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Honda Outboard Tilt Trim Motor

Model/HP Year Tilt Trim Motor
BF40, BF50 2002-03 REC38100-87J12
BF35AM REC36120-ZV5-821
BF40B, B2, BX, A, A1, REC36120-ZV5-821
A2, AX, AY REC36120-ZV5-821
BF45AM REC36120-ZV5-821
BF50A, A1, A2, AX, AY REC36120-ZV5-821
BF40A4, REC36120-ZW4-H12
BF50A4, REC36120-ZW4-H12
BF40D, DK2, DK4 REC36120-ZW4-H12
BF50D, DK2, DK4 REC36120-ZW4-H12
BF75DK0, DK2, DK3 REC36120-ZY9-003
BF90DK0, DK2, DK4 REC36120-ZY9-003
BF100A REC36120-ZY9-003
BF80A REC36120-ZY9-003
BF115D, DK1 REC36120-ZY6-013
BF135A4, AK2 REC36120-ZY6-013
BF150A4, AK2 REC36120-ZY6-013
BF175A3, A6, AK1, AK2 REC36120-ZY3-013
BF200A2, A3, A6, AK2 REC36120-ZY3-013
BF225A2, A3, A6, AK1, AK2, REC36120-ZY3-013

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