Yamaha Outboard Impeller Kit 4-Stroke

4-Stroke Model/HP/Serial Year Water Pump Kit
F6B, BMH, A, AM, AW,ML, MH 6J6 > 6J7 2001-09 REC68T-W0078-00
F6A, ML, MS, AM, BM 60R1 > 60R9 68T > 68T3 60RA > 60RB 2000-06 REC68T-W0078-00
F8AM, B, BE, BM 6G8 1986-95 REC682-W0078-A1
F8C, ML, CM, MS, MH, ML, FM 6G9 2000-15 REC68T-W0078-00
F9.9A, AE, AM 66N>66N8 1985-96 REC682-W0078-A1
F9.9B, BE, BM 6AU1>6AU6 6DR1>6DR3 1985-96 REC682-W0078-A1
F9.9 66R>66R8 1985-04 REC682-W0078-A1
F9.9C, CE, CM, CW, MH 69C>69C1 1998-08 REC63V-W0078-01
F9.9F, FE, FM, MH, ML, JE, JM 2008-15 REC68T-W0078-00
FT9.9D, DE, DM, DW 1999-08 REC63V-W0078-01
FT9.9D, DEP, PLR, TR 6CA1>6CA8 2000-02 REC63V-W0078-01
FT9.9 1985-99 REC682-W0078-A1
T9.9 69V2>69V8 1991-99 REC682-W0078-A1
F9.9HE,HMH 6P71>6P74 2009-15 REC6AH-W0078-00
T9.9 6AF1>6AF3 2005-06 REC63V-W0078-01
F13.5AE,AM 66M>66M7 2002-07 REC63V-W0078-01
F13.5AEP 2005-07 REC63V-W0078-01
F13.5B, BMH 6AG1>6AG9 6AGA 2007-09 REC6AH-W0078-00
F15A, AE, AM, EL, MH 65P1>65P5 1998-07 REC63V-W0078-01
F15CE, CM, CW, EL, MH 2007-15 REC6AH-W0078-00
F20AE 65W>65W9 2003-06 REC61N-W0078-11
F20DET 6BP1>6BP8 2011-15 REC61N-W0078-11
F20B, BE, BM, BW, EL, MH 2007-15 REC6AH-W0078-00
F25A, AE, AM, AW, EL, MH 1998-09 REC61N-W0078-11
F25DE, DM, MH 6BT1>6BT8 2009-215 REC61N-W0078-11
T25 66W>66W1 2001-06, 2009 REC66T-W0078-00
F30 60K1 2001-05 REC66T-W0078-00
F30BE 2009-15 REC6BG-W0078-00
F40 A, ELH 6BG1>6BG8 1999-02 REC63D-W0078-01
F40 CET 6AK1>6AK9 6AKA>6AKB 2002 REC63D-W0078-01
F40 6CY1>6CY6 2000-08 REC66T-W0078-00
F40FE 62Y 2009-15 REC6BG-W0078-00
F40D, DE, HE 62Y 2006-15 REC63D-W0078-01
F40GET 62Y>62Y6 2011-15 REC6CJ-W0078-00
F45 AET 60A3 60AA 1999 REC61N-W0078-11
F50TJR 6C11>6C19 2003 REC61N-W0078-11
F50 A, AE, TJ, T 6C1A>6C1C 1997-07 REC63D-W0078-01
F50 DETL 64J 1995-10 REC63D-W0078-01
F50F, FE, TR, TL 2005-12 REC63D-W0078-01
F50 HED 69W1>69W6 2013-15 REC63D-W0078-01
FT50B, T50TLR 6C51>6C59 1997-99 REC63D-W0078-01
T50 6C5A>6C5C 1996 REC6H3-W0078-02
F60 AE, TL, TJ 2002-07 REC63D-W0078-01
F60 A, C, CET, TR, TJR 6CJ1>6CJ6 2005-12 REC63D-W0078-01
F60 B, FET 6D61 2013-15 REC63D-W0078-01
T60 67G0>67G5 2003-11 REC6H3-W0078-02
F70A, AET 6D71>6D79 6D7A>6D7C 2011-15 REC6CJ-W0078-00
F75BET, TR, TLR 2005 REC67F-W0078-00
F80A, AET, TLR, TJR 67F>67F5 1999-03 REC67F-W0078-00
F80B, BET 6D91>6D99 6D9A>6D9C 2005-15 REC67F-W0078-00
F90 68V, 68V0, 68W0 2003-11 REC67F-W0078-00
F100A, AET, TLR, TRZ 1999-06 REC67F-W0078-00
F100DET 68V, 68V0, 68W0 2005-15 REC67F-W0078-00
F115A (68V/68V0) 2000-01 REC6N6-W0078-02
F115TLR (68V) 68V1>68V9 68VA>68V 2000 REC6N6-W0078-02
F115TLR/ TRZ/ TXR 68W1>68W9 68WA>68WF 2000-01 REC6N6-W0078-02
LF115TXR (68W/68W0) 6EK1>6EK2 6EL1>6EL2 2000-01 REC6N6-W0078-02
F115A, AET, TJR 6EM1 2002-15 REC68V-W0078-00
LF/FL115A, AET, TX, TR, B, BET 2002-15 REC68V-W0078-00
F/LF/FL115B, BET 2014-15 REC68V-W0078-00
F130A, AET 2015 REC68V-W0078-00
F150/FL150 2004-12 REC61A-W0078-A1
F200/FL200 2002-11 REC61A-W0078-A1
F225/FL225 6CL1>6CL4 6CM1>6CM4 2002-10 REC61A-W0078-A1
F225/FL225 20 2007-09 REC6P2-W0078-00
F225CET 2009-15 REC6P2-W0078-00
F250/FL250 6P33>6P39 2005 REC61A-W0078-A1
FL/F250BET 6CG1>6CG4 6CH1>6CH4 2001-11 REC6P2-W0078-00
F250A, AET, TR, TUR 2007-13 REC6P2-W0078-00
LF/FL250A, AET, TR, TX 6CE1>6CE4 6CF1>6CF4 2007-12 REC6P2-W0078-00
F300/FL300AET REC6AW-W0078-00
F350AET, CB, TRG, TUR 2008-15 REC6AW-W0078-00
LF/ FL350AET, CB, TRG, TUR 2008-15 REC6AW-W0078-00

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