trigger system 85hp 1988 force


hi so heres where im at with this headache i want to test my trigger and i know you can do an ohms test on it but the only chart i can find for testing what wires and how many ohms is for a new trigger (apparently the new triggers have been redesigned to only use 3 wires instead of 6) so couple of questions i guess i have. does anyone know how i can test this old trigger and the values and another question i have is on the original trigger the have two oranges and two greens orange green is a pair and orange green is another pair i would think that they are a specific pair will i have to take the trigger out to find out which orange goes with which green or does it not even matter or should they have continuity between the pairs?


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so i took reading from a green and orange got 47.ohms to a reading from another green orange and got 48 ohms and from the white/green and red i got 55 ohms so i pair them up as i didn't get any reading between any other combinations and according to things i have read between 45 and 55 is correct readings. so i dont think its the trigger that is my problem
yeah the problem with these trouble shooting parts is they are for cdi parts i have only a new stator and 1 new cdi pack everything else is oem so its confusing as **** trying to switch back and forth between the seloc manual and these trouble shooting guilds. all my test seem to indicate that things are working i know its hard to understand with out being here but my trigger has 6 wires 2 green 2 orange and red and green/white. now the website you linked has a guild and resistance chart for a 3 wire trigger so i was hoping someone would have a guild for the 6 wire trigger cuz i cant find it in my book.
but what i did do was tested resistance of my trigger wires so i took a orange and green and got 47 ohms then another orange and green and got 48 and the red and white/green i got 55 so according to the cdi book on the 3 wire trigger i would be good but i dont even know if that applies to the 6 wire trigger or if im even doing it right with no guild for a 6 wire trigger.
so after scouring my seloc manual i actually found the resistance i should have for the oem trigger it says 48 to 52 between pairs so that being said i had one that was 47 and one that was 55 i would think this is close engough what do you think?