CDI Electronics Outboard Ignition Troubleshooting Guide

72 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - Johnson/Evinrude Troubleshooting Johnson/Evinrude Troubleshooting 4. Connect an inductive tachometer to the spark plug wires one at a time and compare the readings. If most of the cylinders show the same reading and one or two show different readings, check the primary wires with the inductive pickup to see if the readings are the same from the power pack. A difference in readings between the primary and secondary coil wires usually indicates a bad coil or bad ignition wires. No difference indicates a bad power pack. 5. Perform a high-speed shutdown and read the spark plugs. Check for water. A crack in the block can cause a miss at high speed when the water pressure gets high, but a normal shutdown will mask the problem. 6. Check the charge coil flywheel magnets for cracked, broken and loose magnets. ENGINE WILL NOT REV ABOVE 2500 RPM AND SHAKES HARD (SLOW ACTIVATED): 1. Verify the engine is not actually over-heating by using a digital pyrometer. 2. Check the routing of the tan temperature wires, an example of a bad location is shown below. The tan wires have to be located as far away as possible from the spark plug wires. 3. Verify the engine is not overheating and disconnect the Tan temperature sensor wire. If the engine performs normally, check both temperature sensors and replace the defective one. 4. If there is not any indication of a problem at this point, replace the power pack. ENGINE STAYS IN QUICK-START: 1. Check the Yellow/Red wire for DC volts while the engine is running. You should only see voltage on this wire while the starter solenoid is engaged. A DC voltage of 5-7 volts will not engage the starter solenoid, but will engage Quick-Start. 2. Short the White/Black temperature switch wire FROM the power pack to engine ground. Start the engine, if the Quick-Start drops out after approximately 5 seconds, replace the White/Black temperature switch. 3. Disconnect the Black/White wire from the power pack. If the Quick-Start feature is not now working, replace the power pack. ENGINE DIES WHEN QUICK-START DROPS OUT: Check ignition timing at idle with the White/Black temperature wire disconnected. Remember to allow for the 10 degree advance in ignition timing while Quick-Start is engaged. Verify ignition timing after engine has warmed up and the White/Black wire is grounded, according to the service manual. Johnson/Evinrude 60° 6 Cylinder Optical Ignition (OIS 2000) Carbureted 1991-2006 Model Years Due to the differences in this ignition system, troubleshooting can be somewhat difficult if you are not familiar with the design. The other Johnson/Evinrude Quick-Start ignitions use stator charge coils and a power coil to provide high voltage and power for the Quick-Start and rev limiter circuits. They require a sensor for triggering and use separate magnets for the high voltage and triggering the sensor. The OIS 2000 Optical system uses the stator charge coils to provide high voltage for the firing of the ignition coils and a power coil to provide power for the electronics, both inside the power pack and inside the sensor. The other Quick-Start models will run the engine without the power coil being connected (of course this will burn out the control circuits inside the power pack). The OIS 2000 ignition has to have the power coil supplying power in order to operate the Quick-Start, S.L.O.W., rev limiter, and spark the coils beyond cranking speed. The optical sensor located on the top is fed power from the power pack and sends crankshaft position, cylinder location and direction of rotation back to the power pack. The pack is smart enough to know not to spark if the engine is not turning in the right direction. S.L.O.W. functions reduce the engine RPM to approximately 2500 when the engine over-heats or the no oil warning is activated. Quick-Start (a 10° timing advance) activates as long as the engine RPM is below 1100, the engine temperature is below 105° F and the Yellow/Red wire from the starter solenoid is not feeding 12V DC to the power pack all of the time.