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183-3737 - Universal Coil Kit

CDI Electronics 183-3737 - Universal Coil Kit

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CDI Electronics

Replaces OEM 0502688.

183-3737 -Universal Replacement Ignition Coil Kit 2-6 Cylinder

Fits: 1972-2006, Universal Replacement Kit, Carbureted 2 Stroke Engines, 1 per Cyl. Includes: Plug Wire, Terminals and Hardware

Replaces: 502882, 502884, 502890, 580688, 580730, 580847, 582106, 582160, 582366, 582382, 582508, 583737, 584632, 584561, 802365, 802373, 18-5176, 183-2366, 183-2382, 183-2508

Please note the coil itself may be marked as 183-0001. That is a new number that represents the coil only.

***This is a redesigned coil.  The ground wire has been removed and replaced with a metal tab on one of the mounting screw holes.  The spark plug wire needs to be trimmed to length and the loose boot fitted to the wire.  Plug wire connects to large post on back of coil.  Powerpack wire is now loose and needs to be connected to powerpack at one end and the small post on the back of the coil.

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CDI Electronics Ignition Coil (j/e) - Universal is equivalent to parts:

  • 584561 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 582508 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 582382 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 502884 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 502882 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 502688 Evinrude Johnson OMC BRP
  • 9-23103 Mallory Marine
CDI Electronics produces state of the art Quick Strike Ignitions and components that have become the industry standard for quality electronic ignition systems. CDI also makes a line of electronics testing equipment for marine engine applications.

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