (PAT85-05000023)
6H0-82105-J3-00 BATTERY CABLE 720 PAT85-05000023 CONNECTION LINE, POWER (PAT85-05000023)
6H0-W0093-00-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6H0-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H0-W0093-00)
6H0-W0093-01-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 710 REC6H0-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H0-W0093-00)
6H1-11372-00-00 NIPPLE, HOSE 052 PAF15-04000005 SPILE WATER ASSY (PAF15-04000005)
6H1-14485-00-00 PIPE, JOINT 053 PAT15-04010202 PIPE WATER (PAT15-04010202)
6H1-43816-00-00 FILTER 1 053 PAT85-06010201 FILTER (PAT85-06010201)
6H1-43821-11-00 SCREW, TRIM CYL. 052 REC6H1-43821-11 SCREW, TRIM CYLINDER (REC6H1-43821-11)
6H1-43829-00-00 PLUG, RESERVOIR 003 PAT85-06010009 SCREW (PAT85-06010009)
6H1-43841-11-00 PISTON, SHUTTLE 052 PAT85-06010501 PISTON, SHUTTLE (PAT85-06010501)
6H1-43844-10-00 PIN, VALVE SUPPORT 052 PAT85-06010205 PIN, VALVULA SUPORTE (PAT85-06010205)
6H1-43845-01-00 SCREW, MANUAL RELSE 052 PAT85-06010606 SCREW, MANUAL RELEASE (PAT85-06010606)
6H1-43847-00-00 SEAT, MANUAL VALVE 052 PAT85-06010601 WASHER, SEAL (PAT85-06010601)
6H1-44144-00-00 ROD, SHIFT 2 052 REC6H1-44144-00 SHIFT ROD (REC6H1-44144-00)
6H1-45214-00-00 COVER, WTR.INLET 052 REC6H1-45214-00 STRAINER (REC6H1-45214-00)
6H1-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 REC6H1-45215-00 STRAINER (REC6H1-45215-00)
6H1-45251-03-00 ANODE 052 REC6H1-45251-03 ZINC ANODE (REC6H1-45251-03)
6H1-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC688-45551-00 GEAR (REC688-45551-00)
6H1-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC688-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC688-45560-00)
6H1-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6H1-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6H1-45611-00)
6H1-45631-01-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 REC6H1-45631-01 SELECTOR (REC6H1-45631-01)
6H1-45634-02-00 SLIDE, SHAFT 052 REC6H1-45634-02 BEWEGLICHEN (REC6H1-45634-02)
6H1-81950-01-00 RELAY ASY 002 REC6H1-81950-01 RELAY (REC6H1-81950-01)
6H1-W0093-10-00 CARB. REPAIR KIT 052 REC6H1-W0093-10 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6H1-W0093-10)
6H2-81949-11-00 WIRE, LEAD 052 PAT85-05030002 RELAY LINE (RED) (PAT85-05030002)
6H2-81949-12-00 WIRE, LEAD 720 PAT85-05030002 RELAY LINE (RED) (PAT85-05030002)
6H2-81960-10-00 RECTIFIER & REGULA 052 REC6H2-81960-10 REGULATOR / RECTIFIER (REC6H2-81960-10)
6H2-85540-13-00 C.D.I. PUSH TO OPEN 052 REC6H2-85540-13 CDI (REC6H2-85540-13)
6H2-W0001-21-00 LOWER UNIT GASKET KI 053 REC6H2-W0001-20 GEAR HSNG, GASKET & SEAL KIT (REC6H2-W0001-20)
6H2-W0093-10-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6H2-W0093-10 CARBURETOR REPAIR KIT (REC6H2-W0093-10)
6H3-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6H3-11181-A0 GASKET (REC6H3-11181-A0)
6H3-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC6H3-11193-A1 VALVECOVER GASKET (REC6H3-11193-A1)
