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"Model number 574-59552. Anyon

"Model number 574-59552. Anyone know what year it is? As well ,searching for an owners manual. I am a beginner at this and before taking it apart would like some guidance. I don't think it has been started in several years. Started it today and suspect something may be wrong with the fuel pump. It starts adn then cuts out after a few seconds.....if I continue pumping the primer pump it will run and as soon as I let off that it just dies.

Any help for a beginner would be awesome......"
"Robert, that's a 1967, tw

"Robert, that's a 1967, twin cylinder, built by McCulloch (better known for chainsaws etc) for Sears.

McCulloch actually got out of the outboard business in 1965 but continued to supply Sears with (basically leftovers) until 1969.

Although parts are dwindling for these motors, there is still a relatively healthy supply.

A great source for parts/manuals for these motors is www.discount-marine-supply.com additionally, some parts may still be available through Sears - just have to ask...."
"Thanks Graham! I will have a

"Thanks Graham! I will have a look at that web site. Problem being though.....I really don't know what part I need. I have a fuel flow problem. I have cleaned the fuel filter, added carb cleaner but still a problem. Fires up OK and just conks out....if I pump the primer hand squeeze adn it continues to run. Any idea on the problem??"
"Robert, that would (norma

"Robert, that would (normally) indicate a fuel pump issue - since your "pumping" is taking over the fuel pump manually...

You can drop an email to the guys at the site I gave you. Excellent dealer with tons of experience and can probably point you in the right direction..."
sears ted williams 9 hp boat m

sears ted williams 9 hp boat motor model # 57459542. what the year? where can i get water pump impellers for cooling system? thank u.
"Trying to find out what year

"Trying to find out what year my 9.9 Ted Williams outboard motor is and who made it for Sears,
#217-58621-0 There is another # 5d-246773 also pn the same label. It's a Twin Clylinder Automatic SolidState Ignition. Does any body have a motor cover for this engine? I bought a 7.5 cover on E-bay and thaught it would fit
"Rick that is a 1975 model, bu

"Rick that is a 1975 model, built by Eska for Sears.

Eska is long out of business, they were one of a number of builders who made small outboards through the 60's/70's.

The good news is that they bought all their powerheads from Tecumseh, which is very much in business. Your particular model has a Tecumseh 380 model motor which was used in a number of other small engine applications, so parts can be sought (should you need them) from most small engine places.

As to other parts, such as the cowl, you may have to find a recycler, such as www.twincityoutboards.com

They are a little pricey but will most likely have what you need if you become impatient with places like Ebay or Craigs list...."
"Hey Rick,
Wow, I typed a who

"Hey Rick,
Wow, I typed a whole longwinded message and lost it.
Long story short. I have a cowl for you. It is buried inside a boat that is covered for the winter, and I won't be able to access it for about a month.
These motors have electronic ignitions that are known for blowing (I have 2 with bad ignitions) and Tecumseh no longer makes replacements.
The good news, is there are probably some in your area that are in otherwise good condition that have blown ignitions that you could pick up cheap.
Like Graham said, they were made by Eska. The picture under my name (at the time of my writing this)has a picture of my good running 1975 Eska 9.9. You'll notice the only difference is the color and the sticker.
If you don't have any luck, click on my name to get my email address and let me know. You worry about getting it shipped and it's free.

Good luck."
"hello, i have a sears ted wil

"hello, i have a sears ted williams 9hp
serial number 68600910-2752
model number 574-59740
can i get a year and manufacturer on this. it runs perfect but could use a reference for it, maybe a place to get parts if i need them."
Looking for a place to purchas

Looking for a place to purchase Carbuater parts for my 9.9 sears model T380A Tecumseh. Looking for valve/flap Tecumseh # 631555 and Gasket # 631554 and
Scree/filter # 631553 and Element/Pump # 630953.
Any one know who may carry these parts. Tecumseh says they know longer make them and have been eliminated from their parts.
Last week there was a post and

Last week there was a post and pic of the carb kit you are looking for it was $28. and had everything. Sorry I can't be more specific.
"I had the complete carb kit&#

