Towing capacity Vs. pulling from water


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about to buy a bigger boat.
My 4x4 truck's towing capacity is 5800 lbs.
the boat and trailer weigh 7000--7300lbs
Not planning to tow on highway
But anybody know if I will be able to just pull the boat out of the water at the ramp for winter storage?


What is the tongue weight of the trailer loaded? You can probably pull the boat around just fine depending on the rating for the hitch. Easy on the foot feed! Others here will know alot better I would be more concerened on stopping are the trailer brakes in good condition?


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sooner or later for whatever reason you are going to have to hit the highway...that boat is going to ''own'' that truck and have control in any deviation from a smooth ride...a sudden stop for example..you need a bigger tow vehicle and electric brakes on the trailer.. if you get in an accident with what you got some lawyer id going to have a field day and your insurance company will probably not cover it once they know the details..


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Even if you don't hit the highway, you still have an issue with a truck with a 5800 lb. tow capacity hauling out a boat that weighs 7,000+ lbs. Does that also include the weight of the trailer and the weight of all of the stuff that's in the boat? The bars that the receiver is welded to will need to be reinforced considerably and the welds and fasteners to the truck's frame will need to be reinforced. Even then, when hauling the boat up a ramp, it will put even more strain on the hitch and hitch bars.


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a 4x4 can pull a lot more than people think.

what 4x4 do you own ? if its a v6 or v8 then just go pull it up the ramp.
7,000 pounds is not exactly heavy, its only 3.5 ton !!

if you have low range then use that ad just 1st gear nice and slow.
what the vehicle is rated for towing on highway is mainly to do with tyres and suspension. nothing to do with what it can actually pull.

How about this little 4x4 I built for my grandson a few years back ..this could easy pull 1 ton ( 2240 punds ) up a 1 in 12 gradient ramp no problem ???
5ft long x 33 inches wide, weighs 500 pounds, twin electric drive motors 24 volts = 4 mph or 2mph in mega low towing range.
can be switched to run 48 volts for a 12mph blast down a drag strip .. .. you have heard of mopar muscle, well this is midget muscle
you gets some very strange looks when puling a big boat up ramp with this



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