6H3-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 REC6H3-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC6H3-11633-00)
6H3-12411-11-00 THERMOSTAT 052 REC6E5-12411-30 THERMOSTAT (REC6E5-12411-30)
6H3-12413-00-1S COVER, THERMOSTAT 052 PAF15-07010021 COVER, THERMOSTAT (PAF15-07010021)
6H3-13621-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC6H3-13621-A1 GASKET ADMISSION (REC6H3-13621-A1)
6H3-13622-A1-00 GASKET, VALVE SEAT 052 REC6H3-13622-A1 GASKET ADMISSION (REC6H3-13622-A1)
6H3-14198-A1-00 GASKET 052 REC6H3-14198-A1 GASKET CARBURETOR BASE (REC6H3-14198-A1)
6H3-14590-01-00 VALVE SEAT 052 REC6H3-14590-00 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC6H3-14590-00)
6H3-14590-02-00 NEEDLE VALVE ASSY 720 REC6H3-14590-00 VALVE NEEDLE KIT (REC6H3-14590-00)
6H3-41112-A0-00 GASKET EXHAUST 052 REC6H3-41112-A0 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC6H3-41112-A0)
6H3-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.COVER 052 REC6H3-41114-A0 GASKET COVER (REC6H3-41114-A0)
6H3-41217-00-00 ROD, ACCEL.LEVER 052 REC6H3-41217-00 ROD ACCEL LEVER (REC6H3-41217-00)
6H3-44311-00-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC6H3-44311-00 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC6H3-44311-00)
6H3-44315-A0-00 GASKET, WATER PUMP 052 REC6H3-44315-00 GASKET (REC6H3-44315-00)
6H3-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC6H3-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC6H3-44323-00)
6H3-44324-A0-00 GASKET, CARTRIDGE 052 REC6H3-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC6H3-44323-00)
6H3-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6H3-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6H3-44352-00)
6H3-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6H3-45113-00 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC6H3-45113-00)
6H3-45114-A1-00 GASKET, UPPER CASNG 052 REC6H3-45114-A1 GASKET LOWER BASE (REC6H3-45114-A1)
6H3-45123-00-00 GASKET, MUFFLER 052 REC6H3-45123-00 GASKET (REC6H3-45123-00)
6H3-82510-03-00 MAIN SWITCH ASSY 052 REC6H3-82510-03 MAIN SWITCH ASSY (REC6H3-82510-03)
6H3-82510-04-00 MAIN SWITCH ASSY 720 REC6H3-82510-03 MAIN SWITCH ASSY (REC6H3-82510-03)
6H3-85520-00-00 COIL, CHARGE 052 REC6H3-85520-00 COIL (REC6H3-85520-00)
6H3-85570-10-00 IGNITION COIL ASY 052 REC6H3-85570-10 COIL (REC6H3-85570-10)
6H3-W0001-02-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6H3-W0001-02 GASKET SET (REC6H3-W0001-02)
6H3-W0001-22-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6H3-W0001-22 LOWER UNIT GASKET KIT (REC6H3-W0001-22)
6H3-W0001-A0-00 PWR HD GSKT KIT 052 REC6H3-W0001-02 GASKET SET (REC6H3-W0001-02)
6H3-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC6H3-W0078-02 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC6H3-W0078-02)
6H3-W0078-A0-00 WTR PUMP RPR KIT 052 REC6H3-W0078-02 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC6H3-W0078-02)
