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Just a matter of interest. I bought my first lot of parts from Yumbo Parts in Japan. They are an all Japanese parts supplier, they source your order direct from the manufacturer, all genuine and very competitively priced and very readonable freight, check them out.


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Wow!! This is very encouraging to me because I see parts listed as available that I didn't think you could buy new any longer.

For example, the replacement carb for a pre 1997 7.5hp. I have thought for years they just couldn't be had....as in unobtanium.

Thanks Ian!


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Thanks iang, and there is another company called Impex-Japan who I've used for a number of years, who operate the same as Yumbo with the exact same(good) prices.
The shipping from Japan to New Zealand takes typically 1 week using DHL or Fed-Ex, & that's going via China, Singapore, & Australia.



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Well that's very interesting.... shipping rates are good so I think I'll be using them for a couple of O2 sensors and some fuel filters (I'll have to keep below the UK import duty threshold)
Thanks for the info.


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So it seems that I can get two Honda O2 sensors for the same cost as a single walker sensor here in the UK!

So I will soon be putting in an order for those plus a few high and low pressure fuel filters.

Thanks @iang6766 .... That bit of information was very helpful.


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Yeah heaps cheaper. Just got a few things. Quick question, do you pay for the parts and shipping separately in your experience? Feels like I only paid for the parts but I did select a shipping option...


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Thought this was too good to be true.
My order was a thermostat, sensor and few bolts - came to 24 USD for the parts which was great. Shipping only 8 USD, great again - but the hidden customs tax ended up being 24 USD kinda kills it. There wasn't really information on that up front as well. Shipping to Australia.
Anyone else encounter this? Would have otherwise been my go to over MegaZip