SeaStar Solutions Steering Cables

SeaStar Solutions Steering Cables
All SeaStar Solutions steering cables exceed ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification
requirements. SeaStar Solutions steering cables are designed with a rotary or rack and pinion design to fit various
helm space and application requirements. All SeaStar steering cables feature:
• A tightly controlled core to conduit ft to offer precise steering.
• Outer jacket is constructed with HDPE, a high density polyethylene material that is abrasion resistant and
provides a high resistance to water penetration.
• All cables Feature output ends constructed of stainless steel material For corrosion resistance.
Standard quick connect rotary cable fits SH5150P,
High Performance quick connect rotary steering cable
designed to reduce backlash used in conjunction with the
SH5180P and SH91650P helms. This cable has a special
powder coated helical core to allow the most precise fit
to the conduit. This cable and helm will allow incredible
response with minimal lost motion.
Rotary replacement steering cable for the Morse® 304411
and the SeaStar Solutions SSC52xx Command 290
steering helms; 292525, (The following are all obsolete)
305015, 304857, 310988, 310989, 310990, 310991.
Note: SA88304 adaptor allows a SSC62 cable to
fit the DO290 helm.
(For use with older Safe-T and Big-T Helms)
A brand new XTREME™ steering cable was designed
specifically for the XTREME helms. This cable offers
lower backlash and is more efficient than a standard
steering cable. It provides the lowest ease of effort, a
close "fit" of the core to liner for lowest lost motion.
The concept provides the "tight" fit of core to liner
yet allows area for lubrication. The design of the
helm allows higher loads to be placed into the cable
requiring this new design cable. There is a quick
connect feature on both the steering cable and spent
travel tube for easy, quick installation.
Note: All SSCX XTREME Cables are designed to
only fit XTREME helms.
Trapped nut stays in place
during cable routing
Simple snap in connection for
easy installation
Minimal Core to Liner
Contact Area
Rotary Core
Splined Liner
(with SA27620P adaptor)
Old Safe T (SH5023P, SH5075P, SH91075P and
SH91077P) and Big T helms (SH5000P and SH91525P)
use with SSC61XX steering cable.
Note: SSC61XX is directly replaced by SSC62xx

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