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Suzuki Outboard Head Gasket

2-Stroke Model/HP Year Cylinder Head Gasket
DT2.2, DT2.2 G-Y 1986-00 REC11141-98401
DT5, DT6, DT8 G-Y 1986-00 REC11141-98130
DT6, DT8 Y-K2 2000-02 REC11141-98130
DT9.9K, DT15 K-G-Y 1986-00 REC11141-93960
DT9.9, DT15 K1-K4 2001-04 REC11141-93960
DT15C 1989-97 REC11141-93960
DT20, DT25, DT30 G-Y 1986-00 REC11141-96303
DT25, DT30 C-K-Y 1989-00 REC11141-95D40
DT25, DT30 K1-K2 2001-01 REC11141-96344
DT40 C-W-G-X 1986-99 REC11141-94450
DT55, DT65 J-X 1988-99 REC11141-94720
DT75, DT85 J-Y 1988-00 REC11141-95505
DT90, DT100 L-Y 1990-00 REC11141-87E90
DT115, DT140 G-Y 1986-00 REC11141-94506
DT150, DT200, V6 1986-86 REC11141-87D90

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