CDI Electronics Outboard Ignition Troubleshooting Guide

THE LARGEST SELECTION OF MARINE IGNITION COMPONENTS OVER 800 PARTS CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED AND TESTED IN THE U.S.A. TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR QUICK DIAGNOSIS (Label) © COPYRIGHT 2016 CDI ELECTRONICS INC. Please read carefully. All policies, procedures, and instructions are subject to change. This guide was prepared to provide information and does not constitute a contract. CDI Electronics reserves the right, without prior notice, to change, delete, supplement, or otherwise amend at any time the information and policies contained in this guide. For the most recent information about CDI Electronics’ products, policies, and instructions please visit CDI Electronics 353 James Record Road SW Huntsville, AL 35824 UPC 961-0002 THE WORLD’S LEADING