6H3-W0093-02-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6H3-W0093-02 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H3-W0093-02)
6H3-W0093-03-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 710 REC6H3-W0093-02 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H3-W0093-02)
6H4-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6H4-11181-00 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC6H4-11181-00)
6H4-11193-A1-00 GASKET, HD.COVER 1 052 REC6H4-11193-A1 GASKET (REC6H4-11193-A1)
6H4-11634-01-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 052 REC6H4-11634-01 CLIP (REC6H4-11634-01)
6H4-14548-00-00 PIN, FLOAT ARM 052 PAF25-05070019 PIN, FLOAT (PAF25-05070019)
6H4-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHMBR 052 REC6H4-14984-00 FLOAT CHAMBER (REC6H4-14984-00)
6H4-14985-01-00 FLOAT 052 REC6H4-14985-01 FLOAT (REC6H4-14985-01)
6H4-41114-A0-00 GASKET, EXH.COVER 052 REC6H4-41114-A0 GASKET (REC6H4-41114-A0)
6H4-42726-01-00 GROMMET 720 PAF15-05000003 RUBBER PLUG, QUADRATE (PAF15-05000003)
6H4-44352-02-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6H4-44352-02 IMPELLER (REC6H4-44352-02)
6H4-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6H4-45113-00 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC6H4-45113-00)
6H4-45536-00-00 SLEEVE, DRIVE SHFT 052 PAT40-04000002 BUSHING, NYLON (PAT40-04000002)
6H4-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6H4-45551-00 GEAR (REC6H4-45551-00)
6H4-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC6H4-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC6H4-45560-00)
6H4-45571-00-00 GEAR 2 052 REC6H4-45570-00 REVERSE GEAR (REC6H4-45570-00)
6H4-W0001-21-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6H4-W0001-21 GEAR HOUSING SEAL KIT (REC6H4-W0001-21)
6H4-W0001-C0-00 LWR UNIT GSKT KIT 052 REC6H4-W0001-21 GEAR HOUSING SEAL KIT (REC6H4-W0001-21)
6H4-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC663-44311-02 WATER PUMP HOUSING (REC663-44311-02)
6H4-W0078-A0-00 WATER PUMP REP KIT 052 REC6H4-W0078-00 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC6H4-W0078-00)
6H4-W0093-03-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6H4-W0093-03 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H4-W0093-03)
6H4-W0093-04-00 CARBURETOR REPAIR KI 710 REC6H4-W0093-03 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6H4-W0093-03)
6H9-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6H9-45551-00 GEAR (REC6H9-45551-00)
6J1-11610-00-00 PISTON RING SET 052 REC6J1-11610-00 YAMAHA PISTON RING (REC6J1-11610-00)
6J8-11181-A2-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6J8-11181-A2 CYLINDERHEAD GASKET (REC6J8-11181-A2)
6J8-11325-00-00 ANODE 003 REC6J8-11325-00 ZINC ANODE (REC6J8-11325-00)
6J8-11631-02-46 PISTON (STD) 052 REC6J8-11631-02 YAMAHA PISTON (REC6J8-11631-02)
6J8-24471-00-00 DIAPHRGM 052 REC6J8-24471-00 FUEL PUMP DIAPHRAGM KIT (REC6J8-24471-00)
