Premier Repair Services (Cont.)

Premier Repair Services
Electronic Control Modules & Electronic Fuel Injectors
Brand New ECM & EFI Systems tend to be costly.
With PREMIER REPAIR SERVICES, you can send your current ECM or EFI
into CDI Electronics and let the professionals rebuild or reprogram
your system for a fraction of the cost.
Mercury ECM & EFI’s Available for Premier Repair Services
*Numbers Listed Below are CDI Numbers (R+OEM Number)
For a comprehensive library of available ECU, EFI, & ECM’s through
Premier Repair Services, visit www.cdielectronics.com
R11350 A3 R14632A 7 R824003 5 R824003A 4 R824003A25
R11350A 8 R14632A 9 R824003 6 R824003A 5 R824003A26
R11350A27 R14632A10 R824003 7 R824003A 6 R824003A27
R11350A33 R14632A12 R824003 8 R824003A 7 R824003A28
R11350A36 R14632A13 R824003 9 R824003A 8 R824003A29
R11350A40 R14632A15 R824003 10 R824003A 9 R824003A30
R11350A47 R14632A16 R824003 11 R824003A10 R824003A31
R11350A48 R14632A17 R824003 12 R824003A11 R824003A32
R11350A49 R14632A18 R824003 13 R824003A12 R824003R32
R11350A52 R14632A19 R824003 14 R824003A13
R11350A65 R14632A20 R824003 15 R824003A14
R14632A 1 R824003 1 R824003 16 R824003A15
R14632A 2 R824003 2 R824003A 1 R824003A16
R14632A 4 R824003 3 R824003A 2 R824003A17
R14632A 5 R824003 4 R824003A 3 R824003A23
Premier Repair Services
Premier Repair Services

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