Yamaha Outboard Fuel Pressure Regulator

Model/HP/Serial Year Fuel Pressure Regulator
F150 A/B/C/D/T 63P & 64P 2004-05 REC63P-13906-00
F150 A/T/B/D 63P & 64P 2005+ REC63P-13906-00
F150 B/F 6BM & 6BN 2012+ REC63P-13906-00
F200 A/ T 60L & 60M 2000-05 REC69J-13906-00
F200 A/ T 60L & 60M 2006-07 REC69J-13906-00
F200 C 6AL & 6AM 2006 REC6P2-13906-00
F200 A/B/C 6AL,6AM,6S19,6S29 20012+ REC6P2-13906-00
F225 A/ T 69J & 69K 2000-07 REC69J-13906-00
F225 A/B/C 6AS,6BB & 6AT 2012-15 REC6P2-13906-00
F250 A/T 6P2 & 6P3 2006-11 REC6P2-13906-00
F250 A/T 6P2 & 6P3 2012-13 REC6P2-13906-00

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