6J8-41262-00-00 JOINT, CHOKE LEVER 052 PAF15-07000016 JOINT ACCELEROGRAPH CONTROL (PAF15-07000016)
6J8-43113-01-00 PLATE, CLAMP BRK 052 PAF25-01010004 PLATE, TWO HOLE (PAF25-01010004)
6J8-45113-A0-00 GASKET, UPPER CASIN 052 REC6J8-45113-00 GASKET UPPER BASE (REC6J8-45113-00)
6J8-81960-00-00 RECT.& REG. ASSY 052 PAF15-07060001 RECTIFIER & REGULATOR ASSY (PAF15-07060001)
6J8-W0001-C2-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6J8-W0001-21 GEARCASE SEAL KIT (REC6J8-W0001-21)
6J9-45371-01-00 TRIM-TAB 052 REC6J9-45371-01 ZINC ANODE (REC6J9-45371-01)
6J9-45611-01-00 SHAFT, PROP. 052 REC6J9-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6J9-45611-00)
6K1-45371-02-00 TRIM-TAB 052 REC6K1-45371-02 ZINC ANODE (REC6K1-45371-02)
6K1-82570-14-00 ->6K1-82570-15-00 735 S REC6K1-82570-13 YAMAHA PANEL TWIN STATION (REC6K1-82570-13)
6K1-82570-15-00 PANEL, TWIN SWITCH A 735 REC6K1-82570-13 YAMAHA PANEL TWIN STATION (REC6K1-82570-13)
6K4-11422-00-00 CRANK 2 052 > REC6K4-11422-00 CRANKSHAFT (REC6K4-11422-00)
6K4-11432-00-00 CRANK 3 052 > REC6K4-11432-00 CRANKSHAFT (REC6K4-11432-00)
6K5-11601-02-00 PISTON RING (STD) 052 REC6K5-11601-02 PISTON RING KIT (REC6K5-11601-02)
6K5-11601-12-00 PISTON RINGSET 052 REC6K5-11601-12 PISTON RING KIT 0, 25MM (REC6K5-11601-12)
6K5-11601-22-00 PISTON RING 2NDO/S 052 REC6K5-11601-22 PISTON RING KIT 0, 50MM (REC6K5-11601-22)
6K5-14301-03-00 CARBURETOR ASY 1 052 REC6K5-14301-03 CARBURATOR 3 UNITS (REC6K5-14301-03)
6K5-14301-04-00 CARBURETOR ASSY NLA REC6K5-14301-03 CARBURATOR 3 UNITS (REC6K5-14301-03)
6K5-45501-10-00 DRIVE SHAFT 052 > REC6K5-45501-10 DRIVE SHAFT (REC6K5-45501-10)
6K5-45551-00-00 PINION 052 REC6K5-45551-00 GEAR (REC6K5-45551-00)
6K5-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 REC6K5-45560-00 FORWARD GEAR (REC6K5-45560-00)
6K5-W0001-02-00 GASKET KIT 052 REC6K5-W0001-02 GASKET SET (REC6K5-W0001-02)
6K5-W0078-01-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR 052 REC6H3-W0078-02 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC6H3-W0078-02)
6K7-11633-00-00 PIN, PISTON 052 REC6K7-11633-00 PISTON PIN (REC6K7-11633-00)
6K7-W0093-08-00 CARB. REPAIR KIT 052 REC6K7-W0093-09 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6K7-W0093-09)
6K8-41122-A1-00 GASKET, EXHAUST INN 002 REC6K8-41122-A1 GASKET ENGINE COOLING (REC6K8-41122-A1)
6K8-41124-A1-00 GASKET, EXHAUST OUT 002 REC6K8-41124-A1 GASKET COVER (REC6K8-41124-A1)
6KW-43880-00-00 MOTOR ASSY 720 REC63P-43880-22 TRIM MOTOR (REC63P-43880-22)
6KW-43880-01-00 MOTOR ASSY 720 REC63P-43880-22 TRIM MOTOR (REC63P-43880-22)
6L2-14385-00-00 FLOAT 052 REC6L2-14385-00 FLOAT (REC6L2-14385-00)
6L2-14399-00-00 GASKET 052 REC6L2-14399-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC6L2-14399-00)
6L2-14399-01-00 GASKET 720 REC6L2-14399-00 CARBURETOR GASKET (REC6L2-14399-00)
6L2-26301-01-00 THROTTLE CABLE ASSY 052 REC6L2-26301-00 ACCELERATOR CABLE YAMAHA 15HP (REC6L2-26301-00)
