Yamaha Outboard VST Filter 4-Stroke

4-Stroke Model/HP Year VST Filter
F115 2000-09 REC68V-13915-00
F200 TXR 2002-09 REC68V-13915-00
LF200 TXR 2002-09 REC68V-13915-00
F225 TXR 2002-09 REC68V-13915-00
F225 TUR 2002-09 REC68V-13915-00
F150 TXR 2004-09 REC63P-13915-00
F150 TLR 2004-09 REC63P-13915-00
F150 TJR 2009 REC63P-13915-00
LF150 TXR 2004-09 REC63P-13915-00
F250 TXR 2005-09 REC63P-13915-00
F250 TUR 2005-09 REC63P-13915-00
F300 TXR 2007-09 REC63P-13915-00
F300 TUR 2007-09 REC63P-13915-00
F350 TXR 2007-09 REC63P-13915-00
F350 TUR 2007-09 REC63P-13915-00
F225 TLR 2007-09 REC63P-13915-00

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