440 Reverse rotation engine - front and rear main seals


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Hi all,

new to the forum and my first post...

I am rebuilding my twin 440s and the port engine is a reverse rotation (72 vintage). The crank still has the oil slinger groves in the correct orientation for a rev rot engine. I've been researching the best approach for front (timing cover) and rear main seals for this.

I've been unable to find a replacement rear seal (neoprene or viton) that has the groves in the right orientation (only available for standard rotation). I'm not inclined to try a regular seal (that's been tired unsuccessfully I'm sure) and I also don't want to grind off the groves on the crank. So it seems that my only option is to stay with a rope seal (which is what the PO has installed). Anyone know if a 440 rear main rev rot seal exists?

Also wondering about a timing cover seal... I was about to press in a standard replacement seal on the timing cover and noticed that it has groves (like the rear seal) that are for a standard rotation. I already threw away the old seal [doh!] so I don't know what was in there. The balancer (that it seals around) does not have any slinger groves at the timing cover so I wonder if this really makes a difference or not (to use a regular seal on the cover). Some opinions I've read around the net suggest using a regular rear seal without any crank groves on a rev rot engine is ok. Hmmmmm... ?

I have been able to find only one reference to rev rot timing cover seal for a 440 from a seller on eBay but there is no brand info on the listing (and it is very pricey). I've otherwise been unable to find any p/n looking at the main mfr brands for a seal for this engine. Anyone know if a seal is available that will fit or is it ok to just go ahead with a regular seal?

Thx in adv for the help.
No experience with that but I would try the Fel Pro technical help line [FONT=&quot]1.800.325.8886[/FONT]