6L2-41134-01-00 GASKET, EXHAUST MANI 720 REC6L2-41134-00 EXHAUST MAN. GASKET (REC6L2-41134-00)
6L2-43116-00-00 SCREW, TRANSOM CLAM 052 PAF15-01010102 SCREW, CLAMP (PAF15-01010102)
6L2-43116-00-00 SCREW, TRANSOM CLAM 052 PAF8-01010002 CLAMP SCREW (PAF8-01010002)
6L2-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 REC6L2-44322-00 PUMP CUP (REC6L2-44322-00)
6L2-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6L2-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6L2-44352-00)
6L2-44367-01-00 DAMPER, WATER SEAL 720 REC6L2-44367-00 DAMPER WATER SEAL (REC6L2-44367-00)
6L2-45113-A2-00 GASKET, UPPER CASING 052 REC6L2-45113-A2 GASKET (REC6L2-45113-A2)
6L2-45214-00-00 COVER, WTR.INLET 052 PAF25-04000022 WATER INLET A (PAF25-04000022)
6L2-45215-00-00 COVER, WATER INLET 052 PAF25-04000023 WATER INLET B (PAF25-04000023)
6L2-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 PAF25-04060000 PROPELLER, SHAFT ASSY (PAF25-04060000)
6L2-45611-00-00 SHAFT, PROPELLER 052 REC6L2-45611-00 PROPELLER SHAFT (REC6L2-45611-00)
6L2-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 REC6L2-45987-00 SEPERATOR (REC6L2-45987-00)
6L2-W0078-00-00 WTR.PUMP REPAIR KT 052 REC6L2-W0078-00 WATER PUMP SERVICE KIT (REC6L2-W0078-00)
6L2-W0093-00-00 CARB.REPAIR KIT 052 REC6L2-W0093-00 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6L2-W0093-00)
6L5-14301-03-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 052 REC6L5-14301-03 CARBURATOR (REC6L5-14301-03)
6L5-14301-05-00 HOLDER 720 REC6L5-14301-03 CARBURATOR (REC6L5-14301-03)
6L5-14301-06-00 CARBURETOR ASSY 1 REC6L5-14301-03 CARBURATOR (REC6L5-14301-03)
6L5-24251-00-00 STRAINER 1 052 PAF4-04120005 FUEL FILTER TANK (PAF4-04120005)
6L5-42137-00-00 INDICATOR, THROTTLE 052 PAF4-01090303 THROTTLE INDICATOR (PAF4-01090303)
6L5-42529-01-00 SCREW, FRICTION PI 052 PAF4-01060001 LOCKED SCREW (PAF4-01060001)
6L5-44322-00-00 INSERT CARTRIDGE 052 PAF2.6-03000015 COVER, INNER WATER PUMP (PAF2.6-03000015)
6L5-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CART. 052 REC6L5-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC6L5-44323-00)
6L5-44328-00-00 PLATE 052 PAF2.6-03000016 PLATE, WATER PUMP FIXED (PAF2.6-03000016)
6L5-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 PAF2.6-03000100 IMPELLER ASSY (PAF2.6-03000100)
6L5-44352-00-00 IMPELLER 052 REC6L5-44352-00 IMPELLER (REC6L5-44352-00)
6L5-45251-03-00 ANODE 052 REC6L5-45251-03 ZINC ANODE (REC6L5-45251-03)
6L5-45316-09-00 BUSHING, DRVSHFT.1 052 PAF2.6-03000003 BEARING (PAF2.6-03000003)
6L5-45317-09-00 BUSHING, DRVSHFT.2 052 PAF2.6-03000002 BEARING (PAF2.6-03000002)
6L5-45533-00-20 SHIM (2.0 MM) 052 > PAF2.6-03000017 SHIM T 2.0MM (PAF2.6-03000017)
6L5-45551-00-00 PINION 052 PAF2.6-03000018 INITIATIVE GEAR (PAF2.6-03000018)
6L5-45560-00-00 GEAR 1 ASSY 052 PAF2.6-03000019 POSITIVE GEAR ASSY (PAF2.6-03000019)
6L5-45616-00-00 NUT, PROPELLER 052 PAF4-03080000 LOCK NUT (PAF4-03080000)
6L5-45631-00-00 CLUTCH, DOG 052 PAF2.6-03000202 CLUTCH BLOCK (PAF2.6-03000202)
