Premier Repair Services (Cont.)

Premier Repair Services
Four Winns Dash Panels
CDI Electronics is the sole remanufacturer of Four Winn Dash Panels
used on many 1994 - 2001 Four Winns Boats.
To have your Dash Panel repaired, follow this process:
1. Identify the Dash Panel Part Number (This May Require Removal) or by visiting
cdielectronics.com to search for your boat.
2. Go to cdielectronics.com/support & complete RMA Request Form.
3. Remove & Securely Package Dash Panel for Shipment. In shipment box, please
include all relevant contact information.
4. Ship to: CDI Electronics
Attn: [Your RMA Number]
Four Winns Dash Panels Available for Premier Repair Services
*Numbers Listed Below are CDI Numbers (R+OEM Number)
For a comprehensive library of available Dash Panels through Premier Repair Services,
visit www.cdielectronics.com
R1-911-220934BO RFW-025-2349 RFW-176604
R1-912-00-067B RFW-025-2481 RFW-176682
R1-912-220-000 RFW-033-0001 RFW-176683
R1912220162B RFW-033-0002 RFW-176689
R1-912-220-179B RFW-033-0003 RFW-1-911-220-934B
R1-912-220-193B RFW-033-0004 RFW-1-911-220-083B
R1-912-220-227B RFW-033-0005 RFW-1-912-220-100B
R4010379 RFW-175111 RFW-1-912-220-117B
RF176594 RFW-175753 RFW-1-912-220-124B
RFW-025-1208 RFW-175837 RFW-1-912-220-162B
RFW-025-1686 RFW-176232 RFW-1-912-220-186B
RFW-025-1793 RFW-176493 RFW-1-912-220-258B
RFW-025-1837 RFW-176503 RFW-1-923-000-067B
RFW-025-1838 RFW-176594 RFW-72659A
RFW-025-210B RFW-176603
RFW-025-1970 RFW-176591
TECH SUPPORT: 1.866.423.4832 CALL TO ORDER: 1.800.209.9624
Premier Repair Services
Premier Repair Services

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