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Yamaha Outboard Carburetor Complete

Model/HP/Serial Year Carburetor
2B, BMHS, MSHA, MSHB, MSHC, MSHD 6A1-6A14 1985-05 REC6A1-14301-03
3A, AMHL, MSH 6L5 1988-99 REC6L5-14301-03
3A, AMHS, AMHL, AMH, MSHA, MSHB 6L50-6L59 2001-10 REC6L5-14301-03
AMH, AMHS 6L5A-6L5F 2011-15 REC6L5-14301-03
4AS -6,00E+001 1994-95 REC6E3-14301-05
4AC -6,00E+000 1994-98 REC6E3-14301-05
4CMHS, CMHL 6GP1 2016 REC6E3-14301-05
5C -6,00E+003 1986-99 REC6E3-14301-05
5CS -6,00E+004 1987-95 REC6E3-14301-05
5CMH 6M0 1994 REC6E3-14301-05
5C, CMHS, CMHL 6E30-6E39 2001-10 REC6E3-14301-05
5CMH, CMHS, CMHL 6E3A-6E3F 2011-15 REC6E3-14301-05
6C, CEM 6H6 1984-96 REC6G1-14301-01
6D, DEM 6H8 1984-96 REC6G1-14301-01
6J 6H6 1986 REC6G1-14301-01
6C, MSH, TRV 6M8 1997-98 REC6G1-14301-01
6C 6M80 2001 REC6G1-14301-01
6D 6M90-6M91 2001-02 REC6G1-14301-01
6CMH, CMHS, CMHL, MSHA, MSHB, MSHG, MSHD, MH, MHL, CWH 6M81-6M89 2002-10 REC6G1-14301-01
6CMH, CMHL, CM, MH 6M8A-6M8B 2010-12 REC6G1-14301-01
8N 6G1 1984 REC6G1-14301-01
8C, CEM 6G1 1984-95 REC6G1-14301-01
8J 6G1 1986 REC6G1-14301-01
8C, TRV, MSH 6N0 1997-98 REC6G1-14301-01
8C, MSHZ, MSHA 6N00-6N09 2001-10 REC6G1-14301-01
8CMH, CMHS, CMHL 6N0A-6N0C 2011-12 REC6G1-14301-01
9.9FMH, FMHS, FMHL, FEMH, MHW, MSH, MSHZ, MSHA, MSHB, MSHC 63V-63V9 1995-10 REC63V-14301-00
9.9FMH, FMHS, FMHL, MH 63VA-63VJ 2011-16 REC63V-14301-00
13.5AWH 63V 1998 REC63V-14301-00
13.5AMH, AMHS, AMHL 66S1-66S2 2003-04 REC63V-14301-00
15F.FEMH, FMHS, MHW, MSH, MSHA 63W-63W1 1995-02 REC63V-14301-00
E15CMHS 65F2 2003 REC63V-14301-00
E15D 6B4 2003+ REC6B4-14301-00
15FMHS, FMHL, FMH, MH, MSHB, MSHC, MSHG 63W2-63W9 2003-10 REC63V-14301-00
15FMHS, FMHL, FMH, MH 63WA-63WG 2011-16 REC63V-14301-00
25VE 61R 1996 REC61N-14301-04
25VM 61R 1997 REC61N-14301-04
E25A 61N 1998 REC61N-14301-04
25VM 61R0 2001 REC61N-14301-04
30G 61T 1996 REC61N-14301-04
30GE 61T 1997 REC61N-14301-04
40X, XW 66T 1998-00 REC66T-14301-60
40XMH 66T4-66T8 2003-05 REC66T-14301-60
40XMH, XMHS, XMHL 66TG-66TR 2009-12 REC66T-14301-60
E40X, MLH 66T 1998-00 REC66T-14301-60
E40X, XMH, XMHS, XMHL, MLHZ 66T0-66T8 2001-05 REC66T-14301-60
E40X, XMHS, XMHLXMH, XMHX 66TA-66TR 2006-12 REC66T-14301-60
E60H, HMHD, HMHDS, HMHDL, ELHB, MHZ, MLHA, HMHDX, HWHD 69D0-69D9 2001-10 REC6K5-14301-03
E60HMHD, HMHDS, HMHDL, HWDL 69DA-69DC 2011-12 REC6K5-14301-03
E60HE, HM, E-60H 6K5 1996-00 REC6K5-14301-03

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