Twin BF150 and counter rotation


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To confirm the Port engine rotates clockwise while Starboard counterclockwise.

So if I replace these 2 with a single 300hp which rotation do I want? I'm guessing standard CW.
And I thought they were rotating inwards. So they are suppose to be outwards. So now I have to look at gear box for shaft groove.

Which direction is best Inward or Outwards?
I was trying to determine rotation of the 2 engines. I thought Counter rotation engine was on Starboard, but I was corrected that it is on the Port side engine with both props spinning outwards from center line of boat.
If I was going to buy a new engine to on starboard, I needed to be sure what the rotation direction is. So Starboard is normal rotation.
The easiest way to tell rotation is just look at the props.

A guy I know who had his own construction equipment guys, non boat people, do some minor outboard work on his twin engine outboards, they put the props on the wrong side. He had a helluva launching the boat until he figured out he had to have the shift in forward to have the boat back off the trailer.