Twin suzuk1 DF140BTGX


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Hello, I am replacing 2 MERCURY 115CV CT with 2 SUZUKI DF140BTGX, I wonder if the installation height remains the same. With the Mercury I had 2 Mirage propellers plus in 21 with the DF140 I have to upgrade to 23, what do you think? I have a set of MIRAGE in 23 should I be able to mount them? Thank you for your contributions
Not sure I understand what your asking. You are putting a new Suzuki compatible hub into a prop for your new DF 140’s?
VVilliam01 , I have 2 pairs of Mercury propellers that I can use on Suzuki. When purchasing motors, you must choose a propeller pitch. My question is to know what pitch knowing that with 2 x 115 mercury CT I have a pitch of 19 .
That I don’t know. Your Suzuki dealer should have an idea based on your boat’s weight and hull style. Talking to a reputable propeller dealer would also likely have some insight. I do know that whatever direction you go you want your engine to rev at WOT close to Suzuki’s specifications.