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Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Power Steering Pump 1359649

Fits Model Numbers:

7.4GSiXNCB, 7.4GSiXNCM, 740A, 740B, 8.2GLPMDA, 8.2GLPMDM, 8.2GSiXNCB, BB740A, D6-280A-A, D6-280A-B, D6-280I-A, D6-280I-B, D6-310A-A, D6-310A-B, D6-310D-B, D6-310I-A, D6-310I-B, D6-330A-B, D6-330D-B, D6-330I-B, D6-350A-A, D6-350A-B, D6-370A-B, D6-370D-B, D6-370I-A, D6-370I-B, DPX385XBYDCE, DPX385XEFS, DPX385XLKE, DPX415XBYDCE, DPX415XEFS, DPX415XLKE, KAD32P, KAD42A, KAD42B, KAD42P-A, KAD43P-A, KAD44P, KAD44P-B, KAD44P-C, KAMD42B, MD22P, Shield, Shield for DPX, TAMD22P-B, TAMD42B, TAMD42WJ-A, TMD22B

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