New (to me) 7.5 Ted Williams


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I just got a 7.5 Sears Ted Williams clutch drive. The model number is 217-5889-0 and serial number is 3C176125. With some research I think it's 1973, but it's been hard to find much info.

I've only taken it out once with the fuel that was in it. It started up ok and ran at a slow speed/neutral, but with throttle it would cut out. Once I have the time, I'm going to replace with fresh fuel, and check the plug. I'm by no means a great mechanic, but am competent.

I've tried scouring this forum and other sites, but am having trouble finding info on this model, what fuel mix do I want? And plug type and gap? Anything else I should check and/or do as a start?

Nothing wrong with those motors, we had 5.5, back in ‘72. They were sold by Sears, Ted Williams was their brand. I still see a few of the 7.5s for sale every year.
It sounds like a carb disassemble & clean are in order.
IIRC, we used to mix at 24:1. Engines from that era don’t like ethanol in todays gas, if it ruins the crankcase seals, the motors done. Runs some premium into your car, to drain the pump line, then fill your kicker tank.
Test by running with fuel tank higher, if it runs via gravity feed, check pump.
I believe the powerhead was by Tecumseh, motor by Essa, parts are available. I’ll see if I still have the model chart, it might have died along with an older computer.
look up the AOMCI, ANTIQUE OUTBOARDS CLUB. They will have answers.
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It may have a wee fuel pump / bladder ( orange rubber ) found in the carburetor.-----That little pumping element is also used on some small Johnson / Evinrude models.-----Not sure of which years off hand.----Need some beer tokens to " refresh " my memory.
Dustin, where abouts are you?
There is a pretty good looking identical motor, close to me. Ask price is $200. I’m sure you could pick it up for less, & have good parts.