6L5-45943-00-00 PROPELLER (3X7-1/4 X 052 PAF2.6-03010000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF2.6-03010000)
6L5-45949-00-00 PROPELLER (3X7-1/4 X 052 PAF2.6-03010000 PROPELLER ASSY (PAF2.6-03010000)
6L5-45987-01-00 SPACER 1 052 PAF4-03000025 SPACER (PAF4-03000025)
6L6-45371-00-00 TRIM-TAB 052 REC6E5-45371-01 ZINC ANODE (REC6E5-45371-01)
6N0-G4145-10-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF2.6-00000002 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD B (PAF2.6-00000002)
6N0-G4146-10-00 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD 052 PAF2.6-00000001 CONNECTOR, SHIFT ROD A (PAF2.6-00000001)
6N0-G5571-00-00 GEAR 052 REC6N0-G5571-00 GEAR REVERSE (REC6N0-G5571-00)
6N6-W0001-A3-00 PWR HEAD GSKT KIT 052 REC6E5-W0001-A2 GASKET SET (REC6E5-W0001-A2)
6N6-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REP.KIT 052 REC6N6-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6N6-W0078-02)
6N6-W0078-02-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6N6-W0078-02 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6N6-W0078-02)
6N6-W0093-02-00 CARB REPAIR KIT 052 REC6N6-W0093-02 CARBURETOR KIT (REC6N6-W0093-02)
6N7-83557-00-00 WIRE HARNESS 052 PAF15-07000003 RIPPLE TUBE F27XF22.5X71 (PAF15-07000003)
6P2-11181-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6P2-11181-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6P2-11181-00)
6P2-11182-00-00 GASKET, CYLINDER HEA 052 REC6P2-11182-00 HEAD GASKET (REC6P2-11182-00)
6P2-13761-00-00 INJECTOR ASSY 052 REC6P2-13761-00 YAMAHA INJECTOR (REC6P2-13761-00)
6P2-13906-00-00 REGULATOR, PRESSURE 052 REC6P2-13906-00 FUEL REGULATOR (REC6P2-13906-00)
6P2-13907-02-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 052 REC6AW-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC6AW-13907-00)
6P2-13907-03-00 FUEL PUMP COMP. 720 REC6AW-13907-00 FUEL PUMP (REC6AW-13907-00)
6P2-14984-00-00 GASKET, FLOAT CHAMBE 052 REC6P2-14984-00 O-RING (REC6P2-14984-00)
6P2-44150-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY 052 REC6P2-44150-00 SHIFT CAM ASSY (REC6P2-44150-00)
6P2-44323-00-00 OUTER PLATE, CARTRID 052 REC6P2-44323-00 OUTER PLATE (REC6P2-44323-00)
6P2-45501-01-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC6P2-45501-01 DRIVE SHSFT X (REC6P2-45501-01)
6P2-45501-11-00 DRIVE SHAFT COMP. 052 REC6P2-45501-11 DRIVE SHSFT U (REC6P2-45501-11)
6P2-46241-02-00 BELT 052 REC6P2-46241-02 BELT (REC6P2-46241-02)
6P2-81960-03-00 RECTIFIER & REGULATO 052 REC6P2-81960-03 RECTIFIER (REC6P2-81960-03)
6P2-W0078-00-00 WATER PUMP REPAIR KI 052 REC6P2-W0078-00 WATER PUMP KIT (REC6P2-W0078-00)
6P2-WS245-00-00 ELEMENT, FILTER (WIT 052 REC6P2-WS245-00 FUEL FILTER (REC6P2-WS245-00)
6P3-24564-00-00 GASKET 049 REC6P3-24564-00 GASKET FUEL FILTER BOWL (REC6P3-24564-00)
6R3-44322-42-00 INSERT, CARTRIDGE 052 REC61A-44322-02 INSERT CARTRIDGE (REC61A-44322-02)
6R3-81960-10-00 RECTIFIER/REG ASY 052 REC6R3-81960-10 RECTIFIER (REC6R3-81960-10)
