What additional gauge should I have?


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I have a 1999 Sailfish 198 DC and a 1998 Yamaha 115. With the stock gauges, I have a trim gauge, tachometer, speedometer and gas gauge. My dash has 2 round 2" holes with factory plugs in them for additional gauges. I mounted a Humminbird dash mount digital depth gauge in one of the holes. It's a great little depth gauge! Just what I need for just cruising around and don't want to use my big Humminbird Helix 7. So, I have another 2" hole for a gauge and it looks kinda non-symetrical to have the one black plug surrounded by a white dashboard and the other white gauges. If you could add an additional gauge, what would you add? All I can think of is Water temp gauge or Water pressure gauge. Not sure which one would make more sense. Ideas?
Ayuh,..... A water pressure gauge,..... It'll tell you the condition of the impeller, or if you pick up a plastic bag on the lower unit,....