Johnson Evinrude Outboard Tilt Trim O-Ring Kits

Tilt Trim O-Ring Kits

Tilt and trim systems have a variety of O-rings and seals to maintain pressure for the hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic fluid also needs to be contained as part of that pressure driven system. When you notice fluid leaks or cylinders that are no longer capable of moving or holding the motor, it's probably time to replace some rings and seals.
Engine Year Part Number
60 HP thru V6 (1990 & older), V8 (1991-1993). For integral TNT units   393942
60-225 HP for TNT units 1991-2006 434519
40/48/50 HP for TNT units 1989-2005 435567
V8 tilt O-ring kit 1986-2001 433234
3-Cylinder & 4-Cylinder for Prestolite tilt cylinder   174003
V6 & V8 or SST cylinders for Showa tilt cylinder   390007
V6 & V8 or SST cylinders for external RAM TNT (2 required)   174520
60-70 HP, 4-Stroke 2001-2003 5034154

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