The Rack Mechanical Rack Steering

DISCLAIMER: This system is only recommended
as replacement for the original system as
installed by the boat manufacturer. SeaStar
Solutions always recommends NFB helms for
outboard applications. NFB helms lock out
steering loads caused by propeller torque
eliminating the driver fatigue normally
experienced with a standard helm. Patented
SeaStar Solutions steering helms are a drop
in replacement for standard rack system.
Traditional SeaStar Solutions mechanical steering is
still the choice for sterndrives, inboards and other
power assisted applications. It’s just right for power
steered boats in which No FeedBack™ systems are
not required. Our new Rack features the precision
and comfort of four turns lock-to-lock with a cable
and helm that install easily from behind the dash.
In single cable configurations, this is the best 4-turn
choice for power-steered boats.
Virtually all power assisted sterndrive boats with
wheels up to 16” diameter.
Back Mount Rack Replaces 1984-date SeaStar
Solutions “The Rack” steering without dash
modification. (Requires use of SSC134xx Back Mount
Rack cable.)
For single station use only. Components are available
for dual cable systems, but we recommend No
FeedBack steering for all dual cable steered, non-
power assisted outboards and sterndrives. See the
NFB Pro Rack Dual Cable and SeaStar PRO sections
of this catalog.
Precise, easy 4 turns lock-to-lock.
Kits include: cable, helm, 90° bezel and hardware.
Standard 3/4” round tapered steering shaft.
Stainless steel cable output ends.
Fast, easy installation: back mount design allows
quick placement in dash PLUS mounting hardware
fits industry-standard SeaStar Solutions rack holes.
Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.
Made, designed and assembled in the USA.
BM Rack Steering Kit (single cable)
Back Mount Rack Helm (single/dual)
Back Mount Rack Single Cable
Back Mount Bezel (90°)
BM Rack Tilt Dash Module
Each Kit Includes Tilt Helm & Tilt Mechanism
BM Rack Tilt Helm (single/dual)
Sport Tilt Mechanism
Sport Plus Tilt Mechanism
Rack Single Cable
Dash Wedge Kit (10°)
Dash Wedge Kit (20°)
Back Mount Rack Friction Device
(Old #3953114P)
Cable Gard (fits most tilt tubes)
Back Mount Rack Dual Cable
Steering Wheel Hardware Kit
(Old #2745417P)
* Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt Steering system installation.
For dual rack & pinion steered boats. If steering is NOT
power-assisted, upgrading to NFB 4.0 Pro Rack is recommended.
STEERING - Outboard (Mechanical)

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