while i await my new trigger in hopes that fixes my problem. another problem i had was the water cooling. i stuck the lower unit in a bucket of water and thought that i would get a decent flow of water out the back port holes and it kinda just sputtered out i bought and replaced the impeller the old one was pretty warped thinking that would increase the flow but seems about the same just just sputtering out the back is that normal? i even hooked it up to one of those clamp things that puts the hose right into the intake and it didn't change much.
The hole/s in the mid section are for pressure relief.
You MIGHT???? see water there or not.
Had twin 88/85's port had no water from the mid section or as small dribble.
The stbd. looked like you hooked a hose to them.
You don't have a problem.
The majority of the exhaust should be from the snout under the cavitation plate.

When running in the bucket, you need to be at least 4-6 inches above the cavitation plate.
The pump is NOT a self priming pump, but once it gets water in it it should work.