511-9773 - Adaptor, Peak Reading

CDI Electronics 511-9773 - Adaptor, Peak Reading

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CDI Electronics

511-9773 - DVA Adapter

Built in test leads, Replacement tips fit most test clips.

DVA stands for Direct Voltage Adapter, which is used to measure peak AC voltage. This type of measurement of AC voltage takes the absolute peak or highest value of the fluctuating AC voltage signal. Peak readings will be substantially higher than standard or RMS AC values and are typically used when testing marine CD (capacitor discharge) ignition systems due to their high variance in frequency as RPM increases and decreases. In order for a digital meter to read peak voltage, one will need a DVA adapte. Using a DVA adapter, a digital meter must be set to its DC voltage scale. Peak AC voltage is the measurement, but the DVA adapter has a built-in bridge rectifier, which converts AC to DC. The DC voltage setting on a digital meter is required to accurately read DVA.T adapter peak reading volt.

To be used with a shielded Digital Multimeter (not included).

The CDI piercing probe set (511-9770) and the pack load resister (511-9775) are highly recommended for use with this adapter.

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