Whats My Motor?


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See attached pictures...
Hello everyone! First time I've ever used an outboard motor on my little boat and picked this guy up for so cheap and it runs great. I just want to get some help before I actually put it in the water.
Does anyone know if this Ted Williams I have has an impeller in it?
Any ideas on the year?
And any idea on who makes the engine in this guy (might need a carb kit.....)

Thanks for any any help!!!



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Search sears parts direct once you get the model number it should start with 217 early to mid 70s craftsman is my guess. Eska built with a tecumseh powerhead?

Yea so I following all your links. Mine is a Eska wih the 217 prefix. Appears to be mid seventies like you said. I've seen multiple links on other threads people say to find parts at. Does anyone know the difficulty of finding a carb kit for this beast? Is it going to be really expensive or hard to find?
I took the carburetor off last night just to see what I was dealing with... Honestly I have never pulled a carb off a small engine that was this clean inside! It will be needing new gaskets, and the red O ring in the back towards the engine is pancake flattened covering almost all the way over that hole. I think that's why it sputters out.
OK ONE MORE QUESTION if anyone will humor me. I took apart my carb, the gaskets are all in good shape, integral fuel tube is in good shape and crack free, carb is clean as a whistle!! When the engine runs it will only run at higher throttle and I have to keep nosing choke the at lower RPM. Is this carb adjustment problem??

Heres what I have done so far:

--Upon buying it changed the fuel and added the correct tpw oil mix, and added a touch of sea foam for good measure.
--Checked fuel lines, clock free and pretty new.
-- Pulled the plug, it sparks with just a touch of the pull rope.
--Pulled the carb, gaskets are good, and internal orange valve is good. Cleaned a tiny bit of gunk off fuel filter.
-- Sprayed with some carb cleaner in ports for good measure.

Do you think its a carb adjustment? I don't entirely understand the process for adjusting this. It says to adjust use 1 and 1/4 turns. Do I need this screw farther out or in farther to fix this??? and by all means if you see something im missing tell me!

THANKS FOR EVERYONE that is helping!!!!!!!!
I dont know how to adjust engine sync with that motor but the throttle cam that opens the carb normally has a mark on it and you adjust throttle opening according to timing advance. The carb butterfly should be fully closed at idle speed is the cam touching the throttle lever on the carb at slow speed?
God must live idiots since me made me!! Rattled my mind all day trying to figure out why this motor won't idle! Figured I would look at the top of the fuel line for something clogging it, because this motor is not getting fuel. Pulled the fuel line and threw the end in a jug and the mother wouldn't drain a drop!!!! So pulled off the fuel cap and gas starting pouring out of her!!!!! Someone replaced the fuel cap at some point in time with one that doesn't have a vent, so no flowing fuel! She idles like a champ!