6R3-82519-00-00 WIRE, EARTH LEAD 052 PAF6-04000009 WIRE LEAD (PAF6-04000009)
6R3-85570-01-00 IGNITION COIL ASSY 052 REC6R3-85570-01 IGNITION COIL (REC6R3-85570-01)
6R5-11633-10-00 PIN, PISTON 052 REC6R5-11633-00 PIN, PISTON (REC6R5-11633-00)
6R5-11634-10-00 CLIP, PISTON PIN 052 REC6R5-11634-00 CLIP (REC6R5-11634-00)
6R5-11650-10-00 CONNECTING ROD ASY 052 REC6R5-11650-10 CONNECTING ROD (REC6R5-11650-10)
6R7-11181-A1-00 GASKET, CYL. HEAD 001 > REC6R7-11181-A0 GASKET CYLINDER HEAD (REC6R7-11181-A0)
6S1-85885-01-00 THROTTLE SENSOR AS 720 REC6S1-85885-00 SENSOR (REC6S1-85885-00)
6Y1-24268-01-00 GASKET, FUEL METER 720 PAF15-10000003 GASKET (PAF15-10000003)
6YJ-24167-00-00 STRAINER 052 PAF15-10000002 STRAINER (PAF15-10000002)
6YJ-24260-11-00 FUEL METER ASSY 720 PAF15-10020000 OLEOMETER ASSY (PAF15-10020000)
6YJ-24610-01-00 CAP ASY 052 PAF15-10010000 COVER ASSY, FUEL TANK (PAF15-10010000)
6YL-24306-64-00 FUEL PIPE COMP. 1 052 PAF15-09000000 PRIMER BULB AND FUEL LINE 6 MM (PAF15-09000000)
703-48152-00-00 KNOB, FREE ACCEL 052 PAF15-13020007W THROTTLE HANDLE INCHING (PAF15-13020007W)
703-48205-10-00 ->703-48205-11-00 052 S REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48205-11-00 ->703-48205-12-00 052 S REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48205-12-00 ->703-48207-12-00 052 S REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48205-13-00 ->703-48207-12-00 052 S REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48205-20-00 REM-CON BOX 90-SP 001 REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48207-24-00 703 SIDE/MNT MS PUSH 730 REC703-48205-16 REMOTE CNTRL BOX BIG 40 TO 250 (REC703-48205-16)
703-48230-23-00 703 SIDE/MNT ES WO/T 730 NLA REC703-48230-14 CNTRL BOX SM 9 ELECTRIC TO 3 (REC703-48230-14)
703-48230-24-00 REMOTE CONTROL ASSY (7P) REC703-48230-14 CNTRL BOX SM 9 ELECTRIC TO 3 (REC703-48230-14)
703-48245-00-00 PLATE, LOCK 052 PAF15-13010010W BLOCK CONTROL HANDLE (PAF15-13010010W)
703-48261-11-00 ARM, THROTTLE (PULL 052 PAT20-13000500W MACHINE, CONTROL ACCELEROGRAPH (PAT20-13000500W)
703-48293-10-00 SPACER, REM-CON 052 PAF15-11000002W PLATE CONTROL BOX (PAF15-11000002W)
703-48293-11-00 SPACER, REMOTE CON 720 PAF15-11000002W PLATE CONTROL BOX (PAF15-11000002W)
703-48345-01-00 CABLE END, REMOTE 053 PAF25-07000007W CONTROL CABLE TIE IN B (PAF25-07000007W)
703-82510-14-00 MAIN SWITCH ASSY 720 PAF15-13000200W IGNITION STARTER SWITCH (PAF15-13000200W)
703-82510-45-00 MAIN SWITCH ASSY 720 REC703-82510-44 IGNITION SWITCH (REC703-82510-44)
703-82540-00-00 NEUTRAL SWITCH ASY 052 PAF15-13000800W INCHING SWITCH (PAF15-13000800W)
703-82563-21-00 TRIM & TILT SWITCH A 052 REC703-82563-21 POWER TRIM SWITCH ASSY (REC703-82563-21)
703-83383-11-00 BUZZER 052 PAF15-13000300W BUZZER ASSY (PAF15-13000300W)
704-48205-R1-00 CONTROL BINN SINGLE 052 REC704-48205-R0 704 SINGLE TOP MOUNT CONTROL (REC704-48205-R0)
