CDI274-5456-S15 - Merc Racing Stator 6 Cyl. (16

CDI Electronics CDI274-5456-S15 - Merc Racing
Stator 6 Cyl. (16

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CDI Electronics

274-5456-S15 - High Performance Stator 6-Cylinder,16 Amp

Fits: 1981-1993 (135,140,150,175,200,220 & 225HP)

Replaces: 398-5454A11, 398-5454A15, 398-5454A16, 398-5454A30, 398-5454A31, 398-5454A32, 398-5454A34, 398-5454A35, 398-5454A36, 398-5454A61, 398-5454A66, 398-5454S15, 398-5454S35

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CDI Electronics Cdi274-5456-s15 - Merc Racing Stator 6 Cyl. (16 is equivalent to parts:

  • 5454S35 Mercury Marine
  • 5454S15 Mercury Marine
  • 5454A64 Mercury Marine
  • 5454A55 Mercury Marine
  • 5454A36 Mercury Marine
  • 5454A35 Mercury Marine
  • 5454A32 Mercury Marine
CDI Electronics produces state of the art Quick Strike Ignitions and components that have become the industry standard for quality electronic ignition systems. CDI also makes a line of electronics testing equipment for marine engine applications.

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