Yamaha Outboard Head Gasket 4-Stroke

4-Stroke Model / Cylinders Year Head Gasket
F2.6A/M 1cyl 2003 PAF2.6-04000001
F4A/M 1cyl 1998 PAF4-04000014
F8A/B 2cyl 1985-99 REC6G8-11181-A1
F9.9A/B 2cyl 1985-99 REC6G8-11181-A1
F9.9C 2cyl 2001-07 PAF15-07000100
F9.9H 2cyl 2008 REC6AG-11181-00
FT9.9D, F13.5 A 2cyl 2001-07 PAF15-07000100
F13.5B, F15C/E/M 2cyl 2008 REC6AG-11181-00
F15A/E/M/P 2cyl 2001-07 PAF15-07000100
F20B/E/M 2cyl 2008 REC6AG-11181-00
F20D 2cyl 2011 REC6BL-11181-00
F20A 2cyl 1998 PAF25-05040000
T25/F25A/A/E/M 2cyl 1998-09 PAF25-05040000
T25/F25D/M/F 2cyl 2009 REC6BL-11181-00
F30A/E/TR, F40B/E/TR 2cyl 2000-09 REC67C-11181-01
F30B, F40F 3cyl 2009 REC6BG-11181-00
F40G, F70A 3cyl 2011 REC6CJ-11181-00
F80A/B/C/TLR 4cyl 1999 REC67F-11181-03
F100A/B/D/TLR 4cyl 1999 REC67F-11181-03
F115A/TX/TLR 4cyl 2000 REC67F-11181-03
F150A/T/B 4cyl 2004 REC63P-11181-00
F17A 4cyl 2014 REC6DA-11181-00
F200A/C, F225A/B/C 6cyl (port) 2007 REC6P2-11181-00
F200A/C, F225A/B/C 6cyl (stbd) 2007 REC6P2-11182-00
F200B/F/G/CA 4cyl 2013 REC6DA-11181-00
F225CA/F, F250CA/D 6cyl 2011 REC6CB-11181-00
F250A/B/T 6cyl (port) 2009 REC6P2-11181-00
F250A/B/T 6cyl (stbd) 2009 REC6P2-11182-00
F300A/TR, F350A/C/T 8cyl (port) 2008 REC6AW-11181-00
F300A/TR, F350A/C/T 8cyl (stbd) 2008 REC6AW-11182-00
F300B/CA 6cyl 2011 REC6CB-11181-00

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