704-48207-R1-00 CONTROL BINN TWIN (C 052 REC704-48207-R0 TWIN TOP MOUNT CONTROL YAM 704 (REC704-48207-R0)
704-82563-42-00 TRIM & TILT SWITCH A 052 REC704-82563-42 POWER TRIM SWITCH ASSY (REC704-82563-42)
704-82563-J2-00 TRIM & TILT SWITCH A 052 REC704-82563-J2 POWER TRIM SWITCH ASSY (REC704-82563-J2)
704-82570-13-00 PANEL, MAIN SWITCH A 735 REC704-82570-12 SINGLE PANEL 704 (REC704-82570-12)
7CN-E2117-00-00 RETAINER, VALVE SPRI 002 PAF8-05030006 RETAINER VALVE SPRING (PAF8-05030006)
7CN-E2118-00-00 COTTER, VALVE 002 PAF8-05030007 COTTER.VALVE (PAF8-05030007)
7DX-E1654-00-00 BOLT, CONNECTING ROD 049 PAF2.6-04000003 WASHER, PLATE (PAF2.6-04000003)
90185-22007-00 NUT, SELF-LOCKING 052 PAF15-01010007 NUT, SELF-LOCKING (PAF15-01010007)
90387-06119-00 COLLAR 002 PAF4-04120003 BUSH, DAMPER (PAF4-04120003)
90387-06119-00 COLLAR 002 REC624-42542-00 BUSHING (REC624-42542-00)
90387-06M11-00 COLLAR 052 PAF4-01000004 BUSHER, BOLT (PAF4-01000004)
90445-10752-00 HOSE 002 PAF15-07010007 HOSE, RETURN OIL F10XF5X70 (PAF15-07010007)
90465-10098-00 CLAMP 001 PAHT-2.5X60 CLAMP (PAHT-2.5X60)
93210-41042-00 O-RING 002 REC93210-41042 O-RING (REC93210-41042)
99999-03058-00 DRIVE SHAFT ASSY 052 PAF15-06040000S DRIVE SHAFT ASSY S (PAF15-06040000S)
99999-03116-00 BRACKET, SWIVEL 1 052 PAF15-01010301S BRACKET, ROTARY (PAF15-01010301S)
99999-03916-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 PAT40-04040000 CASING A ASSY, OIL SEAL (PAT40-04040000)
99999-03916-00 HOUSING, WATER PUMP 052 REC63D-44341-00 HOUSING OIL SEAL (REC63D-44341-00)
99999-03935-00 ANODE SET 052 REC6H1-45251-01 YAMAHA ANODE (REC6H1-45251-01)
99999-04029-00 PINION & GEAR SET (6 052 REC67F-45560-00 GEAR FORWARD (REC67F-45560-00)
99999-04526-00 FUEL PUMP ASSY 710 REC69J-24410-02 FUEL PUMP (REC69J-24410-02)
MAR-10MEL-00-00 10M FUEL FLTR ELEMEN 052 REC24942 FUEL FILTER 10 MICRON 4-7/16" (REC24942)
N26-13440-03-00 ELEMENT ASSY, OIL CL 052 NLA RECN26-13440-00 OIL FILTER (RECN26-13440-00)
YSC-10103-10-0C IMPELLER KIT 053 > REC3854286 IMPELLER (REC3854286)
YSC-10231-20-0C 7.4 OIL FILTER (PF-2 053 > REC3850559 OIL FILTER (REC3850559)
YSC-12190-00-AC GASKET, EXH.MANIFLD 053 > REC27-99757 MANIFOLD GASKET (REC27-99757)
YSC-13080-00-0C GSKT, STAT HSG L4 053 > REC27-8146801 GASKET (REC27-8146801)
YSC-14231-20-0C USE AC PF-35 OR FRAM 053 > REC3850559 OIL FILTER (REC3850559)
YSG-10108-43-5G GSKT, C/CASE 053 > REC27-14250 TIMING CHAIN COVER GASKET (REC27-14250)
YSG-10108-44-5G GASKET, DIST 053 > REC27-344861 GASKET (REC27-344861)
YSG-10114-14-1G GASKET, FUEL PUMP 053 > REC27-34213 GASKET (REC27-34213)
YSG-12560-22-3G GASKET FUEL PLATE 053 > REC27-34898 GASKET (REC27-34898)
YSG-14090-90-8G GASKET 053 > REC90430-08020 GASKET (REC90430-08020)
YSG-14096-15-6G GASKET, CRANKCASE 053 > REC27-49953 GASKET (REC27-49953)
YSG-37545-87-G0 GASKET 053 > REC27-34897 GASKET (REC27-34897)
YSG-38600-39-G0 GASKET, W/PUMP 053 > REC27-49110 GASKET (REC27-49110)

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