SeaStar Power Assist Steering

Power Assist, 15' Harness
Power Assist, 25' Harness
Power Assist PRO, 15' Harness
Dual Ignition Control Kit
Harness Fuse Kit
SeaStar Power Assist steering dramatically reduces
steering effort in heavy or high torque applications.
Power assisted steering delivers exceptional
performance and unparalleled levels of safety and
comfort, even in the most extreme conditions.
Dramatically reduces steering effort.
Wall or Floor mount.
Easy to install.
OEM or retro-fit.
Compatible with power purge system.
Simple add-on to an existing SeaStar
steering system (from 1.4 to 2.4 SeaStar
OEM or retro-fit.
Compatible with power purge system.
Return to manual in failure mode.
Suitable for use with autopilots.
12V or 24V operation.
Wiring harness included.
Ignition protected (SAE J-1171).
ABYC, CE, NMMA, ISO 10592 Approved.
The SeaStar Power Assist unit can be installed on new
SeaStar steering installations or as an easy retro-fit to
existing systems.
Suitable for most boat types, the SeaStar Power Assist
uses an electronically controlled hydraulic pump to
provide on-demand power steering.
It is installed into the hydraulic steering circuit
between the helm and steering cylinder. The Power
Assist unit is powered from the boat’s battery and
adjusts automatically to the input voltage (12V or
The SeaStar Power Assist can be used on boats with
multiple engines and rudders, multiple steering
stations and autopilots.
If power to the unit is interrupted for any reason, the
steering system will automatically return to manual
operation without any change to the number of lock-
to-lock turns. In this case, the steering will of course
be heavier than with the Power Assist activated.
Today’s high horsepower engines are much heavier
and are producing more propeller torque than ever
before. Naturally, this additional weight and torque
has an effect on the boat’s steering when these
loads are transferred to the wheel. Unacceptable
levels of steering load can increase driver fatigue
and discomfort. The SeaStar Power Assist virtually
eliminates all steering loads and provides modern
boaters the same level of steering comfort and
control found in cars. Even in the most extreme
applications, the boat will be more comfortable to
steer. The SeaStar Power Assist allows the boat to be
driven safely and easily by the whole family.
STEERING - Inboard (Hydraulic)
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