Tohatsu Outboard Fuel Filter

Model/HP Year Fuel Filter
MFS25 PAF15-07080000
MFS25B PAF15-07080000
MFS30 PAF15-07080000
6 1989, 1992-99 REC35-80365M
8 1989-99, 2001-02 REC35-80365M
F4 1999-02 REC35-80365M
F9.9 1989-95, 1997-99, 2001-02 REC35-80365M
FT 9.9 1998-90 REC35-80365M
M5 PAF4-05000300
M9.8 PAF4-05000300
M9.9 PAF4-05000300
M15 PAF4-05000300
M18 PAF4-05000300
M40 PAF4-05000300
MFS4 PAF4-05000300
MFS5 PAF4-05000300
MFS6 PAF4-05000300
MFS8 PAF4-05000300
MFS9.9 PAF4-05000300
MFS15 PAF4-05000300
MFS20 PAF4-05000300
MFS30 PAF4-05000300
BFT75AK1 REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT90AK1 REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT115A REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT250A REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT225A REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT200A REC16911-ZY3-010
BFT150A REC16911-ZY3-010

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