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    Re: Yamaha Malta

    It is possible that the primer ball is creating so much pressure that the float valve cannot seat and stop the flow of fuel. Don't pump so hard. You just

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    Re: LM 318 High Oil Pressure

    My manual indicates SAE 30 weight oil or an alternative 20W-40 for my 318.
    20W-50 might produce a slightly higher oil pressure, but I wouldn't

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    Re: Heat Exchanger Repair

    John, we staved off replacing both HEs for our 8.1s for several years by doing what someone else here suggested and that was blocking off leaking exchanger

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    Re: 96 V4 90 hp Johnson idling high

    Worked like a charm...thanks.....
    Is there any way to get a free shop manual for this engine?

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    Re: Yamaha Malta

    thanks for your reply but when i press the bulb it wont go hard because fuel is coming out air intake
    fo you know why thats happening

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