SL-3 Series

CONTROLS - Dual Function
The SL-3 is ideal for most boats. Offered in four
styles, it's a snap to install - without needing control
modifications or tedious cable adjustments. And it
accepts nearly every type of cable!
For single station use with nearly any engine.
For dual station use with the DS unit.
• Four styles: single and twin lever topmounts +
sidemount with and without cut-off switch.
Firm yet effortless shift and throttle motion.
• Entire gear mechanism is enclosed and
permanently lubricated for long-lasting, smooth
Port or starboard installation with various cable
entry angles.
• Easily adapted to push or pull the cables.
• "Easy-On" cable design means no shift or throttle
adjustments, no control modifications and accepts
virtually every type of cable.
• Push button for neautral engine warm-up.
• Optional trim switch in handle grip for one-hand
Neutral safety switch prevents starting in gear.
• Adjustable brake prevents throttle creep.
• Mechanical advantage 2.38:1.
• Meets/exceeds all applicable standards.
SeaStar Solutions
Recommends Using
Cables With This
When properly installed, these engine controls
will connect to outboard, stern drive and inboard
engines, utilizing Mercury/Mariner® and OMC® OEM
type control cables, as well as universal 3300/33c type
cables and engine connection kits.
(May require purchase of Engine cable connection kit(s)
to complete control system installation)
(Accepts these cables:)
OEM Types
OEM/Univ. 3300/33C Types
Universal 3300/33C Types

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