100 - Slimy Grimy 1lb. Granular Formula

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Slimy Grimy

Bottom Cleaners

Slimy Grimy Boat Bottom Cleaner

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Clean, brighten and dissolve grime on almost anything with Slimy Grimy. Slimy Grimy Spray Bottle is great for small jobs in and around the home, boat or camper. Slimy Grimy is formulated to lift stains. Easy to use, cleans, preserves and beautifies. For larger jobs, mix Slimy Grimy Granular Formula with water into a 1, 2 or 3 gallon sprayer. Slimy Grimy will clean brown stains on boat bottoms without scratching the fiberglass, leaving boats showroom clean. Spray away orange oxide stains on exterior of homes and lift dirt and grime from wood decks, fences and all exterior surfaces enhancing the look and longevity of wood, stucco, brick, aluminum and all types of shingles. Rust stains disappear to show the beauty of your environment. No acid burns, will not hurt your skin.

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