CDI Electronics Outboard Ignition Troubleshooting Guide

4 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - General Troubleshooting General Troubleshooting Recommended Marine Shop Electrical Test Equipment and Tools Part Number Description Remarks/Use 511-0300 Infrared Temperature Meter Used to read engine, spark plug, lower unit, and hull temperature. Ideal for quickly measuring engine temperature. 511-4017 Optical Sensor Tester Used to set timing on a 4 or 6 Cyl engine or test optical sensors on the bench and on the engine. Unique buzzer allows you to set timing without having to see the LED. 511-4019 Optical Sensor Tester Unique tester is used to test 3 Cyl optical sensors on the bench and on the engine. 511-4127 6 Cyl Optical Test Harness Test Harness allows you to check the DVA voltages of the stator while connected to the power pack. 511-5207A 1 CDM Test Harness Test the CDM Module DVA on the engine and isolate the kill circuit. 511-6996 Remote Starter Controls most Johnson/Evinrude engines from 1969 thru 2012. 511-7270 4 Cyl Optical Test Harness Test Harness allows you to check the DVA voltages of the stator while connected to the power pack. 511-7800 Remote Starter Controls most Mercury engines from 1970 thru 1978. 511-7900 Remote Starter Controls most Mercury engines from 1979 thru 2000. 511-9764 Neon Spark Tester Sealed single cylinder tester can be used in-line to the spark plug for engine running tests. (With removable ground clip.) 511-9766 Sealed Spark Gap Tester Allows you to test up to 8 cylinders for cranking speed tests. Sealed design reduces the chances of injury and fire. 511-9770 Piercing Probes (Highly Recommended) Allows access to wires for testing without removing the connector. Tiny hole usually reseals itself when wire heats. 511-9772 Ammeter Adapter Used with most Digital multimeters to measure amperage output of the charging system or starter draw amperage. 511-9773NL DVA (Peak Voltage) Adapter Unit automatically compensates for polarity. Can be used with most quality multimeters. 511-9775 Load Resistor To load the output of ignition modules when testing ignition coils. 511-60A CDI Electronics Meter Most cost effective meter for marine use. Has voltage, temperature, amperage, ohms, and DVA readings (includes the 511-9773- N L DVA Adapter). 520-ST84 Timing Light w/Tach Easily check engine timing in bright sunlight. Change the switch and read the engine RPM. 531-0118T 6 Marine Engine Diagnostic Software (M.E.D.S.) Windows based Software reads and monitors failure codes on Ficht, ETec, Honda, Mercury, Mercruiser, Suzuki, Volvo Diesel D6, Canbus, and Yamaha engines. See for more information. 551-33-1 Gearcase Filler With Check Valve New design prevents tipping over, and EZ-Fill calibrated check valve creates air-lock to keep lube from running out while installing drain plug. Makes filling lower units easier. 551-34PV Pressure/Vacuum Tester Repairable metal unit does both vacuum and pressure testing. 551-5110 Flywheel Holder New design has a high tensile strength poly coated woven belt for a more secure grip of flywheel and a longer handle provides a more comfortable with less effort. 553-2700 Amphenol Pin Tool Set Set contains one each of 553-2697 (insertion), 553-2698 (pin removal), and 553-2699 (socket removal) tools. 553-4994 Gauge Ring Used to set stator and trigger air gap on Johnson/Evinrude 2 Cyl / 2 Stroke engines from 1977-2006. 912-9708 Marine Terminal Kit Contains 100+ pieces of hard to find terminals and heat shrink. 961-0002 Troubleshooting Guide Manual has detailed troubleshooting information and DVA charts. 991-9705 Dielectric Grease Used to keep water and corrosion out of connectors. •