Twin SR (CH5400P)

CONTROLS - Single Function
TWIN SR (CH5400P):
Ideal for single and dual station boats, SR Twin is
rugged and made with the finest marine grade
materials. Removable cover enables easy access to
the mechanism. Includes adjustable brakes and stops.
Accepts universal control cables. Optional detent
kits and neutral safety switch available. Additional
hardware is required for twin station use.
Single-function control — each lever controls
throttle OR shift. Ideal for inboards, stern drives and
outboards. Twin SR controls are suitable for single or
dual stations and can utilize 3300/33C or 4300/43C
type cables. Not suitable for use with Mercury® and
OMC® OEM type control cables.
Polished stainless steel cover, stainless steel levers
and rugged cast hanger plate.
Removable cover enables easy access to the
control mechanism.
Adjustable brakes and stops.
Optional neutral safety switch to prevent starting
in gear.
Optional shift detent kit (if used in dual stations;
use on main station only).
Uses 3300/33C and 4300/43C type cables.
Mechanical advantage - shift 3.10:1/throttle
Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.
SeaStar Solutions Recommends Using
Cables With This Control.
The Dual Station Transfer Unit from SeaStar Solutions
is recommended where long or difficult cable paths
make parallel installations costly and/or difficult.
When single function two lever controls are used in
a parallel, dual station application, some installations
may cause the clutch or throttle levers to operate
“stiff”. Adding a transfer unit can improve control
performance in these cases.
Twin SR 2-lever control
(Old No. 036469-001)
Clutch Detent Kit
In-Series Dual Station Kit, 3300/33C
(2 required for twin lever control)
In-Series Dual Station Kit,
40 Series (2 required for twin)
Neutral Safety Switch Kit
Ball Knob, Red
Ball Knob, Black
Stainless Steel Throttle Knob
Stainless Steel Shift Knob
Replacement Stainless Steel Lever
(Fits SeaStar Solutions® CH5600 SLT & Twin SR controls only.)
Mounting Hardware Kit, Twin
Replacement Dome Cover, Twin
Dual Station Transfer Unit
Engine Connection Kits
(see Connection Kits section)
** Fits most controls with 3/8-24 threaded levers.
(remove 2 screws)

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