Hey Johnson/Evinrude Forum!,

I am a brand new boat owner and I am quite happy after much consideration and research to join the Johnson family. I bought a 1997 Stratos 2100 Center Console 21 feet with a 1997 Johnson Oceanrunner (carburetor) V6, 2-stroke model J200RXEUA. The serial number is G04307436.

The reason for this post is simply for beginner's information on boat troubleshooting and maintenance procedures. I bought a manual from ( http://www.selocmarine.com/product_f...hp?Engine=3565 ) to guide me through periodic inspections, maintenance, rebuilding and recommended hardware for my motor. Although this printed manual is great for beginners, intermediate, and expert boat owners, I still have some questions and concerns for both my boat and motor. I hope to receive as much feedback and knowledge from the Johnson/Evinrude Community.

My intentions for owning my boat are for lake activities and offshore fishing adventures.


I am currently located in the Midwest and winters can be rather harsh. Due to the extreme cold I winterized my boat. I executed these following procedures and would really appreciate some feedback whether I did this correctly, incorrectly, or simply did more than what i should of. My boat is located in outside storage, not in a climate-controlled indoor storage unit.

1. Pumped out the old lower control gear-case oil with brand new fresh gear-case oil recommended by the Seloc manual specific to my motor.
2. Replaced all 6 spark plugs with brand new Champion spark plugs. Recommended by the Seloc manual specific to my motor.
3. Ran anti-freeze through the ear muffs and circulated it through my engine. (Used the pink stuff) Rv/Boat Anti-freeze.
4. Fogged the cylinders with the motor running (circulating anti-freeze) until the motor shut off.
5. Disconnected the main fuel line to the motor.
6. Cleaned and waxed the boat prior to storage.
7. Sprayed clear coat 3 times on my trailer to prevent rust and oxidation.
8. Removed all batteries and currently trickle charging them with battery tenders.

I dumped a whole can of Sea Foam in 3/4 of a tank in my boat during a lake day prior to winterizing it. Therefore I did not pour in any Stabil.

Were my procedures correct? Did I miss any steps to safeguard my motor and boat for next time's use? Did I over do it?

*Another question I have for the Forum pertains to my boat. I have trouble locating my livewell but i am pretty sure it is located just forward of my center console. Can anyone inform me whether my boat actually has a livewell? Or do i need to modify it and install one?

*How do I go about testing my Bilge Pump? The one time i took it to the lake after spending more than 5-6 hours on the water, I flipped up my switches and never saw any water pour out of the sides. Is there a way to actually test the pump by filling water inside the boat? Or do i need to check for continuity and proper cable connections for the pump?

*My boat has a fuel/water separator installed. Do I need to buy one specific to my engine? (Johnson Model), or does any brand work fine? I know plastic/aluminum is preferred on marine engines, how often should those be replaced?

*Can anyone tell me how many gallons of fuel my vessel can hold? Or tell me where I can find that information?

*Last but not least, what are the proper steps to get my boat up and running again as soon as the winter is over?

Thank you again for all your consideration, time, and effort to teaching me and enlightening me with your knowledge! Hope to hear from you guys soon.



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Can't comment on everything. I have no experience with that boat or engine.

Your winterizing sounds pretty complete. However, put marine Stabil, Startron, or some other good stabilizer in the fuel. The Sea Foam does not stabilize the fuel. On the contrary, it is mostly alcohol.

Be sure carbs are completely drained. If they have fuel bowls, remove the bowls, clean thoroughly, and replace with new gaskets.

Replace the external fuel/water separator element with the same kind and part number as the one already installed.

Disconnect bilge pump hose and make sure no water has been left in it.

Make sure bilge is totally dry and remove the bilge drain plug. Make sure boat is stored with bow up so any water that makes its way into the bilge will drain out.



Is it completely safe to mix Stabil with a can of Seafoam? I read that it's not recommended therefore I didn't mix the two.

I'll go ahead and look into the the fuel bowls and replace my gaskets. Should this be done every time i winterize the boat?

Bilge pump sounds like a good idea. I'm not too familiar with the procedure but i'll take a look at some videos.




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I don't think there will be a problem with mixing Sea Foam and Stabil. Although Sea Foam is supposed to provide some stabilization to fuel, that is not its primary purpose, which is to break up carbon and fuel gum. I've use Stabil for years to stabilize all fuel for my small engines, and I've use Sea Foam for years for de-carboning those same small engines. Mixing does not seem to cause any problems. However, I do not do that with my Honda 225 4-stroke outboard. I use Marine Stabil when putting it up for the winter, and I use Yamalube Ring Free twice a year, late spring and late fall, to prevent carbon and gum build up. I do it twice a year because I do a lot of trolling. After 2100 hours, I have not experienced any fuel-related problems with that engine.

BTW - on that Johnson 2-stroke, be sure to change the fuel filter at least annually, regardless of hours, and carry a spare with you on the boat. You never can tell when you might get some dirty fuel from a marina.