89 Bayliner- No Power to dash


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Thank you in advance! I was out yesterday, turned the batt switch on and was running the blowers. When I went to start, I noticed there was no power to the dash. Batts are fine and I checked all of the fuses under the dash, and the few inline that I found near the battery and under the dash. Any ideas?
update: I went "fishing" for the main breaker and I couldn't find a button. However, I found a 50amp glass fuse blown toward the top/rear of the engine. Are they one in the same? Also, what would likely cause it to blow? There was a light drizzle when I went to start, and I opened the compartment to expedite the "blowing" of the engine. Likely? Thanks again.
Any number of things can blow the main fuse - battery hooked up incorrectly, bad ground wire, especially at the battery, short in the main bus to your console, faulty breaker, etc. Not familiar with that specific boat, but most will have an independent breaker, and that is often mounted near the battery.
I know none of you will see this but thank you all so much got stranded out on the water today and had to swim with the boat attached to me and then I found this forum and found the blown fuse and made it home