Jet Boat Mini Rack

STEERING - Jet Boat Mini Rack Steering System
This new mechanical steering system is designed to
deliver the smoothest and most efficient steering
available for twin engine jet boats. Developed for
twin jet engine boats, this new product combines the
mechanical advantage of a four turn steering system
with the responsiveness of a 1½ turn system.
Featuring SeaStar Solutions pioneered Xtreme cable
technology, the system has a small behind-dash profile
and independently routed steering cables mounted to
each bucket of the twin engine system. The robust,
high performance armor wrapped cable core features
splined ridges molded on the core for minimal contact
between the liner and core. This design allows the
core to glide freely, for minimal lost motion and
smoother, easier steering. The resulting reduction
in cable friction not only improves performance, it
keeps the entire steering system running smoother,
longer. The new system is also easier to install than
other jet boat steering systems. Ease of installation
combined with decreased driver fatigue make Mini
Rack unmatched by other mechanical jet steering
Utilizing proven rack and pinion gear design mated
with Xtreme cable technology, the Mini-Rack has
been rigorously validated through both laboratory
and on-water testing. The system is fully approved
and compliant with ABYC P-23 and NMMA.
This competitively priced system is available in both
standard-helm and tilt-helm options.
SeaStar Solutions Jet Boat Mini Rack is recommended
for use in all jet boat applications with Dual Engine/
Dual Jet pump boats powered by Yamaha jet drives
up to 260 HP. Not for use with large jet pumps using
automotive V-8 engines or outboards using lower jet
units. Minimum behind dash space required is 19
1/2 inches. Accepts steering wheels up to 16 inch
diameter maximum.
This Steering System is sold by components. Select
helm, bezel and cable or tilt helm, tilt mechanism
and cable from items listed below.
Standard Jet Boat Rack Helm
Back Mount Rack Bezel
Dual Cable Assembly-Yamaha
Tilt Jet Boat Rack Helm
Sport Tilt Mechanism
Sport Plus Tilt Mechanism
Steering Wheel Hardware Kit
*Requires tilt mechanism to complete Tilt steering
system installation.
• 1½ turns lock-to-lock travel with four turn
mechanical advantage.
• 90° dash mount (Tilt steering option available).
• Standard ¾” round taper steering shaft, 3.5"
cable travel.
• Stainless steel cable output ends.
• Fast, easy installation: back mount design allows
quick placement in dash, PLUS mounting hardware
fits industry-standard SeaStar Solutions rack
mounting holes.
• Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
• Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

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