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SeaStar Sterndrive Steering

System components sold separately. See applications
and ordering guides to select appropriate components.
SeaStar 1.7 - Front Mount Helm
Sterndrive Cylinder
cylinder part numbers vary, see application chart on page 111
Hose Kit (2 hoses)
SeaStar Oil (2 Quarts)
SeaStar 1.7
- Front Mt. Commercial Helm
SeaStar 1.7 - Rear Mount Helm
SeaStar 1.7 - Sport Tilt Helm
SeaStar 1.7 - Classic Tilt Helm
SeaStar 2.0 - Front Mount Helm
SeaStar 2.4 - Front Mount Helm
SeaStar 2.4
- Front Mt. Commercial Helm
SeaStar 2.4 - Rear Mount Helm
SeaStar 2.4 - Sport Tilt Helm
SeaStar 2.4 - Classic Tilt Helm
SeaStar Round Bezel Kit
SeaStar Backplate Kit
SeaStar 20° Dash Wedge Kit
SeaStar Bulkhead Hose Kit (2 hoses)
HO81_ _
Add-A-Station Kit (Nylon/Copper Tube)
Add-A-Station Kit (Hose)
3/8” Tubing (see ordering guide)
SeaStar Oil (1 Gallon)
Steering Wheel Locknut
SeaStar Sterndrive Steering is the best choice for non-
power assisted sterndrives. The system is based upon
the SeaStar helm family, which allows for dual station
and autopilot use. Cylinders are specific to drive
brands and models.
Ideal for most sterndrives, especially non-power-
assisted units, SeaStar is suitable for single and
multiple drives and dual stations.
Best and Most Economical autopilot interface for
sterndrives! Easy installation.
Simple multiple steering station connection.
Optional SeaStar 2.0 & 2.4 helms for quicker
steering response.
Standard 3/4” tapered steering shaft.
Fast, easy installation.
Meets A.B.Y.C. standards.
Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.
SeaStar is the best steering choice to interface with
most autopilots. If you are installing an autopilot on
a mechanically steered boat, we recommend you
upgrade to SeaStar for performance reasons.
If you’re upgrading to SeaStar, plan ahead: future
installation of an autopilot or extra steering station
can be simplified by installing two pairs of shorter
hose kits. Connect them with union coupling fittings,
part no. HF5530. Tee fittings can be installed with
ease at a later date. Bulkhead union fitting kits are
available to facilitate hose runs through transoms and
HF5512 up to 3/4" (19mm) splashwell, 1 cylinder
HF5513 up to 3" (76mm) transom, 1 cylinder
HF5514 up to 3/4" (19mm) splashwell, 2 cylinders
HF5515 up to 3" (76mm) transom, 2 cylinders
For an autopilot installation, a third (compensating)
line must be installed and identified. (SeaStar helm
Ports marked “R” are for connection of additional
helm and/or autopilot compensating lines.) Use
HF6007 (outboards) or HF5502 (sterndrives and
inboards) fitting kits when adding an autopilot to
your SeaStar system.
STEERING - Sterndrive (Hydraulic)
See Page 148

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