OMC 4-Cylinder 181 C.I.D. 140 H.P. 3.0L

Model 140 engine: Log style direct replacement

OMC 4-Cylinder 181 C.I.D. 140 H.P. 3.0L
Part Number Description
OMC-1-984054 Direct replacement exhaust manifold. Replaces OMC part numbers 998083, 980460, 980957 and 982490.
OMC-20-910380 Direct repalcement exhaust elbow. Replaces OMC riser part numbers 980188 and 910380.
1-910384 Direct replacement front end cap. Replaces OMC part number 910384.
OMC-1-984054P Exhaust manifold mounting package.
OMC-20-910380P Exhaust riser mounting package.
OMC47-311121 Exhaust manifold to elbow and end cap gasket.
OMC47-908013 Adaptor plate (OMC-20-908014) to riser (OMC-20-910380) gasket.
OMC47-908079 Exhaust manifold to cylinder head gasket.
Manifold includes all plugs, gaskets and mounting hardware to head. Risers include plugs, gasket and mounting hardware to mount to manifold.

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