Universal tiller outboard stop and kill switch?


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I am trying to source a universal engine mounted stop AND kill switch that can be retrofitted to any tiller operated outboard that did not come with it. Most older engines did not come with any type of ignition shorting device to stop the engine. Some somewhat newer engines came with a stop switch and some have a stop and emergency kill switch with lanyard or tether. But what I am looking for is a universal switch that does both and can be retrofitted onto most engines. I have seen them somewhere but cannot remember where. This would be a switch that utilizes the tether to kill the engine in an emergency but that also allows the operator to push the button in with the breakaway key still in place and kill the engine if/when wanted. A dual action or dual purpose stop-kill switch. Sorry for the long winded explanation, just trying to make myself understood from the beginning. Appreciate the forums, great resource. Thank you in advance for any help on this subject.
Yes, I have seen those but they do not list them as dual function as mentioned. Do you know that they all function in that manner?
Thank you