Need some wiring help


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1978 360s. I had them rebuilt and all I wanted to do was get the oil sensor working. Long story short I ended up frying several wires. (thought I killed the power but evidently not)

So I have a 1 wire alternator, where does the green field wire that comes off the v-regulator go.

and what is this (the dual post sender /switch) and where can i get one?
Thanks in advance

One more thing, where does the switch next to the temp sender connect in back. it is a long black wire and it looks like I cooked the connector off.
If by '1-wire' you are referring to the DELCO 10SI style alternator, then you don't need the green field wire connected to anything.

The 'dual post switch' looks like the oil pressure control switch that likely was used in the field lead of the original alternator circuitry. The Factory manual (from Chrysler) isn't very clear on the wiring for the externally regulated alternators...from what i can see there is an oil pressure controlled switch in the field lead between the regulator and the alternator.

I believe what you are referring to as the 'temp sender' is the oil pressure sender...