"I had the complete carb kit's but currently out of them, go to ebay and search eska, they are available for around the same price, thank's"
I would like to know the year

I would like to know the year M/N 574-59740 and S/N 68600910-1434 I just bought this Ted Williams sears twin cylinder 9hp and It sat in the guys barn for 7yrs I got it home and mixed some gas and it fired up so I went and bought new plugs what else should I do to it? It don't go as fast as I would expect a 9 hp to go on a 13ft aluminum boat . I also looking for a tear down diagram if there is one. Iam looking for somewhere to buy parts the only ones I can find is ebay store sanfords goodies.
"9.9 Sears Ted Williams 1975 c

"9.9 Sears Ted Williams 1975 can't get it to idel. I just purchased a new carb kit and had a lawnmore shop refurbish my carb, I also put brand new spark plugs in to. I put it in the water and had to use starter fluid to get it to fire up, once it got running I had to keep giving it gas to keep it going. I also noticed that the pee tube was clogged up with something and no water was coming out. The gas I was using was left over from two years ago,not sure if that has anything to do with it not idelling down. When I got home I cleaned out the pee tube and it let out a little water but not to sure if it will work. Any suggestions out there. Also what is the oil to fule ratio?"
"If this is the twin cylinder

"If this is the twin cylinder from eska you might try a little extra oil in the fuel. They were a ported crankshaft (no reed valves) which depended on a laverenth seal between the cylinders to get them to work right. If the main bearings got some wear on them the would wobble around a little and not want to run right.

2 year old gas is a problem. Get the fresh stuff and mix TCW oil at 24/1 for starters and the next tank you can reduce the oil some.

Make sure the pump is going -and would replace it if you don't know it's age.

These sometimes would loose a bottom crankshaft seal and run badly. When all else fails, turn the powerhead up side down off the housing and spray wd-40 on the seal and spin it over. (no spark plug leads attached) if you get bubbles, thats the problem.

That ignition was like a light bulb.

Never disconnect the little white coils and turn it over- very hard on the "under the flywheel" stuff. I used to solder the leads on them just to prevent an accident.

Take you timing light and see what the ignition is doing. You may have corrosion on the magnets or the unit might be going south.

In the last few years many parts sources have shown up for the eskas. If you need parts, repost and I'll run the list."
"Thanks William, Yes this is a

"Thanks William, Yes this is a twin cyc. I will try new gas and put in a new impeller. Wher do you spray the wd40? And would you recomened taking off the fly wheel and sanding down the magnets and mag? By the way the motor ran great at high rpm but I did not leave the dock, being afraid of not getting back. I could use the list of available parts. I did just purchase a Manual and a new impeller. Is TWC oil a name brand?"
"After you have exhausted all

"After you have exhausted all other solutions, you can take the engine off the rest of the outboard and turn it upside down on the bench. The bottom seal is round the crankshaft splines. Spray the wd-40 there and pull thru with the starter and if the seal bubbles, you need a new one.

I would only get to the flywheel if the ignition is dropping out. If it fires good and steady, leave that sleeping dog alone.

TCW is a classification of 2-stroke oil and stands for "two cycle water cooled" The grade or quality is a two or a three after the tcw. Most oil producers make some brand of it."
I have an original owners manual for a 1967 Sears Ted Williams 9hp, model 57459542 if anyone needs info. Also, I do still have the motor too, so I'm keeping the manual. It all belonged to my Dad, who bought it new in '67. It's a cold blooded beast that doesn't idle well, if anybody has a suggestion. I don't have any info on points/condensor- that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
I have what I'm guessing is an early 60s model Ted Williams Sears electric 9, with electric start, dash light, tail light and cigarette lighter built in.... Looking for parts of any and every kind. Can rarely even find another Pic of one, and most outboard mechanics in my area have never heard of one
What I really need is a repair manual for it, and any info on the proper fuel /oil ratio. It started and ran pretty good most of the first day, but now it is bogging out. Also the electric start works if I hook it up to my lawn mower battery, witch is how I ran it for the day, but none of the other electrical stuff works and it blows the fuse immediately if I put one in it with a battery hooked up. Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual???