Yamaha Outboard Fuel Filter 4-Stroke

4-Stroke HP/Serial/Year Fuel Filter
3A PAF4-04120005
F2,5A PAF4-04120005
F4A PAF4-04120005
4A PAF4-05000300
5C PAF4-05000300
6C PAF4-05000300
8C PAF4-05000300
F4B REC68T-24251-00
F5A REC68T-24251-00
F6A REC68T-24251-00
F6C REC68T-24251-00
F8C / FT8D REC68T-24251-00
F9,9J / FT9,9L REC68T-24251-00
F9,9C / FT9,9D REC68T-24251-00
F15A REC68T-24251-00
F25A / FT25B (-2004) REC68T-24251-00
F9,9C (1001584+) REC61N-24563-10
FT9,9D (1001139+) REC61N-24563-10
F15A (1009198+) REC61N-24563-10
F25A & FT25B (1013331+) (2004+) REC61N-24563-10
F25G REC61N-24563-10
F30A REC40145
F40B REC40145
FT50B (-2000) REC61N-24563-10
FT50B (2001+) REC68V-24563-00
F60A / FT60B (-2003) REC68V-24563-00
F60A / FT60B (2004+) REC61N-24563-10
F60-F115 REC6D8-24560-08
F50F / FT50G REC68V-24563-00
F60C / FT60D (-2006) REC68V-24563-00
F50F / FT50G REC6D8-WS24A-00
F60C / FT60D (2007+) REC6D8-WS24A-00
F30B REC6D8-WS24A-00
F40F REC6D8-WS24A-00
F50H REC6D8-WS24A-00
F60F REC6D8-WS24A-00
FT50J REC6D8-WS24A-00
FT60G REC6D8-WS24A-00
F70A REC6D8-WS24A-00
F80A REC40165
F100A (-2001) REC40165
F80A REC61N-24563-10
F100A (2002+) REC61N-24563-10
F80B REC68V-24563-00
F100D REC68V-24563-00
F(L)115A (-2006) REC68V-24563-00
F80B REC6D8-WS24A-00
F100D REC6D8-WS24A-00
F(L)115A (2007+) / F(L)115B REC6D8-WS24A-00
F100F REC6D8-WS24A-00
F(L)150A REC65L-24563-00
F(L)200A / F200B REC65L-24563-00
F(L)225A (-2006) REC65L-24563-00
F(L)150A REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)200A / F200B REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)225A (2007+) REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)200C REC6P2-WS245-00
F(L)250A (-2006) REC6P2-WS245-00
F(L)200C REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)250A (2007+) REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)225B / F225C REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)225F (V6 4,2L) REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)250D (V6 4,2L) REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)300A / F(L)300B(V6 4,2L) REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)350A REC6P3-WS24A-00
F(L)200F / F(L)200G REC6P3-WS24A-00
F175A REC6P3-WS24A-00
9,9F REC61N-24563-10
15F / F15C REC61N-24563-10
F20B REC61N-24563-10
25N / F25D /FT25F REC61N-24563-10
30D REC61N-24563-10
40V REC61N-24563-10
50G / F50A REC61N-24563-10
60F REC61N-24563-10
75C REC61N-24563-10
90A REC61N-24563-10
100A / F100B REC61N-24563-10
115C REC61N-24563-10
(L)130B REC61N-24563-10
(L)150F REC61N-24563-10
175D REC61N-24563-10
(L)200F / 200G REC61N-24563-10
225D REC61N-24563-10
115B REC6F5-24563-00
115-225 HP REC6R3-24560-00
225G / 250B REC65L-24563-00
(L)Z150P / (L)Z150Q REC68F-24563-00
Z175G REC68F-24563-00
(L)Z200N /Z200P (-2004) REC68F-24563-00
(L)Z150P / (L)Z150Q REC68F-24563-10
Z175G REC68F-24563-10
(L)Z200N /Z200P (2005-06) REC68F-24563-10
(L)Z150P / (L)Z150Q REC6P3-WS24A-00
Z175G REC6P3-WS24A-00
(L)Z200N /Z200P (2007+) REC6P3-WS24A-00
(L)Z250D / Z250F (-2003) REC68F-24563-00
(L)Z250D / Z250F (2004-06) REC68F-24563-10
(L)Z250D / Z250F (2007+) REC6P3-WS24A-00
(L)Z300A (-2006) REC68F-24563-10
(L)Z300A (2007+) REC6P3-WS24A-00

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