Question about sealers and thread lockers. 1998 75 Force


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In the factory service manual in one place it tells me to use 2 stroke oil on rod bolt threads, in another place it tells me to use Loctite 680 which is a bearing seater. In one place it tells me to use Loctite 271 to seat the upper main bearing. It looks like the 680 which is made for setting bearings would be a better choice. It is also telling me to use RTV on the crankcase halves. When I pulled it apart it had Gel seal on the crankcase halves. Is this service manual full of mistakes and what should I really use.
Every automotive rebuild I’ve worked on states to oil the THREADS of head bolts. This is to ensure the torque wrench reads the actual torque on the bolt, not the additive of bolt torque & friction.
i would use very little oil, & use some thread locker, you don’t want those bolts coming loose.