2613A - 3 Bank 15 Amp Charger

2613A - 3 Bank 15 Amp Charger

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Guest Onboard Waterproof Battery Chargers

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Features: Components are completely sealed in durable, corrosion-proof, waterproof thermal epoxy - Full 3-stage charging for fast, full charging & maintenance - Epoxy "captured" components are fully impact protected - Built-in electronic overload protection - Ignition protected - Reverse polarity protected - Automatic reset after an overload - LEDs indicate state of charge -"Smart" technology can be left on without harmful effects to battery - All models may be used for storage/maintenance - Thermo protection for extreme ambient temperatures - Models for 12, 24 or 36 volt systems - For flooded or gel cell batteries. *Not Available for Sale in California.

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More information may be available in the Guest Marine Electical Catalog.