Parsun 20HP Outboard Controls...HELP!!


New member
I have a new Parsun 20HP outboard that came with controls. Its a remote/tiller motor, but I am running it with remote controls. I am very new to boating in general, and am putting this on a restored 14' fiberglass boat. Engine starts up great, but does not go into gear., forward or reverse. It just does nothing at all when the lever is moved. There are two bundle of cables that exit the rear of the control box. One is completely wrapped and plugs into the back of the motor. the other is a set of 3 colored cables, that only exit the box ~ 1 foot, needed extension cables apparently to go to wherever they belong. Cables are green, black and yellow. There is no indication of these cables at all in the manual that came with the motor, nor can I find any info what these should be for online. Any idea what these are, where they might go? Would these not being connected explain no functionality of the forward/reverse controls?

I have pictures, but they are refusing to upload...

Thanks for any pointers or ideas!