water makers

There are 12v, 24v, 48v, and Ac 120v and 220v watermakers. Mine is self made, but similar to what's found here: https://www.cruiserowaterandpower.com/piston-pump-water-makers/
The high pressure pump is either driven by an engine or a electric motor. I've done both, but prefer the electric motor.
I live aboard and make all my water. My watermaker produces 40+gph. When making water, I make an extra 5 gallons used for flushing the system when done. I don't pickle the system unless it's going to sit for more then a week (as long as it's flushed with fresh water). In salt water w/o flushing, the system can only sit a couple days without pickling. I use prefilters so I can make water in rivers and bays. With care, membranes will last for 10 years.
I usually make water every other day when running the mains or a generator. I spend less than 10 minutes, starting and stopping the watermaker. Once pickled, the watermaker can sit for years.