ok this one is blowing my mind


bare with me while i explain this i know this is more of an electrical question but honestly no one replies in the electrical forum. every wiring diagram i find on the ignition system says the same thing but i think they are wrong and it makes no sense to me that they all can be wrong starting with the sticker on the motor the seloc book and every cdi troubleshooting guild diagram. the chances they are all wrong is prolly less then zero right but yet when i look at this diagram in my head it doesn't make sense. so let me explain and tell me what you think.
so first off from what i can tell from looking at the replacement parts and from other websites my 2 cdi modules are the same thing i do have a blue and a black one but they both have the capability of feeding 2 coils so even though i only have a 3 cylinders they packs would also work if i had 4. they both have 2 output wires red and and orange. one 1 pack it has 1# coil and 2# coils andon the other it has 3# coil but like i said has a red wire capped not connected cuz there are only 3 cylinders. ok hopefully we are still on the same page this is were it gets a lil hard to follow ok so they have the 2 blue wires from the stator going to the same terminal i think they did that because they didn't have a empty terminal for it to go to and if it was a 4 cylinder it would go to the terminal on the cdi mod feeding coil 4 which is the case cuz i've looked at the diagrams for a 4 cylinder. now this is where i think the mistake is being made there are lil numbers on the terminal bar 1's 2's 3's 4's i'm pretty sure these are corresponding with the mods #1 #2 # 3. the 4's would be for the the output not being used because i only have 3 cylinders not 4. i'm going to post a picture with just the module pack i'm talking about cuz the one that does #1 and #2 works fine and seems right.
I don't know if it makes it less confusing but it comes down to the trigger wires being connected with the wires for #3 and the yellow wire that feeds the power into the module being connected with the wire for #4 i understand that the numbers on the terminal bar aren't real and don't really mean anything but if that yellow wire is to feed the redwire that's not connected then i would get no spark and if the trigger wires are meant to set off the the #3 output being the orange then i would also get no spark. now maybe the numbers don't exactly correspond with the module numbers and yellow does feed power to the orange and the trigger wires are telling the orange wire to fire and maybe my pack is just no good and i'm banging my head into a wall for no reason. but what if its just these wiring diagrams are screwed up guess only one way to find out.


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I'd do exactly what the diagrams show. You haven't mentioned any problem you're having, so are you looking for a solution to a problem with the motor, or just looking through your repair manual for things you think are incorrect?
well been an on going thing i was talking to jerry in other threads but the problem is i can only get 2 out of 3 cylinders to fire i know its not my coils cuz ive swapped things around and every coil has fired every spark plug has fired. ive already replaced the stator replaced a coil and replaced a power pack and nothing has worked i would like to figure out what the problem is before i spend another 400 on a part that wont solve my problem. now im seeing videos saying that the black packs only work with black coils and blue packs only work with blue coils . so that is another headache i have to deal with if its true. cuz one of my power packs is black and one is blue. i tried all the combinations of wiring earlier and still cant get the the sparkplug tester to light up on cylinder 3. so mabey they packs not bad it just won't work with the blue coils
so i had bought a new black coil from cdi at some point and never hooked it up so i tried hooking it up with the black power pack and still get nothing my head hurts and im about to wrap this back up and try again in another 5 years
anyone look at what im talking about i know its alot to wrap your head around but i feel like i cant be crazy that the book is wrong
well if anyone cares now that understand a little more about how these are wired it was hard to trouble with out a good spark tester. but the book wiring was right but the numbers were wrong the way it was set to wire would have worked but it showed it as going to cylinder 4 and it was really 3 thats all. it was hard to tell with out actually knowing what wires did what internally on the pack.